Reviews for Breaking In
Carpathian Princess chapter 43 . 7/20
Very good
hevelinchris chapter 43 . 7/20
What a chapter! God! This ending left me speechless. I'm sure Henry sir won't be against their relationship but he knowing about what Robin did turns everything difficult.
once.upon.a.oncer chapter 43 . 7/19
I. Hate. Cliffhangers.
Kirst614 chapter 43 . 7/19
Omg please update really soon after that one we need to know what happens next! Wonderful writing as always can’t wait for more!
Savysnape7 chapter 43 . 7/19
Oh shit!
maxiefae chapter 43 . 7/19
Man do I love Henry senior
Ghost of Harrenhal chapter 43 . 7/19
You know those proposal videos on youtube, when the guy pops the question and the girl does that fast, surprised, high pitched intake of breath and puts her hand on her chest - thats me getting the email notification for this
Yazzy1296 chapter 43 . 7/19
I have missed these two so much! Loved this chapter, but the end has me stressing. Can’t wait to read the next part! (Just an expression. I can definitely wait. Please don’t stress yourself out trying to get it to us. Hope your hiatus was relaxing!)
All.The.Stories.Are.True.24601 chapter 43 . 7/19
Perfect as always, I can barely wait for the next instalment
dee-thequeenbee chapter 43 . 7/19
Oh for fuck's sake. This was unbelievable and rude. Now I appreciate how you wrote this chapter and I'll forever love how your sneaky self has placed a quiet domestic moment just before dropping the bomb but fuck. I knew there had to be some kind of price to pay to get half the chapter sooner. Daaaamn I think I screamed and I was so not ready for this, like can you even imagine? Old bat Cora suggesting Robin's name maybe and Henry like nah fam he's got a kid and an English accent lmaoo what a mess! We just can't get a moment of peace innit. Also omg poor Robin let him have a cookie. This chapter was amazing and my congrats for leaving me on the edge of my seat.
phoenixshine chapter 43 . 7/19
Here I was, minding my own business, reading one of my fave fanfics at work, awwwwing internally at Robin and Regina's small domestic moment with John, laughing my ass out (also internally, lol) at him catching them mid-action yet again, but saying nothing about it, trying to calm my tits at Robin and Regina's sensual flirting and make out session, and then tearing up at the most sincere and beautiful exchange between Regina and her father... AND YOU HAD TO GO THERE? JUST AS I THOUGHT EVERYTHING WAS GOING TO BE OK? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH OIHANOIDMAWPOAOWFO,!
Ok, I like Henry Sr. so much, and for some reason I don't see him as a threat to Robin at all. And in fact, I'm getting the sense he knows exactly what he's talking about and what the possibilities are that Robin was indeed related to the robbery at his home... but I think he also feels he owes his daughter a chance at happiness with someone that makes her happy, especially when he let her mother dictate her (and his) life for so long and making her miserable. So, after talking it out a bit, I am certain he won't harm them... but then again, that's my opinion, NOT YOUR TWISTED MIND THAT WANTS TO TORTURE MY POOR HEART WITH DOUBT TILL THE NEXT UPDATE AND GOD KNOWS TILL THE MOMENT OF TRUTH! oooooooohhh I'm anxious, I'M ANXIOUS YOU HEAR ME!? *faints dramatically*
BerrieFruit chapter 1 . 7/19
JLC63 chapter 43 . 7/18
You are so f***ing evil for the ending this chapter right there. Do no make us wait six months to find out what happens next. I’ve been reading this in installments for years now just to get to this moment of truth.
AmongstEmeraldClouds chapter 43 . 7/18
Oh my God! YES to everything that chapter was and did! Even down to that last part, it was absolutely brilliant! Seeing Regina carefree (ish?) with Robin warms my heart and even though that conversation with her dad kinda queued MY anxiety, it feels like things are set into motion and I'm glad and anticipation. Also. Roland's describing his escapades made me laugh so hard I honestly owe you one! *blows you a kiss*
jadelyn2 chapter 43 . 7/18
love this story! Henry senior is one smart cookie. was so looking forward to their sexy weekend but of course we needed more hiccups till then...can't wait for your next chapter!
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