Reviews for Redmond Diaries -the second year
DianaStorm09 chapter 2 . 1/2/2015
Did I pick up on why Nettie was so popular, you are asking!? LOL, I'm seriously doing the math in my head now if shy Billie Andrews put the bun in the oven, for lack of a better expression, or if maybe Arty Gillis may have been "involved". Anne could write a soap opera with that material!

Another wonderful chapter of yours, I loved the fire in Pris, and in Di-Di and Fred-Fred ;) Have a great weekend, my friend!
YorkshireTeaDrinker chapter 2 . 1/2/2015
No deep insights or indepth criticism to offer. Just wanted to let you know that I am following with appreciation and enjoyment. Lovely to read fan fiction that is so cleverly attuned to the fiction that made us fans!
JennWithAPenn chapter 2 . 1/2/2015
I love how you intertwine a theme through a whole chapter, and I enjoy getting Anne's take as opposed to Priss/Diana's. I enjoy the ever-increasing Anne/Gil parallels woven throughout, first with Priss' comment about Persuasion, and then of course with Anne's story. You are a clever one! And bringing Anne down to earth is quite the task isn't it? I should know, I'm up to my eyeballs in that very goal ;) I loved Priss' take on the story... you have really given her a voice of her own. And poor thing, and her encounter with Nate. I wanted to cheer when she kicked him, good riddance! Reputations being ruined... am I reading this the wrong way (I might be) or did Nate have to marry Lottie for similar reasons as one Nettie Blewett might find herself needing a quickie wedding? Not sure if I got that one right?

Leave it to Anne to become lost in her story, even if we all know how that feels sometimes. Diana was very gracious about it, even though she was clearly rather annoyed. I love Diana's take on the unwholesome qualities of Guide to Gentlemen... that was just like her, wanting to do what is right. Although speaking of propriety... Fred's face buried in her shirtwaist, ooh la la! Now what would Anne have to say about that? But of course my favorite was her comment afterwards of feeling quite soggy. And ooh, so *that* is why the boys were all sweet on Nettie Blewett? She sounds like a bundle of fun, if you know what I mean ;) And as for the brides being made mothers in six months, not nine, well I'm glad I'm not the only one who has read that... it certainly was a much higher number than people cared to admit. Well we will see if Diana can hold out ;)

And of course, the most emotional entry in this ch was Anne's... absolutely heartbreaking. And just when I thought things were already bad, they made her wear the clothes for the rest of the day, and that was the worst part. But that all just makes me wonder how many similar experiences does she hold in her memory, that she does not tell anyone about? And after all these years it certainly does affect her, in the way her rejection now brought that memory to the surface. We often like to forget about her troubled past. I commiserated when she said she felt that she, herself, had been rejected. After putting my all into a chapter, getting a flame is the worst. Very emotional entry, Katherine, beautiful!

Well, it was either Christine or he was twenty-five the first time he kissed a girl. Poor boy... shoulda gone for Hattie. She was a classy lady... she wouldn't have told! Okay, long review...
Amybf19 chapter 2 . 1/2/2015
Oh such in to read the inner most thoughts, especially of the engaged Diana! ;)
wishwars chapter 1 . 1/1/2015
I'm so excited you're continuing this series! I'm not looking forward to the stuff about Ruby - you're going to tear my heart out, I just know it - but I always a glimpse into Gilbert's mind ;) Thank you!
DianaStorm09 chapter 1 . 1/1/2015
Katherine, thank you so much for continuing the story! Of course, you're off to a strong start.

The way Anne describes the writing process of Averil's Atonement rings so true, it mirrors my own thought processes when I'm writing. For her own sake I wish she had not just dismissed the question why Percival was so skilled in baking, but heck, it made Rawling's Reliable Baking Powder Company very happy :) As usual, you included those little brilliant details, like the wicked grin and hazel eyes of the villain. Or Anne protecting the virtue of her heroine by putting her into a Rapunzel tower - gosh, reading Anne's thought process is so much fun!

On to Gilbert: It was interesting to learn that Arty Gillis wanted to marry Nettie Blewett, wow, the young woman was more popular than LMM would make us think. Gilbert's recollection of the almost kiss with Ruby was interesting, as I did wonder how an attractive, young man like him kept his natural desires in check all those times he walked with a pretty girl like Ruby. The fact that a kiss would have become Avonlea gossip makes perfect sense, as Ruby certainly liked to flaunt her long list of beaus. Gilbert is thankfully very wise, I love the last sentence you use here!

I like how both Anne and Gilbert both bring up Ruby, but of course, Ruby's own words are the saddest ones to read. You did an awesome job putting down on paper how Ruby seems to ignore her seriousness of her condition, but in-between the lines, especially towards the end of the entry, your heart just breaks for Ruby as she finally reaches the insight that life is short and that there's still so much for her to achieve.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/1/2015
Hurry the crap up and post the second chapter!
Bertha Willis chapter 1 . 1/1/2015
I'm so glad to see that you're continuing this already! Anne's enthusiasm was palpable in her entry, as was the hilarity of her story. I did love how the "rogue" of the story - the one everyone who reads the story ends up liking better - had a "wicked grin and hazel eyes that seem to bore right into her."
Ruby's entry was so heartbreaking: the denial, the desire to grow up and have her own life. The portion about having the prettiest babies - ah, so sad.
Gilbert's entry, though, was my favorite, as usual. You certainly have a way of getting his voice and thoughts just beautifully. I'm glad he didn't interrupt Anne's story planning, for his own sake and hers. I especially liked how he can't explain the reasons for his love for Anne and realizes how much easier it would have been if he could have made himself fall for someone else. And the almost-kiss with Ruby was gorgeous.
InsubFreak chapter 1 . 12/31/2014
Feel really grateful that you are doing the 2nd year of this story/book. I can’t wait! You are off to a find start.
I loved your reference to ‘The Goose Girl’. Just went for a wander in the park a few hours ago and thought of that story when I saw a flock of geese being ‘herded’ by a lady with some white bread. I also loved the ‘blossom laden branches seem to bow when Averil walks in the Avenue aka The White Way of Delight.
I think you captured how much Anne is in love with language and nature. Oh and I didn’t miss that her hero has hazel eyes. I enjoyed Anne’s thoughts of Mathew and Ruby – very authentic.
As for Gilbert (whom is still clinging to her scarf from the last story in my mind), I’m glad he enjoys being snubbed by Pyes. The words about seeing sky vs. Forever was very romantic. I loved the part where he spied Anne in the graveyard while she used ‘every word in the English language’. Reminded me of movie #2 when he watched her dancing.
I also like that the girls ‘once took every brook and hollow to be their own concert hall.’ And later, the rose-water candy scene showed Gilbert’s budding wisdom (and ambition). What a beautiful bit of writing.
Some of Anne has rubbed off on Ruby after all. Her denial and fantasy hurts to read.
Alinyaalethia chapter 1 . 12/31/2014
Oh don't I sympathise with Anne. The number of times I have walked the floor saying 'that explains X away but not why Y and Z should also be true or even plausible -what if...' Only I always end by unpicking and beginning again.

Gilbert was wonderful. I do hope someone's told him jam is only worth the effort when made up in great vats:) All the same I gloried in his reflections on everyone - the names of the colours Dianna was choosing between, Anne's writing ( that line about Percival being done away with courtesy of overwritten prose was a gem), and of course that almost-kiss with Ruby. It was all very well done.

But then Tuby herself, after all that humour and lightness didn't you bring me back to earth. Ruby must know, of course she does, that she is dying by inches - but how much worse to watch other people knowing the same snd supposing she doesn't. And the way she realises, in these little efforts to go on living, the lace and the silk and the blood that wouldn't wash out, but more than that, her determination to really live, and go to White Sands, to have a bit of freedom. I'm perversely glad I know ahead how that dream ends or I should be so many nerves reading it going to pieces.
Edkchestnut chapter 1 . 12/31/2014
Well, I certainly understand why so many people thought Anne was trying to write a comedy. Too bad for poor Ruby, hopefully she'll be able to come to terms with her illness before the end. Maybe you should let Anne know about Gilbert's attempts to see her and let us hear her thoughts on that. I do believe she would still be jealous even though she knows Ruby is dying. Great job. I hope you can post, again, soon.
KatherineBrooke chapter 1 . 12/30/2014
I was so thoroughly delighted to see a new story from you. Much sooner than I expected. Loved hearing how Anne goes about trying to write her story, she seems so young and immature still. I also enjoyed Gilbert catching glimpses of it. Seems it endears her more to him, although Anne would be absolutely furious and embarrassed if she knew Gilbert were there. Great start to the second year. Really looking forward to this!
JennWithAPenn chapter 1 . 12/30/2014
So much to love about this start, Katherine. Might I start with Anne, of course. I simply loved her thinking through her story-it reminded me of myself whenever I am writing, what with how to get *him* into her room, is this word too conceited, is that word too boring, etc etc. And Anne's creativity in thinking up her plot only speaks to your own creativity, of course! I love that Averil chose her own name, and I loved all of the phrases that Gilbert Blythe would surely call "highfaluting mumbo jumbo." Oh, and I quite appreciated the connection you made between the villain and another certain someone. How dare he attempt to keep Averil from the dark, dashing hero? ;)

And of course my favorite line of Gilbert's was "I had to stop myself from crying out that if Percival had to listen to such a speech, Maurice could have dispatched him ten times over." Have I mentioned how much I love, love, love the voice you give to Gilbert? You have him smack down perfect and I envy you-for all the thousands of words I've written about Gilbert I am in awe of that perfect tone you put into him. Intelligent, with heaps of good sense, a touch of humor, a hint of poetry... and even then I can't put my finger on it. And then the story of the almost-kiss with Ruby. It wouldn't have been so bad if he did kiss her, both you and I have explored that, although she certainly wouldn't have kept quiet about it. So who HAS he kissed then, hmm Katherine? I would very much like to know... And Ruby, oh sweet Ruby. It is so sad, because the symptoms are clear... and although she is trying so hard to deny it, you can tell in every word she writes that deep down she senses her own eminent fate... that last paragraph, in particular, was heart breaking. You're off to a great start. Go for it, my friend. Wow me!
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