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Alinyaalethia chapter 10 . 3/11/2015
What beautiful and spare writing. It does make sense, painful hard to read sense, but it does make sense. Anne's entry beginning 'I had no choice...' was everything I had hoped you would say -only I hadn't realised how few words you could say it in. You felt the ache and the unhappiness of both of them, every word in the right place and never a word too many.

As for continuing, I hope you do. I know you have lots of other ideas whirling around, so by all means take a bit of breathing space and give one of those an airing first, but you must come back to this. Not to would be wrong, because yes, I want to read about Anne falling into love with Roy, Gilbert watching, Christine...I don't pretend this will be happy reading but have you forgotten my deep love of Hardy? His Tess remains one of my favourites, one of the books I'd rescue from a fire without thinking, and if that isn't unbearable...besides, what a better way to further explore the courage we need to love than to write about the hurt it can cause, and how we can go on loving anyway, in spite of that. But I meant what I said earlier too, you write whatever you feel compelled to write next. It won't stop me crossing my fingers though:) And brava on a story well told!
Guest chapter 10 . 3/11/2015
Your writing is incredible! You make all the voices so distinct and in character :) I would love for you to continue the story, reading Roy's perspective would be so funny! Thanks for writing!
GoDons chapter 10 . 3/10/2015
I always hated this part in the made me feel like crying every time. I concur with the reviewers' thoughts must write a sequel, but combine years 3 and 4, as another reviewer suggested, covering only the key moments. Roy Gardner is a bore and Christine even worse. Many thanks for another terrific story :)
Guest chapter 10 . 3/10/2015
Please continue! This is a wonderful story- I always wanted to see Anne's adventures from other perspectives and now I can. You write every character so well. Please, finish AOTI at least!
DianaStorm09 chapter 10 . 3/10/2015
Great job throughout the whole story, and just like in "Call to Arms", you end with such a strong chapter that leaves your readers wanting more, more, more. I loved how the last few chapters build to the moment for Gilbert to propose. I like the idea that he hadn't planned it, that it sprang out of fear because of her heading to Bolingbroke. I always wondered why he chose that particular time to propose, and you made it very plausible.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can't wait to read your next story :)
KatherineBrooke chapter 10 . 3/10/2015
First of all, you did a splendid job with this story. This chapter, with all the raw emotion and honesty is breathtaking to read. You know all the ins and outs of the Anne books which shows in the little details (the dress, the newspaper office….). Yes, it was heartbreaking, but lovely just the same to see the absolute love with which Gilbert feels for Anne. Even lovely to see how it breaks Anne too, for it's this that gives us all a glimpse of just how deep her feelings are. She's not a superficial creature just out for a good time. They are both beautiful souls deserving of each other, they just need to find their way. To answer your question. Yes, I really DO want the rest of the story. Because it's just not right to leave it off here… it can't be. Even if you combine years 3 & 4, that's ok. LMM doesn't go into a whole ton of detail those last two years anyway. But yes, Roy and Christine are integral parts of the story too, and yes, I think we all need to read about them. And yes, I think it would make a good story. Yes, I want to see Gilbert watch. I guess I just want to see it all. Because I know how it ends up, and I especially want (need) to see that. Awesome job!
Astrakelly chapter 10 . 3/10/2015
Ah the heartbreak:( I see your point, maybe just a series of one shots from each of the diaries to end it, like a shot for when Anne realizes she loves Gil or a oneshot for Phil when she falls for Jonas?

Whatever you end up doing I'm sure it will be really good, can't wait to read it whatever and whenever that may be
mountainrivergirl chapter 10 . 3/10/2015
I loved it. It was the perfect blend of Anne being intentionally unaware of her own heart while the rest of her words give it away. And Gilbert's blend of heartbreak, exhaustion and anger at both Anne and himself was totally believable.

I also think you could continue this, without making it too much of a downer. I agree that t would be if we're constantly reading heartbreak and delusion about Roy. I think there are two options that wouldn't be too depressing: either skip ahead in time until Anne and Gilbert are closer to reuniting, or you could continue without skipping anything, but not write from Gil or Anne's perspective, at least not during the most painful scenes. I hope you keep going in some way!
Lilies of Avonlea chapter 10 . 3/10/2015
Oh this was heartbreaking. The choppy lines just ate at me! I wish there was some entry from fill in this chapter. SHE would have found something the tiniest bit comical or ironic...
Bertha Willis chapter 10 . 3/10/2015
I was wrong - you didn't make me cry. I almost wish you had, though, because the ache this chapter caused is almost worse! I think it might even be worse than the first time I read the book, though I'm reaching pretty far back to compare the two. Oh, Katherine, it was perfect, just perfect. I really can't imagine how you could improve upon it.
First, the symmetry you created in this was beautiful. This may sound ridiculous, but as I read this, especially the post-proposal entries, I kept imagining a movie with a sad music montage, where you see each of them try to move on. And, I loved the return of heavenly lone iris by Gilbert and the inadvertent lone iris comment from Anne.
I loved their thoughts about each other at the ball and how Anne was thisclose to seeing Gilbert differently.
Their incoherence in the aftermath also was sooooo good. I don't think anything else could have conveyed the emotions and confusion two people in such a situation would have. It was poignant and painful and perfect. How's that for alliteration!
I loved the addition of Gilbert moving. To me, that makes it so much more heart wrenching for Anne - not only to lose a friend but to have no means of reconciliation, as if there would have been a way at that point, and also to feel like he was just -gone-. It also helps show why Anne never simply wrote to him, though I always chalked that up to her feeling like he didn't want her as a friend anyway so why bother (or some Victorian-era etiquette). These lines just killed me: "He can't love me. He can't. If he did, he would never put me through this."
And I loved Gilbert's reflections that he had screwed it up and let his fear of losing her take precedence over everything else.
So, in summary, this was heart breaking and felt so authentic and real that I felt like I was mourning for real people rather than just characters in a story (a story that I've read so many times that I certainly shouldn't be feeling this strongly about it anymore - but that's how good you are).
As to whether you will pick up the next two years of the story - I hope you do it eventually. I can understand needing a break, especially after those last few chapters. But there is sooooo much there in those two years. So, here are some reasons I think you should do it:
a) How Phil's changes. That alone would be beautiful - to see if she drops the Ochre Notebook altogether or if that part of her stays alive even after she falls for Jo.
b) Anne's real thoughts about Roy. (Because even in the book, it didn't take very long before she was showing some definite doubts or at the very least meh-type feelings over him.)
c) Anne's jealousy over Christine and Gilbert's over Roy (We saw so little of Gilbert's feelings in that time that there is a ton to expand on).
d) I feel like some Roy entries could be great.
e) Christine's, too.
f) DIANA AND FRED POST-WEDDING ENTRIES! and pre-wedding entries for that matter.
g) Anne getting the necklace from Gilbert.
h) Gilbert sending the necklace.
Anon chapter 10 . 3/10/2015
RD3 is a MUST.
Lahiwe chapter 10 . 3/10/2015
I have not posted a review before, but I wanted to ask if you've ever thought of publishing this diary series? I'm sure that the copyright on the original series has expired, as the books are available for free online, and people often publish sequels to works in the public domain. These diaries have been incredible, a true gift to Anne-fans, and I am sure they would bring great joy if shared with a wide audience.

Also, I really hope you continue the series, though I definitely understand that it might be too taxing on you as a writer. I can barely get through that part, and I'm just reading! Whatever you decide, I will cherish the gift you've provided!
Edkchestnut chapter 10 . 3/10/2015
Oh my God, yes, you have to continue with the rest of the story. I think it would be a crying shame for you to stop, now. Please continue. As to how you did, superb, as always. I love how you put in Anne's pining for him after the disaster. I love how he was almost incoherent. I would love to see jealous Gilbert over Roy and jealous Anne over Christine. I would love to see Phil change because of Jo. Also, we have to have Anne and Gil finally get together. I can imagine a lot of humor in Gilbert's snark toward Roy and Anne's toward Christine. Also, imagine chapter's from their friends' points of view as they worry over what went wrong. Or the chapter where Anne meets Roy's family, hilarious, especially how Anne realizes she prefers Gilbert's mother. Please don't stop, now, it would be too cruel.
Lovenarnia chapter 10 . 3/10/2015
I know that the next installment won't be fun...but it IS more Anne and Gilbert, and even Charlie Sloane. It's more of them that isn't written already, that isn't written down in this delightful style of the diaries. I would love to see Anne's thoughts on Roy unconsciously mirrored and transposed by Gilbert's thoughts.

I can't speak for everyone who reads your fanfiction, but I do know this: AoGG fanfiction, when well-written, makes the books come more alive. Whether an AoGG story is heart-breaking or not, it's a good story: one that lots of us do want to read.
KatherineBrooke chapter 9 . 3/8/2015
Oh, I'm a glutton for punishment I guess, but I'd like to hear about the aftermath from both Anne and Gilbert's perspective. Now for this chapter…. I love how you are able to write about the everyday things, keeping it very real yet so interesting. Anne stuck up in her room while Gilbert is downstairs, oh, poor Anne… poor Gilbert. And yet if he put two and two together I imagine that he would understand and not feel too bad about it. Still feel for the poor guy. And what a thoughtful gift, even if she hasn't been completely honest with him. And Jimsie! What a delightful job you've done with that character! You really are impressive with your ability to take a character and so perfectly place them and write in their voice. And you've done it so consistently with so many a character. Looking forward to the next chapter (yes, even though I know what's coming). I suppose I'm assuming that you're taking on years 3 and 4 as well? Because you can't leave off on THAT note!
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