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Cosmic Sky chapter 96 . 10/28
Ah, another big clash between the Demon Lords and Royal Knights, this time on multiple fronts. That's highly befitting of a war story like this and I can't wait to see things play out.

Poor Sleipmon's in for a rude surprise when he and Examon finally catch up to the Demon Lords. While Vikemon will hopefully live to fight (and drink) another day...Cherubimon's going to be one hell of a shock to him, and Examon. Not to mention a colossal pain in the ass to fight. It was minor, but I liked how you described Examon's slight discomfort to the cold (being a dragon and a flier, it's kind of clear he and cold weather don't mix). Sadly, his first trip to the Arcane Ruins isn't going to be a fun one by any means.

As for the Demon Lords, will they complete their dig before the Royal Knights get there? I'd say it's fifty-fifty. According to Bagramon, Cherubimon's corruption is still on-going, which is actually believable. Sadly, I'm guessing by the time this is over with, the corruption will have been completed. Not that I think that'll make Lilithmon like him any less than she already does. Also, kudos to her for dressing for the weather (and condolences to whatever poor BlackGarurumon who gave up his fur for her).

The most exciting part of the chapter though was the set up for the clash between the Shroud Army and Duftmon's unit. Him and Barbamon, the strategist of the Royal Knights and the Demon Lords finally going at it, I'll admit I've been waiting all story to see some of these matchups play out. Though not perfect matches, almost every one on either side has a foil on the enemy's side, and Duftmon and Barbamon are certainly a pair.

Craniamon's certainly eager for a chance to finally join the action, something I found kind of funny to see. Guy's one of the most eager fighters and he may just get his wish between Demon and Beelzebumon. Plus there'll be the other battles that'll probably come about at the behest (or in spite of) of the two genius strategists overseeing this battle.

If this chapter was dusk creeping in, then I'm sure next chapter will see dusk fall, and with it, everyone goes back to war. This chapter had some good set up and I'm sure next chapter is when it'll start paying off. I can't wait to see it!
Guest chapter 96 . 10/27
Thank you so much for writing a fic centered on the Royal Knights!
WarBard chapter 96 . 10/24
From a technical aspect, some of the narrative is jumbled up. For example, when Sleipmon is describing the Cathode Tundra-in present-it's split up into different paragraphs mixed in past experiences, which makes it a bit weird to read.

What you could've done was relay the past experience and then what the Cathode Tundra is like in the present, so you get a better sense of chronological progression.

It's a tiny thing, but it helps people organize their thoughts without losing their spot on the page.
ZooFan chapter 96 . 10/24
Oh my gosh the suspense is killing me! Can’t wait to find out what happens next
Guest chapter 95 . 9/23
Well that’s all I have to say it so well
bubbledropped chapter 95 . 9/15
yessssss a new chapterthis series is soooo good omg
Cosmic Sky chapter 95 . 9/14
Well this is...not good. In exchange for their big, brawls red crocodile with a bit of an attitude, the Demon Lords have gained a corrupted giant killer rabbit that can hurl lightning bolts. It’s almost comical how one potential setback for the Demon Lords has been almost completely nullified.

First off with Leviamon’s betrayal, yeah, it’s expected that the others aren’t happy about it. Lucemon’s probably thinking that his throne room (or one of them) could use a croc-skin pelt hanging on the wall. Arrogant as he is, it’s expected that he’d brush off Bagramon’s accusation at their treatment of Leviamon drove him away.

This chapter really felt like Barbamon was the center focus as he had some pretty good fortunes come his way. He managed to corrupt one of the Three Angelic Digimon after a round of mind screwing that left him primed for corruption. Sadly for Cherubimon, this was...somewhat inevitable. As I said last chapter, there wasn’t a snowball’s chance that his attempted negotiations with the Demon Lords would work out, and this went worse than he could have imagined. That said, I do like how he phrased his deal, both Demon and Angel Digimon would tolerate each other’s existence, which is ideally the best anyone could hope for.

But as Barbamon explained, he isn’t interested in peace, he’s greedy, and the rest of the Demons are either that or murderously insane. Or both in varying forms. He laid out how doomed Cherubimon’s attempt was from the start as he was corrupting him, and by the time he realized it, it was already too late. Said corruption was painful to read to as it brought back memories of Frontier. Barbamon preyed on all the insecurities that we saw last chapter; it was heavily foreshadowing his fall this time, though it didn’t quite happen in the way I think everyone expected. At the last second, Cherubimon realized what was up, that was a brief ray of light that was unfortunately snuffed out as he tried to fight back.

Party of the tragedy here is the irony. Cherubimon is the Guardian of Wisdom, yet he made some extremely stupid decisions. As Barbamon pointed out, he had an unauthorized meeting to negotiate with a Demon Lord and make a deal he had no power to make. This whole thing was a disaster that you wouldn’t expect to happen at the hands of God’s Angel of Wisdom. Sadly it has, and now the whole Digital World will end up paying for it. It’s going to be interesting and scary how Cherubimon Vice shakes up the story, including how everyone else reacts to it.
Gyphon chapter 95 . 9/14
Whew. After taking a break during the Battle for New Terminal chapters, I've finally came back to finish what I started... A year ago? With the prequel. And whew, I'm glad I did.

Its pretty rare to get a story like this. Not only entirely centered on Digimon in the Digital world, which I like, but there's a fair amount of characters I'm invested in.

I like seeing stuff such as Leviamon's decision to go it alone. I like seeing VictoryGreymon staying true to his morals of not killing even when faced with Nightmare Soldiers and the likes of GrandisKuwagamon. I like... Well, I can't really say if I like it or not yet since it hasn't really concluded, but I enjoy Examon grappling with the UDC's offer.

And I'm looking forward to knowing more about why Leviamon is interested in Dukemon. I want to see where Blitzmon ends up by the end and whether he and Grandis can ever really reconcile.

And I'm looking forward to more of Cherubimon... Even if this wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I saw the last chapter mostly followed him.
ZooFan chapter 95 . 9/12
Nooooooooooo! Bad bunny alert! He is getting the full might of my naughty hammer! Though besides that this was a very exciting chapter but I do feel worry for the team that’s heading for the arcane ruins it kinda seems like their getting the short end of the stick with both lucemon and barbamon, plus corrupted bunny on the way
Jorssen 2 chapter 94 . 8/16
Schism was the appropriate name for this chapter because that is because that is exactly what is happening. Cherubimon is a very good Digimon and is pure of heart, just like Victory Greymon, Sleipmon, and Angemon. He wants to try to reason with his enemies rather than going to war with them. For example, he wants to reason with the Demon Lords rather than fighting them like Seraphimon wants to. And while Seraphimon is being a jerk about it and is letting his emotions control him, but he is correct about the Demon Lords. The Demon Lords have caused too much death and destruction and are all infinitely beyond reasoning with and sending a diplomat to them will end badly, for it will result in the diplomat's torture and slow and painful death. Reasoning with the Demon Lords is useless because they are all have made it perfectly clear that they will see their goals through to the bitter end. And even Ophanimon, the Archangel of mercy agress with Seraphimon. Should someone who represents mercy agree with the Archangel of Justice that war is the only option, then I need to say no more. And while Leviamon did defect, it isn't because he is suddenely repentant and wants to atone for what he did, he ONLY defected because he was tired of being treated like garbage by the other Demon Lords, and even then Leviamon wasn't sorry for what he's done, even when both Dukemon and Gankoomon call him out on what he had done, only got super defensive and retored that Barbamon and Lucemon ordered him to do it, and should Leviamon apologize for the Night of Falling Stars, it would be him rolling his eyes and lying through his teeth, sarcastically saying that he is sorry (when in reality, he isn't sorry at all). Anyway, the Demon Lords have all astablished themselves as Black and White (Grey in Bagramon's case) villians. And all of the other factions, including the Royal Knights have decided that they need to destroy/kill the Demon Lords or it'll be the entire Digital World and everybody gets serevely hurt or dies, not a hard choice. I know and sympathise with Cherbuimon's intentions, but we all know that we are all beyond diplomacy, and war is really the only option they have. Plus Yggdrasil has deemed Bagramon and the Demon Lords as creational-level threats, which Alphamon and Omegamon have agreed with, the Demon Lords must die, otherwise they will destroy everything, especially with that Bagramon is planning.

With the climax of Cherubimon planning on going to reason with the Demon Lords himself, I can sense Cherubimon Vice is coming, like how Darkknightmon courrupted Omegamon into becoming Omegamon Zwart, I can see either Bagramon or Lucemon somehow courrpting Cherubimon into his dark form, Cherubimon Vice. Keep up the great work, things are really getting intresting.
Cosmic Sky chapter 94 . 8/14
This chapter’s title immediately had me curious and worried. Turns out that I was right to be. Personally, I feel like you could have named this chapter, “Trouble in Paradise”.

It was nice that you focused on the angelic Digimon in the Sky Colonies and how they’re handling things. Said handling, on the other quite troubling. The first bit established Sleipmon and Cherubimon as kindred spirits, and showed a little more of their backstories, namely Cherubimon’s before he became one of the Three Great Angels. It also served a prelude to what was coming next. Both of them are the pacifists of their respective factions who would prefer diplomacy to violence; unfortunately, that isn’t always an option.

And that’s what this chapter showed. Sleipmon had his arc where he had to come to grips with his ideals and the realities of the world he lived in. Cherubimon’s on paper would be the same...but his situation is radically different and heading int a darker direction.

Thanks to the last dozens of chapters in which you focused on the Demon Lords...Seraphimon comes out more in the right. This chapter puts a new and somewhat dark spin on SlashAngemon’s attack as we now know it was somewhat unauthorized, quite a bit of rule-breaking for the faction of angelic ruler-followers.

Back to the argument in question. This chapter had so much dramatic irony it could fill an ocean. Cherubimon wants to keep on trying diplomacy, but as we all know...we’re beyond that, the Demon Lords are WAY beyond talking things out. Even if he is being a jerk about it, Seraphimon has a point in that war is now the only option, and Ophanimon knows that. When the Angel of Mercy says war is now the only option left...well, that’s a bad sign. Maybe Seraphimon is letting his emotions color his views, but those views aren’t utterly wrong. Too much damage has been done, the other factions, specifically the Royal Knights, have already decided that the Demon Lords are a threat they’ll have to fight and delete, or else it’ll be the whole Digital World.

All that knowledge in hand, it makes Cherubimon come off as tragically naive, albeit some of this information he isn’t privy to. The biggest example being Leviamon, who defected not really out of moral constraints, but because he was tired of being the Demon Lord’s butt monkey. And even his defection is suspect as NO ONE trusts him, not even the Royal Knights. When I saw Cherubimon mention Bagramon, I immediately thought back to the Crisis of Faith arc and thought of how a conversation between them would go, not well at all. As commendable as his appeals to talking things out are, there’s no way in hell it’s going to happen.

Making things worse, Cherubimon feels like he’s been cut out of the trinity. You can argue he has, but it’s not like it’s intentional. Ophanimon and Seraphimon are just on the same line of thought, and it’s not like EITHER of them like the thought of going to war, but that’s the only option they have left. Sadly, Cherubimon refuses to see that, and from the way this chapter ends, it’s sounding like he’s about to do something reckless. Dangerously reckless. I’m both excited and terrified to see what comes next.

All around a very gripping chapter with some good character spotlights of the Three Great Angels. Ophanimon is definitely the balancing influence, albeit it’s clear she can get tired of it. Seraphimon is aggressive and direct, yet Cherubimon can be just as stubborn leading to a clash of wills she has to mediate. Poor woman’s probably left pretty exhausted from breaking them up.
elpierito3005 chapter 94 . 8/11
I wonder what will Cherubimon think when he finds out Yggdrasill (and therefore the Royal Knights, the only people he thinks ) decided to exterminate the Seven Great Demon Lords, since he thought that the Royal Knights were the only ones who would agree to reach a peaceful (I mean not-kill everyone) solution
Caidezes chapter 94 . 8/11
Looks like we're gearing up for a corrupted Cherubimon later on. A Digimon classic, though all three archangels seem to fall from grace pretty often. Haha.
HighTide67 chapter 94 . 8/9
I dont think I've ever reviewed this story, so ill start now.
I am LOVING this story, and it Is only getting better. Reading this has gotten me more into digimon then ever before, so glad that this story exists.

I think we all know what cherubimon is gonna transform into, loving his development in this most recent chapter.
ZooFan chapter 94 . 8/8
Oh no! This is looking way to familiar to me! Quick slephmon stop him before he turns into a bad bunny!
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