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jacquelinemueller53 chapter 36 . 4/1/2021
What about NoblePumpkinmon?
Cosmic Sky chapter 90 . 3/6/2021
That was...intense.

First off, the Royal Knights were all depicted as they should have been-cautious and skeptical as hell of one of the enemy bosses telling them he wants to defect to their side. Leviamon’ s offer was...handled incredibly well because in a way I feel you’ve been building up to it. Really, since the start or at least the prelude to the Holy War you’ve shown Leviamon to be the Demon Lords’ butt monkey and how that angered him leading to this moment. You’ve given us the readers enough evidence to believe he really is switching sides unlike the Royal Knights who have no idea what’s going on.

And several brought up this chapter, the turncoat in question is a Demon Lord responsible for millions of Digimon dying or being corrupted. Not to mention Leviamon’s defection is rooted in him not wanting to be anyone else’s lackey, much less the very group he’s spent the last few months fighting against. All of it created a sort of tension that was there throughout the standoff on the beach and was quite enjoyable to read. It delivered on the tension that last chapter set up.

The little banter between Leviamon and the Knights was also enjoyable in its own way, particularly that between him and Dukemon. The former’s reaction to the insinuation that the Demon Lords consider each other friends was another reminder of how opposite the two groups are. Also, it seems like Leviamon may be...taking a liking to Dukemon too. The poor guy really seems to draw the attention of the forces of evil and destruction, doesn’t he?

I’ll admit, I honestly wasn’t expecting Yggdrasil to make an appearance, at least not this...early. Then again, it’s the intuition of the 13th Royal Knight so I guess that’s enough reason to reveal himself. Can’t wait, and I can’t wait to see how this deal with the devil is going to end for the knights...and the devil in question.
graystripe chapter 90 . 3/5/2021
lol, i can easily tell that "dukemon" is going to in charge of everything while alphamon, jesmon and omegamon is away.
Astroliner86 chapter 90 . 2/28/2021
Dangerous games be playing here. Also love how Beelzemon is still openly gushing over wanting to fight Dukemon again and then some.

Makes me think if the knights threw him an offer too...
Navarchu chapter 90 . 2/28/2021
Ah, what a nice chapter, Griff! It seems like the plot is thickening with every new chapter you post. As usual, the prose is right on point, it's very descriptive and detailed, but not enough to the point is distracting me. What I mean is... you're doing a great job with this.

As for the ending... well, it seems like after so many chapters, we finally get to meet Yggdrasil! I'm excited for this part a lot. Mostly because you're very good at making morally gray characters, and I assume Yggdrasil will be one of them. It also makes me curious as to why he waited so long to call them, I almost thought you wouldn't be using him right now, but I guess I'm wrong. Well, as usual, nice job!
Cosmic Sky chapter 89 . 1/26/2021
The expected and the unexpected, that’s how I would describe this chapter and both sides were quite enjoyable.

Leviamon’s treachery continues, and holy crap, is it going beyond what I originally thought. First off, it’s kind of nice seeing Leviamon, a giant sea monster, allying with Dagomon, another giant sea monster albeit a sea monster god/priest. Even though he’s obviously in it for his own gain, Leviamon did make a somewhat sound argument; the Demon Lords are, well, demons, and a deal with them is a deal with a devil that probably won’t end well (even if YOU are a devil yourself). It does raise the question of how cohesive the Demon Lords’ armies are and how they’ll manage conquered territories. Is Leviamon telling the truth? Is he lying? Those were questions I genuinely had while reading that segment and being intrigued by where things were going to go. Leviamon is obviously undermining the group’s hold on Dark Point, which can come back to bite them, and even Leviamon, in the ass hard.

Ah, the Beetle Brothers. I’d say this chapter brought another bit of humanization to them. Yes, they’ve done some truly heinous things, but seeing Blitzmon contemplating and even regretting what had happened showed that he still cares about Grandis, and his calm acceptance of Bolgmon showed that he does care about his brother. I fully agree that Blitzmon and Grandis were the ambitious ones, longing for more while Bolgmon was content with the mercenary life. Neither side is wrong, but I do find myself leaning on the former, they’ve lost everything and if they can get more, Blitzmon and Grandis would be the types to take it, even if it meant crossing some moral lines. Given the level of thinking that both have shown throughout the story, it fits. Bolgmon is another study, being the opposite, but he’s got another side to him. He not only acknowledged he screwed things up, but him having nightmares prove that he’s got some semblance of a conscious and fears, which show he’s more than just a brunt (there were hints of that earlier). Both of them are still walking on thin ice, and something tells me they’ve still got a long journey ahead of them. Given what Leviamon’s getting up to in the background...they better hold onto the Orb of Yang real tight.

Hm, that was an interesting piece of history involving ShineGreymon. The talk between him and TigerVespamon was a nice follow up and mirror to the Beetle Brothers. Having negative thoughts doesn’t necessarily make one a bad person, it just makes them normal, especially after they’ve gone through trauma. All that said, I was a bit peeved when TigerVespamon stated he didn’t know how Grandis became the way he is when Grandis has pretty much spelled out that surviving on the streets was not good for his idealism or sense of morality. Still, it’s clear the talk with ShineGreymon was needed to start get him moving. It feels like TigerVespamon holds himself up to a high standard, and others to a standard, and I feel he needs to start learning that the world simply doesn’t work that way, nor does he have to stop himself from feeling negative emotions like anger or confusion.

Examination Time with Dr. was probably the best part of the chapter! I especially laughed when I read how Jesmon has been tied up...ya’ know, like to keep him from escaping or anything. The Sistermons were funny as ever, especially when Sistermon Noir lamented she couldn’t play big (playful) big sister bully on Jesmon and Sistermon Blanc freaking out and showing how squeamish she is around blood and gore. Oh, and hinting she might have a crush on Magnman. On a more serious note, I like how a comparison was drawn between Jesmon and Gankoomon’s powers.

Alpha on has some...interesting tastes, literally. I was honestly expecting Gankoomon to outright pass out after drinking his...concoction. At least Jesmon was able to give an honest opinion and Alphamon...sorta took it. Maybe some tea next time would be a better choice. Jesmon’ a finally joined the Royal Knights! Albeit as a junior member, but still! That makes 13, the team is finally complete!

And just in time to receive a mysterious offer from the enemy. I knew Leviamon had some treachery in store...but actually going to the Royal Knights? That’s one hell of a betrayal...and a GREAT cliffhanger. As usual, I’ll wait the next chapter (Chapter 90 no less!) to see how this plays out. I highly doubt the Royal Knights are going to just accept Leviamon’s proposition whatever it is...nor is Leviamon going to put all his cards on the table.
cantuhilbiggabriel chapter 89 . 1/26/2021
The beginning part of Leviamon hatch a plan of AGAINST the other Demon Lord with Dagomon had me enthralled. I was shuddering at what plans he was crafting and who he was planning on meeting. Seeing TigerVespamon and SHineGreymon interact and show their less than radiant emotions was quite beautiful. They have flaws they want to move past and that leads them to find ways on dealing with past traumas. The best part however was seeing Tiger finally fist bump and begin moving beyond the death of Angemon. Now the part with Jesmon getting examined made me laugh at the hilarity and tremble at Duskmon's scientific curiosity. Then Gankoomon forcibly dragged Jesmon to Alphamon and I began to vibrate into the Digital World as I realized that Jesmon, one of my all time favorite Digimon, was about to get his greatest dream fulfilled. You made the acceptance better than I could have ever hoped for! The only thing that made it better was Alpha's... "eccentric" tastes in coffee.

Then you went and turned the story into a cliff and pushed me over. I am desperate to see what Leviamon has planned now that his intended target has been the Royal Knights. I am excited to learn more! Excited and scared.

I await your next chapter with bated breath!
cantuhilbiggabriel chapter 88 . 1/14/2021
Let me first say that the entire beginning portion of Jesmon being introduced and everybody acknowledging how far he has come (even Duftmon in so far as someone like him could) made me legitimately happy-squeal. I was giggling like an idiot as everyone finally gave Jesmon the attention he deserves after growing beyond what he once was. And the part with Gankoomon shaking him with horrifying violenece because he was upset he didn't get to see his favorite student evolve to his full potential made me make animal noises.

Alphamon finally revealing why there was a 13th seat made me do a spit-take. I know that canonically Jesmon is a Royal Knight but the way you implemented his judgement for being one was PERFECT!

The part about the failure of a mission (and the pain it caused) did dampen my spirits but the atmosphere still felt very hopeful.

The final part with Dark Point turned my giddy excitement in dim fear. Leviamon is one coniving monster and I am scared of what he has planned
cantuhilbiggabriel chapter 87 . 1/13/2021
The beginning of the end of freedom for Dark Point. Demon is by far a truly scary demon. His tranquil fury of demanding absolute obedience and not tolerating any form of dissent is frightening. I understand Dagomon had to acquiesce but seeing him do so was terrifying.

Then Magnamon admited his part in the rather bad outcomes of the battles felt both worrying and strangely... relatable. The group is in low spirits but they still work hard to try and move on. Jesmon getting used to his body was a tad bit funny and a welcome relief from the terror and despair previously. I liked how DYnasmon and Magnamon are excited to show off Jesmon to his sensei.

The most interesting part however was the interaction between Pail and Grandis. She helped him begin to try and accept what Tiger is going through and he told her more about himself. Then there was that "ship tease." I can't tell whether you intend to let them have a relationship or if you let them be temporarily overwhelmed by emotions. WELL DONE!
cantuhilbiggabriel chapter 86 . 1/13/2021
The battle within this chapter is... BRUTAL. Seeing how the Team Royal worked so hard to prepare Shadow Retreat for the incoming wall of death was heartwarming, as it's nice to see how much they genuinely care about protecting all Digimon. SaviorHackmon getting the opportunity to take on a leadership role was so exhilirating, I legitimately clapped for him. He deserved the promotion!

Then the battle started and everything became a literal Nightmare. Magnamon, once so righteous and careful, sent into a maelstrom of rage against Demon, only to end up beaten blue and red was fairly hard to read. Seeing TigerVespamon turn into an emotionless killing machine was disturbing. Blitzmon and Bolgmon appearing made the whole fight worse as now I saw Tiger and Grandis be consumed by hatred, betrayal, and pain. Grandis refusing to rejoin his old friends because he wants to try and become better honestly surprised me and gave me hope he'll become better. The he is nearly killed by Bolg. Tiger finalylet go of his anger and I had to actually stop reading because you wrote his terror and pain at the thought of losing his brother so beautifully.

However, the best part was seeing Savior face Demon. The sheer terror of a weakling having to face what is for all intents and purposes, a demonic god, shook me to my core yet even still, Savior digivolved into Jesmon and saved Grandis'es life.

This story has now become the single greatest piece of Digimon medium for having such wonderful, believable, and honestly "real" characters and scenarios!
luck-lugia chapter 89 . 1/12/2021
that's why you shouldn't treat the lord of envy like shit.

and alphamon's speech about adulthood hit me very hard because I finished school and I'm about to get a job
Guest chapter 89 . 1/11/2021
well that was an interesting chapter...your description of Alphamon putting a bit of fish in coffee definitely had the intended effect of being gross it even made me gag and I knew he was going to see the royal knights, I honestly also think Leviamon's feelings towards the other demon lords is also more than just his vice of envy what with them first using him as a shield, then at another point I'm pretty sure they assigned the blame of a failed fight to him even though he had done everything he was told(I'm not entirely sure on this second one I will have to check the past chapter) and the way they consider him nothing more than a beast anyone would eventually abandon their allies if they acted that way towards them
Navarchu chapter 89 . 1/10/2021
As usual, another great chapter from you, Griff. One small comment: you spelled "I can still HERE you" instead of "HEAR" during that scene with Blitz, Bolg and Devidramon.

Anyway, it's been a long time, but you finally updated! I'm always excited to read your chapters, this one was by no means an exception. That scene with TigerVespamon and ShineGreymon was so GOOD. You really showed your skill, that interaction felt different, since everyone was telling Vespa that he should forgive his brother. With that in mind, I think ShineGreymon had the best advice, and I also feel sorry for him, didn't think he was an orphan. Short, but effective scene.

Jesmon receiving the news he is now a Royal Knight was so well done! After YEARS he's finally achieving his dream, I'm so happy for him, and the coffee scene made me laugh, like all the other ones. This running gag of Alphamon not knowing how to brew coffee is funny, I wonder if somebody's gonna call him out on this...

The chapter ended with Leviamon showing up again, a proposition? This is bound to be interesting. As always, keep your good work!
Lucario765GWrites chapter 88 . 1/2/2021
A wonderful chapter honestly and it was heartwarming too!

Seeing all the Royal Knights' reactions to Jesmon was very interesting!
The teacher-student relationship between Gankoomon and Hackmon- Jesmon is wholesome. It was pretty funny too (including on how the other knights reacted to the scene of Gankoomon being happy).
I do highly agree on the idea of having Jesmon as a junior Royal Knight, rather than him becoming an actual one. Having him still continue as a recruit will help (that he'll continue to learn). Can't wait to see him training with the Royal Knights. Wether Craniamon or Gankoomon trains with him first in battle perhaps or even if it's someone else, that will be also curious yet interesting to see. (I'd guess Gankoomon at the moment, for it being a teacher vs student battle first though, but guess I'll have to wait and see.)
In the future, I think it will be also very interesting to see on how Jesmon's friends will react when he officially becomes the thirteenth member of the Royal Knights...

Alphamon learning from the past (of when he picked Examon and so on) is great too, which the same can be technically said for everyone else. The struggles back then were kinda rough for the whole group. Everyone learns from the past and helping to grow.

It's highly understandable for both Examon and Dukemon to keep their own personal matters a secret... For now, for the time being, I think. Pretty sure that Examon will refuse and there will be a different Digimon being the new military commander, which is what the UDC will decide. (And respecting Examon's decision.)
As for Dukemon... The Digital Hazard might be something else for him as the story continues. Knowing what it is, I'm worried about what problems it might cause in the future... (And since he and Megidramon are technically speaking, not the only Digimon to have it. But for their case, it's different, I believe.)

Looks like that Leviamon is the on move.. that will be very interesting for the next chapters. Leviamon's actions might cause something for the other Demon Lords... For surely as I said earlier, it'll be interesting.
Again, a wonderful chapter!
Clearwing Yuta chapter 87 . 1/1/2021
Great chapter! Any chance you will bring Quartzmon into this story?
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