Reviews for Short Stories and Snow Spirits
DragonLover1551 chapter 8 . 7/31/2017
.omg omg omg omg. This fanfiction is amazing! It was amazing even before all this action started, I would just coo and be amazed by the eloquent way of your writing. It is easy to read, simple but also packed with emotion and makes every scene play in your head. Your writing style is what I try to achieve. And thr idea of the story is pretty simple but also very good interpreted into the universe of Jack Frost. I totally loved it, and I may have even shed a few tears at the chapter when Poppy find Jack chained to the furnace. It even inspired me into drawing the scene (but genderbent...why? I dont know). And you're not draging. U have kept me on my toes since the beginning of the story and I can't wait for thr ending. I'm sooo excited. Is it going to be a "happily ever ending" with somehow Poppy and Jack being together, even with the problem of Poppy being mortal and Jack being not? Or is the story going to end with some kind of message, which everyone grows up sometimes. And world is a difficult and unfair place where not everyone gets to experience happy endings and your dreams don't always become real. That sometimes you have to be happy with what you got and cherish it, and hope that in some other time you'll get your dream. It would be major twist if Poppy sacrificed her belief in order to save Jack. It will break my heart, knowing that they wont see and be together with each other ever again (or atleast when Poppy is alive) but it would be more real and more touching and more... hmmm what's the word? Didactical? Instructive? Preachy? I'm not sure which word is right, English isnt my native language (which another reason why I would probably never gonna be able to achieve the ease you convey eith your writing) and it already took me 5 mins to find the words "didactical and preachy". Lol, I'm starting to babble. What I meant to do was say your story is amazing and it gave me inspiration and renewed my resolve someway, and to show you that ur story isnt meaningless and there are people who are touched by your writing and cant wait for more. Thank you for going through the trouble of reading this. And thank you for starting and writing this story. xD
Guest chapter 3 . 3/7/2015
i like it. i wonder what the high council is?
Ensemble chapter 3 . 3/6/2015
The story is a bit slow. That's what I can see but your grammar doesn't exactly need any editing. Update please XD Even if it is slow, I'm curious what will happen to Jack if Poppy dissapeared or something.