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MotherOfDragons1227 chapter 24 . 12h
Gods I love this fic. I didn't think it was gonna be my cup of tea at first because I usually don't like Gajeel with anyone but Levy(I can ship Lucy with anyone though), but this is so good I just can't get enough.

I'd love for Lucy to get stuck on Tenrou island for 7 yrs with fairytail somehow and get to see some super awkward/hilarious/adorable interactions with Rios when she comes back and he definitely isn't a little boy anymore. I can't wait to see what happened next! :)
Fairys4life chapter 25 . 9/21
Please update!
LightningskyEagle chapter 25 . 9/18
Will you update again? I know you're working on your novel currently, but I just love this story so much. It's one of your longer ones too, right? Anyways, I just love Her Phantom so much and I love reading it. I even got my sister, who hates fanfictions, to try it. Please, will you think about updating soon?
Paige McCarthy chapter 25 . 9/16
Holy balls this fanfic is good. I need more! Please update, preferably before I die of anxiousness~!
MotherOfDragons1227 chapter 25 . 9/4
This is SO good. I hope you come back to it :)
RukiaBleach31 chapter 1 . 9/4
when are you updating next?
the fan chapter 18 . 9/3
omg omg omg omg he just omg oh no
Stella-Eucliffe chapter 25 . 8/27
Thank god this is still going to be a GaLu. I was getting pissed at the thought of Gajeel getting with Levy!
orangana chapter 25 . 8/23
This story is amazing!
Hitsugi's Lover chapter 25 . 8/23
Do you realise how addictive this fanfic is? I started reading it at 8:30am and I couldn't stop reading. Heck, I'm meant to be fast asleep for work tomorrow, and it's now 3am! Bloody hell! I have to be up for work in 4 hours!
Anyways! Just wanted to let you know that I'm absolutely loving this story! It's been a real roller coaster! Ive cried happy tears at the sweet parts, and was sobbing at the sad parts, especially when Lucy had a miscarriage.
I hope she finds Ryos again soon! And obviously meets Gajeel again to confront him and also to make up.
Can't wait to read the next chapter!
~Hitsugi's Lover
Stella-Eucliffe chapter 11 . 8/23
You really know how to write lemons, Nika!
JordanGG13 chapter 25 . 8/20
Nooooo... Laxus was right there :(... It was so close to being Laxus and Lucy vs the world
JordanGG13 chapter 24 . 8/20
Okay Levy better stay far far far away from Gajeel, he is Lucys if she ever deems him worthy again... I can't believe I just wrote that, your ship has killed me. It is so sad that Makarov thinks so badly of Lucy, she is the best. I am going to guess that Gajeel smelled Lucy on Loke. Also I can't wait till Lily comes around!
JordanGG13 chapter 23 . 8/20
I love how it's always Capricorn and Virgo... How did you come up with that pair? Aldo I am betting right now that Lucy ends up teaming up with Laxus after he is exiled... That way she can still end up at Tenro Island with everyone else... No only that but it will piss Gajeel off if she shows up with an older male slayer, you have to admit he needs a little bit of punishment for everything... That and we could get some side LucyXLaxus!
JCcherri chapter 25 . 8/20
Plzzz update I love this! I cried so many times reading this and I absolutely love the way you incorporated bits of the original plot to make it all fit together! Plzzzz update I don't think I can live without knowing what happens . I'll be expecting an update soon haha.
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