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Cosmic Sky chapter 70 . 12/14/2019
All things considered...this was actually a fun chapter, the humor sprinkled on top balanced out the serious tone and it ended with on a rather high note. Well,except for the fact that Grandis is going back to the clink, but with a clear-head and conscious and some good will on the part of SaviorHackmon.

I agree with Ouryuumon, Alphamon is the reckless idiot of the Idiot Trio of him, Omnimon, and Oryuumon; of course that's part of their collective charm.

You have no idea how happy I am to see his brush with death and heel realization hasn't diminished Grandis' sparkling sense of humor. His snark is one of the best parts of his character. Personally, I'd like to see more interactions between him and Doctor Stingman as they seem like they'll make an oddball pair. Speaking of oddball pairs, I suppose he owes SaviorHackmon...again; at some point he should make a remark about keeping score or something. I'd say his confession to Alphamon is what really brought his character full-circle as in the safety and comfort of a hospital bed, he could REALLY see how his actions had unleashed a storm of death and destruction, especially how it hit those few people who still see the good in him.

Well, I won't say the hard part is over with because GrandisKuwagamon still has to face down several people and odds are he's going to be watched like a hawk...but it's better than where he could be. I'm at least hoping his prison life, however short of long it may be, is interesting.

On a separate note, this chapter did clarify what happened with his X-Antibody, something I've been meaning to ask you about. Based on what he said to Alphamon, it sounds like Grandis has only been using a fraction of its power in an attempt to keep his mind and perhaps his body from being overridden. Is it the X-Antibody something of a double-edged sword in terms of what it can do? And are certain Digimon strong enough to handle it without going berserk? I ask this because over the last few weeks I did some research and found a whole slew of Digimon have officially gained X-Antibody Forms...including the Seven Deadly Demons and the Royal Knights, like Craniamon (a favorite of mine), who played a good bad cop this chapter around.
ZooFan chapter 70 . 12/14/2019
Yay finally Grandis stopped being a dumb bug and released how much a pair of marshmallows Vic and Hack really were. And all it took was a laser in the chest you know nothing serious. Anyways besides that, I'm going to say I'm very satisfied with the way the last ark ended. And I can't wait to see more.
jacquelinemueller53 chapter 70 . 12/14/2019
I am going to have to wait for SaviorHackmon to Digivolve to Jesmon.
Jorssen 2 chapter 67 . 11/27/2019
Leviamon vs Dukemon with Dukemon gaining the upper hand against him once Sleipmon, Duftmon, Magnamon, and Omegamon showed up, had Leviamon stayed to fight, he would been cut down and eventually killed by the Royal Knights (who would've ganged up on him and killed him).

Gankoomon and Oryuumon vs Beelzemon, before Gaioumon stepped in and told Oryuumon to fight alongside the Greymon Five. And Gankoomon tried to attack Beelzemon in order to stop him from retreating before being shot in the chest by the Demon Lord of Gluttony.

Also as the Demon Lord of Greed, it is not surprising to see Barbamon going to rob a bank (and being physically abusive towards a subordinate who suggested that they focus on capturing the city). Barbamon probably figured that it would be a bad idea to capture the entire city on the Royal Knights and the Warrior Ten's turf, where they would be dethroned and killed. Plus he is able to fight Examon and Dukemon together on equal ground before he and his forces retreated (even though he wasn't fighting all out, nobody in this war was fighting all out).

Its official, Dorugoramon is the few Council of Seven members officially on Royal Knight/Seven Great Demon Lord Level alongside Gaioumon, seeing as how he was strong enough to brutally wound Demon by catching him off guard. I also think that Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode, Palidramon and ExVeemon's Dad is also on Royal Knight/Seven Great Demon Lord-level or very close to it, even though we have yet to see him in combat. If Alphamon had decided to use the Alpha Inforce in order to cut down Demon and dodge the latter's attack, while Demon would've been killed but two scenarios would've possibly happened 1: He either would've been cut down and killed by Lilithmon (who would have absorbed his Data in order to become more powerful), or while extremely weakened, but Dorugoramon would had to defend him from the Demon Lady of Lust. Speaking of Lilithmon, she is strong enough to brutally wound Dorugoramon by catching him of guard and utilizing a well-placed, Nazar Nail technique. She even casually dodged all of Alphamon's attacks like they were nothing (even though two have grazed her), even though this is from a wounded Alphamon, but still pretty impressive. Also I'm still surprised that Demon is still fixated on Alphamon despite that Dorugoramon was the one who brutally wounded him and beat the s..t out of him, so one would think he would want to kill Dorugoramon was well, but he just wanted Alphamon's head before Dynasmon stepped him and forced him and Lilithmon to retreat and vowing absolute vengeance against the Royal Knights.

Again I know I have said this in the previous review, but I'll say it once more. Royal Knight/Seven Great Demon Lord-LevelNormal Mega-level Digimon-level.

As always great chapter and keep up the great work.
Cosmic Sky chapter 69 . 11/25/2019
And the unwinding continues...and things heat up a tad more, and on a personal scale. Seems like Lilithmon really made sure to do a number of DORUgoramon, so much so that a part of me is thinking it's going to be a while before he's up and about. A shame since I was hoping for a talk between him and Alphamon, though a bedside chant will probably do.

It was pleasant reading the Royal Knights being able to converse. All things considered, they came out of the battle none the worse for wear, even UlforceVeedramon is back on his feet and up and about (and cracking jokes). Scenes like that definitely made it feel like Alphamon and Omegamon are close enough to being the "parents" of the group, and Alphamon of course pulls his favored disappearing acts causing Omegamon some entertaining annoyance.

Ah, now the real meat of this chapter was Alphamon and Bagramon's talk. I was honestly not expecting it, but boy did it have some nice build up and delivery. One struck out at me was the "Tritheism" sounded like an incredible idea. It's quite clear that much like the real world, the Digital World has its own creation myths that vary from culture to culture, but due to the way the DW functions, EVERY real-world myth and legend can be interpreted as true and real. Still, I don't think that stops the population of the Digital World from arguing over which faith/origin is the real one. Bagramon's research into the idea that all three origin myths are real hints at a deeper and more philosophical side, something about him that I admire. Chances are after his fall he probably did some soul searching and asked what sort of divine power really runs the world; it's clear he...didn't exactly get the answers he was hoping for, or answers he liked.

Admittedly, I do think that Alphamon would make for a good detective. He and Bagramon would have made for a good pair, as would Alphamon and Darknightmon, alas, things have gone far past the point of no return. I believe that Bagramon made it clear he's set on his path, and all Alphamon can do is meet him when their paths intersected, as a Royal Knight and as a rebel against the divine.
ZooFan chapter 69 . 11/20/2019
I love this chapter and the devolvement between Alphamon and Bagramon. Also, it was nice to see the interactions between all the knights. (Oh Rhodoknightmon you rascal) Also, I'm not sure but I think this might be the first time we get a description of Alphamon without his armor, I think? Anyway, I cant wait to see what happens next.
Jorssen 2 chapter 68 . 11/18/2019
Yep, Leviamon reminds us why he is the butt monkey of the Demon Lords. He does not properly defend himself the other Demon Lords (excluding Bagramon and Belphemon) are blaming him for the failure to capture New Terminal, viciously insulting him, and physically hitting him (like what Barbamon did just now), etc. He does not properly defend himself at all, instead he just takes their crap and only snarls, gives them death glares, and grumbles under his breath constantly about the constant mistreatment they give him rather than standing up for himself. The only Demon Lord who does not mistreat Leviamon is Bagramon, and unlike Lucemon, Bagramon did not blame Leviamon for the Demon Lords defeat. He just told them to move forward (even though he did give Barbamon a pointed glare). Then again Leviamon was unaware that Barbamon was possibly setting him up to take the fall once something goes wrong. One question is also on my mind, do the Demon Lords train?

Also ExVeemon is alive, that's good, but once Palidramon sees him, she'll realize that she had caused so much destruction and almost killed her friends over it, which is something that'll completely eat her alive. And upon seeing Grandis once, TigerVespamon... well is surprised no less.

Now that Grandis is redeemed, now its only matter of time before we deal with Blitzmon and Bolgmon. Nice chapter, keep up the great work.
Cosmic Sky chapter 68 . 11/17/2019
Ah, the post battle chapter, it was all dialogue and I'd say it was well done.

ExVeemon's alive...oh boy, now THAT complicates some things. On one hand, hip hi hooray! On the other...this means that Paildramon's rampage was...yeah, she's going to have a lot to sort through when she wakes up and sees her brother alive and well. I predict an apology somewhere down the line, provided that our favorite bumbling Dragonman and X-Antibody Mercenary bug are in any shape to receive it. Though SaviorHackmon found all of them not breathing, I believe it's worth something that he found them at all and was key to getting them medical attention.

Kudos to Craniamon and Rhodoknightmon pulling off a Big Damn Heroes moment, and getting in some banter!

"Launch me, Darling!"

"Don't call me that!"

One must wonder if that exchange was the last thing running through SkullSatanmon's head before he was sliced to piece by the most flamboyant member of the Royal Knights.

And the humor continued with UlforceVeedramon emerging from a pile of rumble. That scene was PERFECT.

So, I was right, Barbamon did get what he wanted...yet I can also see the logic and reason behind his actions. The Demon Lords do need funding and he secured it, shame he failed to mention that to anyone and made Leviamon the fall guy. For some reason, I actually felt a bit sorry for the big guy. Speaking of big, I found something oddly fascinating about Demon's shift from his wrath form into his robed form, definitely seems like there's a slight personality shift as he's somewhat calmer when in his robes. Also, I feel Lucemon did a good job in surveying the aftermath, getting something from each of his fellow Lords, then ordering everyone to move along before a fight could break out and they squander their retreat.

Beelzebumon actually sounded concerned for Grandis...and he seems to be arguably the most lax and approachable of the Demon Lords.

Ah, Grandis, seems like you made it through...or at least until next chapter. I'm guessing as he starts stirring TigerVespamon is going to be having some thoughts about his survival...and they'll be some talking about Grandis' fate as he sleeps. I'll be frank, it's not looking good, but something tells me if he regains consciousness, he'll already know that and be readying himself for the inevitable...after finding out that Paildramon and VictoryGreymon are still alive.
ZooFan chapter 68 . 11/14/2019
Another great chapter to see from you, I'm glad that battle is finally over though. I also do hope my fav characters are going to be alright in the end as well. I can't wait to see how you would proceed with the story now. I definitely will be waiting!
Lucario765GWrites chapter 68 . 11/14/2019
YESSSSssSSS (Crying tears of joy while smiling)
Awwwww now I wonder if Paildramon choices were worth it or for nothing.. I can tell she is gonna be very happy.
And our trio (SaviorHackmon would be a quartet) may be very damaged now, hopefully Pail and Vic make it. From the looks of it, I think Grandis is gonna be fine..hopefully.

The battle may have somewhat "quieted down" but we just don’t know..I feel like that the Demon Lords may have other plans in mind right now.

Also poor Ulforce, being stuck down there (as he said) xD
Duskmon And TigerVespamon :D
Glad to see those two, I know they can handle it. Now I am gonna be curious with that last line (That TigerVespamon said..) May have it something related to an event where these two crossed path? I remember that happening (forgot which chapter though) but.. I don’t think most of our heroes (maybe including TigerV here) of Grandis' change.. maybe he is just having a few thoughts on him? Could be, but we'll have to see.

That’s all I have to say.

(Btw have you seen the Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna trailer? (There are „two trailers") I just hope that it’s gonna be a great movie for our Adventure and 02 Chosen Children..)
Cosmic Sky chapter 67 . 10/21/2019
Thus the Battle of New Terminal ends and the victor one apparently, not that I'm surprised. Things were looking pretty even so I'm not that really shocked that neither side can claim much of a victory. Or what you'd call a military victory since both sides were winded but inflicted some damage on each other. I'd say that Barbamon may be the only one happy as he got part of what he wanted.

Speaking of Barbamon, I'll be honest with you. I found something darkly comedic in him going bank robbing while a war of digital Biblical proportions was unfolding, it's SO in character for the Deadly Demon of Greed that it came off as kind of funny, especially when his own troops questioned if they should be fighting like everyone else. That said, I could somewhat see the logic in his thinking, might as well do the looting now while everyone's focus on other things thus you've got a window of time and opportunity. Unfortunately for him, not EVERYONE was busy fighting and failed to take notice of him.

I'm immensely glad you had Sleipmon be the one to make the obligatory ice-pun. If there was anyone to say it, it had to be him.

Earlier than that, it seemed like Leviamon was on the verge of biting off more than he could chew. Seems the biggest of the Seven Demons isn't going to be easy to take down, even when he's put on ice and frozen. Then again, in all the segments with Leviamon it felt an awful lot like few characters could do any real damage to him. Something tells me Barbamon counted on this thus sent him off to the river to draw attention so he could go looting/do what he needed to get down. In that case, technically speaking Leviamon was right...just not in the way he thought. I can picture him being quite pissed off either way.

Demon vs Alphamon, that was quite a tough fight. If the latter had used his Alpha inForce something tells me the battle had gone a very different direction. Given Lilithmon's eventual appearance, Alphamon likely would have been cut down in his weakened state throwing the Royal Knights into chaos. That, or DORUgoramon would have had to defend him. Speaking of which, kudos to him for making it in the nick of time AND attempting to make peace with his old friend. It was a nice moment, until Lilithmon showed up.

After this is Demon going to have some sort of fixation on Alphamon? That's definitely the vibe I got when he decided to make on last attempt for his head only to be stopped by Dynasmon. Then he repeated what Lilithmon just said which understandably annoyed her. For a band of demonic villains hellbent on turning the Digital World upside down the Seven Demons can be quite an entertaining bunch.

Now that the battle's over with, seems like we'll be turning to the aftermath. That or check back in with the rampaging dragon grieving over the loss of her brother, an odd couple duo trying to stop her, and the last member of the Royal Knights in-training. Officially, the battle may be over, but something tells me Black Imperialdramon Fighter Mode will not have gotten the memo...
ZooFan chapter 67 . 10/18/2019
Wow I’m glad thing are now winding down but a lot of stuffed happen in this battle that it’s taking me a while to fully absorb. Can’t wait to see what happens next in your story. Also about my story plot, I’ve been making a lot of addiction to it but the problem with it is that I’m kinda making more own original Digimon (well some what) so it’s taking me awhile to do that. Also I’ve got midterms which really limit my time for writing, but I’ll definitely will someday send it to you probably after my midterms.
cantuhilbiggabriel chapter 66 . 10/5/2019
This chapter... To say it was an emotional roller coaster of desperation and despair would be an understatement! The battle between Alphamon and Demon was spectacular! The resolute anger and determination of Alphamon clashing against the unbridled hatred and fury of Demon, both sides trying desperately to kill the other, I was on the literal edge ofmy seat waiting to see who would make each move in this deathly dance! But then Black Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode showed up. The amusement of Demon andthe horror of Alphamon... The fight, if it could be called that, between Black Imperialdramon and the others was depressing. Seeing her brutally slaughter her commanding officer she respects, her friend she deeply loves, andthe mercenary she's not quite sure how to feel about as she's consumed by unrelenting hatred was. Seeing Victorygrey non-violently fight to saveher soul and ultimately pain a steep price, only to be saved by GrandisKuwagamon at the VERY last second was heart-wrenching! Now that she's at last safe fromherself, and Grandis has undergone a strange now evolution, I cannot wait at all for the next chapter!
This is by far some of the best written work of yours yet!
Jorssen 2 chapter 66 . 9/30/2019
Palidramon, in her corrupted Black Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode is on Royal Knight/Seven Great Demon Lord-level or is very close to it. Seeing as she was strong enough able to beat up and defeat a weakened Ulforceveedramon, who again was weakened after his fight with Leviamon. If Ulforce were at full power, she would have been able to hold her own against him, but he still would've defeated her. Both Victory and Grandis were both barely able to hold her own against her, which resulted in both of them becoming mortally wounded.

I really hope that VictoryGreymon doesn't die, a Digimon like him doesn't deserve death. I'm happy that Grandis is going to live still by unleashing his X-Antibody in full, but Victory, I hope that there is still a way to save him, before its too late. He is a pure good/pure of heart Digimon who despite seeing his dying father, never became a darker version of himself like Palidramon had obessed with Vengeance. He never went and attacked Leviamon (his father's possible killer) because if he had, the battle would've resulted in Victory being brutally killed by the Demon Lord of Envy (who as a Mega-level Demon Lord is leagues above VictoryGreymon, a normal Mega-level) just like Palidramon vs Demon.

Speaking of Palidramon/Imperialdramon I am happy that she has finally snapped out of it. She is now starting to realize on what she has done. Her vengeance-filled path nearly placed Victory in a near-death state. Plus her brother ExVeemon is still alive, but we shall cross that bridge once we come to it.

I'm sorry I couldn't leave a review in the previous chapter, but I am going to rectify that mistake. I just want to make sure that I leave a great review every chapter. I'm still working on the review for the previous chapter.
Cosmic Sky chapter 66 . 9/28/2019
...Well...that was...quite a chapter. Opening with Alphamon and Demon exchanging words and blows was an interesting way to start, and you mentioned Imperialdramon's rampage in the background and had Demon comment on it. Admittedly, I'm pretty interested to see how their fight turns out, the strongest of the Royal Knights vs. the angriest of the Seven Deadly Demons. Not that it's going to be good for the surroundings but still.

Then the background event became the main event. And boy was it painful to read. I don't even know if it could be called a fight, well, it sort of was but you of course had Grandis doing most of the fighting with Victory running support. And the two of them just barely surviving a rampaging Imperialdramon Black Fighter Mode. I'm actually glad you had her showing such power thus proving the power of the Imperialdramon species.

I don't know why, but I found that little exchange funny, "What the hell was that?" being meant with a direct answer from Victory, who completely missed the meaning of the question.

Far from it, I'd say Victory is a hero, after all, two chapters ago he got through to Grandis, even after everything he'd done. You don't have to save the world to be a hero, you just have to be able to reach out to a single person and help them up. This chapter showed towards the end they'll do the same to others, and the chain can keep on a minute there, I was admittedly scared he was going to bite the dust, but then Grandis showed how much he cares. Damage so great it exposes his DigiCore, it was a good thing the fight ended in a mutual blow as it did.

One thing I've always admired about Grandis is his will to live, be it good or bad. The ending of this chapter showed that again as it seems like the wild instincts within his X-Antibody that he's been suppressing will be unleashed. What will that bring? I'll be patient and wait so we can see how the rest of the battles going; something tells me the Royal Knights are having it about as rough as Victory and Grandis, some maybe even worse.
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