Reviews for No Greater Joy
ethempat chapter 1 . 12/30/2014
I'm so sorry I forgot to review! .'


*begins fangirling*

This story was so good. I usually don't like reading about Scourge because I don't like the way he's portrayed in fan fiction. Power hungry for no reason explained.

This story shows a different side of him, that still has a rivalry of Sonic, but at the same time is...a little hopeless. I mean that like he knows what he has to do, but he's kind of afraid to do it.

I really love all the warmth from the story. It's very sweet, even if it's a bit different. It is possible that Anti-Sonia and Anti-Manic are actually good, because if I remember, Bunnie's Anti in the comics switched to the good side.

So, amazing story! I can't wait until you publish a new one! ;)

Thunder Croft chapter 1 . 12/28/2014
I haven't read many of the Sonic comics, although I am quite familiar with the plot and characters - Scourge, of course, is one of my favourite characters - and he is brilliant in this story. I know that Scourge doesn't have a good relationship with his father, but that's all I know. It's a great idea to have his version of Sonia and Manic - and sweeter still that they haven't gone down the wrong path, like Scourge. Manic is still as awesome as ever, and Sonia is less whiny than Underground portrays, so kudos to you for that!

Scourge's progression through the story was also very good - it felt natural, with him trying to release his evil persona at the start, but struggling as he snaps at the mother and Kelly, before he's won over by the girl and the festive spirit. I think this was a good build up before he meets his siblings, because he couldn't have turned up and been all "Bah, humbug!" and bitter. Great idea that neither Sonia nor Manic really recognize him, at first, showing how long he's been away for years (and I'd forgotten that he used to be blue xD Thank you for reminding me!).

I love the sibling banter. "Promise me you'll get your quills cut sometime after New-Year's." really made me crack up, with the idea of Sonia trying to cram a Santa hat on Manic. I am also extremely glad that their medallions were returned to them - a cute bit of nostalgia :3

The ending part with Scourge's musings about Gabriel was very interesting - my heart broke for him with the line "over the years though, he found Gabriel to be a fake" - but then it swaps over to the present, where Scourge has found a place where he belongs, with his siblings. I loved that :D

Thank you for a lovely festive one-shot that put me back into the Christmas spirit, even though it's at it's end, for this year! :D Well done on such a lovely story!

Best wishes,
Thunder :)
deeeeeleeeeteeedd chapter 1 . 12/25/2014
Aww! This was awesome! Espicially cause Scourge is the main character. I love this hehe. c;