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darkwolflovesgirls chapter 46 . 7/11
Just found this story, i am loving this. I love the family dynamics with Hermione and the Malfoys, it is so sweet when Hermione calls Luscious papa. Hmm me thinks a little draco/harry pairing is being hinted the story and great detail in this story, can’t wait for the next chapter!
nightowl32 chapter 5 . 7/10
DelarDR chapter 36 . 6/11
so quick question, u havent given up on this story, right?
Rinoa chapter 46 . 6/10
Dear author, i read your story till this chapter, i frickin love it, i enjoy your writing style and how the plot is taking a solid form. Can't wait to see the full story. Thank you so much, for sharing your talent with us. And im truly sorry that you are having a rough time, i hope you find the calm and stability you need.
OpheliaBlack chapter 46 . 6/4
it’s been a while since I’ve left a review on this story, which is no good cause it’s my favorite active fic in a while. I love your characterization in this story, and how strongly it focuses on the relationships between friends and family. the plot is interesting too, but as a lot of it the canon hp plot (at least until the last couple chapters where it pulls away from the end of hbp, and of course any interaction with bella), I think it’s the people and their relationships that make it your own story. I love the dynamic between hermione and the malfoys, and it’s heartbreaking to see the distance growing between her and draco when they love each other so much. I also noticed that at one point (this is what I get for going so long without a review...) you used the same lines between hermione and bella that you used between cissy and lucius, the “what would I ever do without you” “you’ll never find out” and I just thought that was really cute! and it’s so nice to see a story where bella treats hermione so well, so gently and caring and ready to do anything for her. that’s not an easy thing to write and keep her in character, especially when in canon we see how much she loves her sister but is still a dick and absolutely worthless when it comes to comforting her

writing is hard enough as is, but continuing to do so when life and mental health get in the way is so difficult. no matter how far they might be apart, it’s always really exciting to see a new update, and I think you have a lot to be proud of with what you’ve created and the fact that it’s being created in the first place. I look forward to seeing more of this story, you’ve done such great work!
Ro chapter 46 . 6/2
This story is fantastic! I'm so so so glad you will finish it! I'm always so sad when amazing fics are abandoned.
Guest chapter 46 . 5/30
Nooo all caught up in one day - don't like dumbles, he's sacrificed her life for the greater good. Asking her to kill Harry as well? I like how she's toying with both sides but first and foremost family is first. A beautifully executed story so far that I can't wait to read more of... I'm just waiting for the big battle and confrontation with her brother and Harry:)
type-writes chapter 46 . 5/2
I love this! It’s so clever and so unique. Can’t wait for the update, take your time. I guess I’ll have to reread it lol
HouseOfSeekers chapter 46 . 4/19
Take all the time you need, every chapter is worth the wait. Even if you struggle, just know that you got this under control with your great writing skills and beautiful imagination. Until the next epic update!
jennybenny2845 chapter 46 . 4/18
Damn! So much happened here. I don’t even know where to begin! I’m super curious about these magical beings. Why are they being bound? Is it because they’re too poor and can not afford a magica education? Is it so they don’t expose the Wizarding World to the Muggles?

I’m happy that Hermione was able to deliver. Of course Ma G could not turn down the chance to give Coram a better life. Hopefully Coram being officially part of the Malfoy family doesn’t come back to bite them in the ass. I wonder how Draco will take it knowing that there’s another member to the family. I’m surprised Narcissa agreed to it without a fight, not that she had much choice. Kudos again to her for figuring out he’s a descendant of the McKinnon line.

I loved the conversation between Lucius and Narcissa at the end. Lucius’s right in how she’ll be the one to save them if needed. Makes me wonder what’s going on with the Patroni...

Oh, and that ending had me laughing! Lucius has finally wrapped his head around Bellatrix/Hermione, but Draco/Harry might be too much to handle at the moment.

Finally all caught up! Can’t wait to read what you’ve got planned next! This is so creative and original, and I cannot wait for your next chapter! :)
jennybenny2845 chapter 45 . 4/18
Hermione’s relationship with her parents after killing Dumbledore is so interesting! She’s never felt that Narcissa has truly loved her - maybe because she can sense that Lucius cares more for her than Draco. Lucius is disappointed in her now, which isn’t helping matters. Hopefully they can discuss where they stand. I can easily see Hermione becoming more and more taken by Voldemort if he’s the only one pleased with her. It is scary as hell that she wants to be around the Death Eaters because she likes that she means something to them.

I have a feeling Ma Griesly will change her mind once Hermione finds the right motivation. I haven’t a clue what that’ll be. Maybe Bella can help Hermione figure it out? Though, she seems busy with figuring out how to infiltrate the Ministry.

Terence wants to marry Hermione? Nope. Don’t see that happening... unless Voldemort forces them too. I absolutely died laughing at his description of Severus!

Draco seems so happy with the Weasleys. At least someone is happy... for now anyway.

Voldemort dancing?! Crazy. He sure as hell knows how to manipulate Hermione’s emotions. Hopefully she won’t lose sight of her earlier hatred toward him. I still want her and Bella to take him out :D
jennybenny2845 chapter 44 . 4/18
Wow. Hermione has a lot on her plate! First, she’s to kill Harry per Dumbledore and now she’s got to convert magical beings to the Dark Lord’s side. That’s so much to handle, and I’m sure she’ll struggle under the weight of the pressure.

I’m thrilled that Lucius is home! My heart broke for him, and your descriptions of him in Azkaban sent shivers down my spine. I just wanted to hug him. Hopefully he’ll recover fully mentally. He’s displeased with Hermione and Bellatrix’s relationship and Hermione getting marked, which makes sense. Man. He doesn’t even know Dumbledore’s dead. Hopefully Narcissa will explain it all to him.

I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again: I love your Severus. He’s so caring for Hermione and supportive of the Malfoys. Pretty please with a cherry on the top, let him live. :D
VonPelt chapter 1 . 4/17
Seriously, Dumbledore's treatment of Harry (10 dark years) was questionable at best, but this plot of him is more ridiculous than the schemes he usually cooks up in bashing stories. Raising a child to become a spy without the apparent need for it (it could be argued that Harry had to die, but the same cannot be said for Hermione)... This is even below using child soldiers. Definitely not my cup of tea.
Anon chapter 46 . 4/17
Thanks for the update! It never fails to brighten my day. I wonder if the fly at the beginning of the chapter is Rita Skeeter? I can't recall if she's appeared yet.
Cheers ].
jennybenny2845 chapter 43 . 4/17
The pleasure and pain associated with the Mark makes sense. I hadn’t really thought of it until now, but I can see Voldemort using it to control his followers and transmit feelings through them. Also makes sense that he’d favor the curse so he can stay in control.

Poor Hermione. My heart can’t help but break for her. I’m interested to read how everyone will react once they find out she killed Dumbledore. Bellatrix’s support shows her love for Hermione.

Rod does seem cruel, so hopefully the marriage will be annulled.
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