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Forbidden Blck Roses chapter 47 . 32m
is so cute I want a bella too
Yun chapter 47 . 1h
Is great to see a new chapter!

Oh my, I hope voldemort doesn't get mad about Bella and Hermione :(

Can't wait to see more!
GaySubnormal chapter 47 . 18h
This is so beautiful, I can't believe that you're still here! I'm so happy
HouseOfSeekers chapter 47 . 18h
Ugh, this chapter ended so lovely. But I won't last, will it.
Was super happy to see a new update, and enjoyed it very much.
salonzo12 chapter 47 . 20h
you're back! this was adorable!
OpheliaBlack chapter 47 . 9/24
ahhhhhhh this was so cute! not at all what I was expecting out of this chapter, or out of this story. when I saw terrence walk out of the ministry fight, I thought he would be proposing to hermione, after having proven himself in battle. so I actually was expecting a proposal but not from bella, not at all. nobody’s going to take this well though, not at all. terrence will be heartbroken, snape and the malfoys will be furious and disgusted, and if snape’s earlier theory is correct, voldy may actually get jealous. considering that he got a bit handsy in this chapter, that hermione noted that his attention didn’t seem so paternal this time, and that bella specifically mentioned him being unhappy with the engagement, I think we can expect some resistance from him. but for now things are happy, and this was a really sweet scene! I’m really looking forward to seeing where you take this, it’s always so exciting to see an update
GlassGirlCeci chapter 47 . 9/24

What do I think? What do I think! I am beyond ecstatic that you're still here and that this has updated, and utterly terrified for Bella and Hermione! As soon as I read Hermione's discomfort I knew something was up. And then the prophecy. And then the odd look that Voldemort gave her and the feeling. And then what sealed the deal was that Bella freaking proposed and everything was happy for the end and they were planning as if everything was alright and oh no oh no oh no oh no I hope everything does not go horribly wrong in the coming chapters D:

It strikes me, however, that I've ended every review since I caught up back in January with some fear for the future, to varying degrees...I ought to perhaps read the chapters all in sequence now to see what I can pick up. I just want them to be happy together serving the Dark Lord *sob* Such a faulty moral compass fiction gives me... :P But anyway no, my partiality towards dark characters aside, what is at the core of my worry is Hermione's happiness and her and Bella's happiness together. I just KNEW you were going to tease the prophecy and we'd have to wait (drat!), but I mean, that really sets off alarm bells that something is up, doesn't it? And not showing it to anyone is a tried and true dramatic trope :O Why didn't she show Bella, or accidentally let it slip from shock when she found out? I might be misremembering exactly how connected their awareness is.

And what is Voldemort up to...cold and yet warmth in her cheeks - was that all her, or could it have been something more insidious and manipulative that's been going on? It might come to a head when Bella asks for permission...Voldie don't you dare get in the way of my ship! And of course I can only assume that the prophecy will instill yet more doubt and angst in Hermione with regards to the Dark Lord.

Oh goodness, if what I fear comes to pass it will be agonizing, but then, that's a hallmark of good storytelling :) Thank you so much for updating, I could not believe my eyes when I saw it. I have been having an utterly, horrifically shitty time in real life, and this brightened my day so I can go to sleep marginally closer to happiness. I continue to love this story and I hope you're doing well :)
Mashiro09 chapter 47 . 9/24
Glad you updated. I must confess I scream like a little girl in the last part, and now I have a megawatt smile on my face (thank you so much for that )). A prophesy, wonder what it says and if it would affect Hermione's actions from now on. It was a really nice chapter and I'll be waiting for more
123a456e chapter 47 . 9/24
Great chapter! Please update soon! I hope Draco is okay and that the Dark Lord isn't planning anything too sinister for Hermione
lovebirdy chapter 46 . 9/20
Oh I hope another chapter comes out soon. This is so good.
Rewinded chapter 46 . 9/1
I completely love this story in fact I love all your stories they are so amazing and you are such a talented writer. I look forward to seeing the rest of this unfold.
Guest chapter 46 . 8/16
A pleasure to read such an interesting story. What's happening among the Death Eaters, Hermione included, is much more intriguing and captivating than the camping trip of the Go Lucky New Golden Trio. Thanks for sparing us this BTW. It was unbelievable once but reading it twice... Aargh!
I wonder how Narcissa is going to protect her sister. Not a small feat but family and happy children first. It's going to be masterful.
Great work! Kudos!
Haydos007 chapter 3 . 8/16
It's a very interesting spin on things!
Ky2452 chapter 46 . 7/26
Missing thr everything is okay iz your life and you cone back soon.
darkwolflovesgirls chapter 46 . 7/11
Just found this story, i am loving this. I love the family dynamics with Hermione and the Malfoys, it is so sweet when Hermione calls Luscious papa. Hmm me thinks a little draco/harry pairing is being hinted the story and great detail in this story, can’t wait for the next chapter!
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