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Guest chapter 15 . 10/19
That Kagome Higurashi's nothing but a disgrace to real heroines everywhere.
Kagome haters chapter 15 . 10/19
Kagome stomped into her house and threw her backpack on the ground.
Guest chapter 15 . 10/10
Writer's block?
Guest chapter 15 . 10/10
(Sighing): It's been last two months, hasn't it?
Guest chapter 15 . 10/10
Inuyasha and Kagome would've remained single in canon, especially at the end of series and in sequel. Fuck Rumiko Takahashi.
Guest chapter 15 . 10/10
"Kagome's been acting like a brat lately."
Uruz 11 chapter 15 . 9/6
So sorry for taking so long to submit a review for your latest chapter.

Azusa certainly is empty headed and egotistical, only thinking of herself or of how power and strength can be used to harm or intimidate others, I'm glad that Ayame and the demon slayers attempted to set her straight even though that female wolf demon wasn't fully ready to understand the seriousness of the dangerous situation in regards to the Kasuga's curse, but every person learns at their own pace so Azusa will eventually come around or so everybody hopes.

Nice to see Kaname and Kagome staying calm while riding back to Kaede's village with Inuyasha and Kikyo on Momo's back. I have no doubt that both modern era girls are trying to keep any jealous or angry thoughts towards each other in check with so many lives at risk from Naraku and his evil allies, that along with the demon slayers who are suffering from the Kasuga curse, especially Sango who's undergone a temporary transformation into a hideous and horrifying demonic monster.

Inuyasha might still be short tempered, a little impatient and always ready to fight, but at least he's slowly growing accustomed to use words instead of fists to settle differences between himself and others, he's come a very long way thanks to his travels with all of his friends from the Feudal era and the Modern era. I'm looking forward to see Inuyasha's fully mature which will likely happen when the time comes for him to choose between Kaname and Kagome even though that's another problem altogether and won't be resolved until much later sometime after Michiru's recovery and Sango's recovery have been fully completed first.

Shippo's also showing maturity as well, he's not the same fox demon who normally whines and cries for Kagome to intervene on his behalf by punishing Inuyasha with her sit commands for punching him in the head for one reason or another. I'm glad he's realized his errors and is also taking the opportunity to act as a mediator in order to help others make amends and move on, Shippo discussing Kakuju's past with Kurogasa being one such example until they were interrupted by Sesshomaru's sudden appearance. Shippo's going to have to get tougher in order to help everybody face dangerous threats, evil enemies and other such obstacles, especially now while Michiru and Sango are temporarily unable to fight and Kagome's left to go train with Kikyo in order to focus on improving her skills and abilities as a priestess who can see and purify jewel shards.

Rin, her imagination is undoubtedly overcome with awe, wonder and excitement after seeing a flying boat levitating towards her, she's such a cute and innocent child. Jaken never fails to stray from character, always being a big mouth by talking down to Rin and assuming that anyone approaching Sesshomaru is only looking to cause trouble for his Lord, Jaken certainly plays the role of Lord Sesshomaru's trusted servant and loyal vassal without any flaws...except for his big mouth of course.

Wow! I never thought I'd see Sesshomaru give verbal compliments to a demon slayer, I would have thought Sesshomaru views most humans with contempt except for Rin, but then again...Sesshomaru's only goal is to fight the strongest and most formidable beings in existence so it would make sense to at least acknowledge any warriors or opponents who can hold their own in battle or fight without showing any hint of fear.
So Sesshomaru could sense that Kurogasa and Michiru are related by blood and belong to the same family even though they are both separated by many generations spanning four hundred or five hundred years.

Shippo, the demon slayers and all the inhabitants of Tsuzumi village are very lucky that Sesshomaru gave them an ultimatum along with time to move the wreckage of the jet somewhere away from the village to protect the people, hopefully the demon slayers can avoid a fight with Sesshomaru because they are needed for fighting other demons, and possibly Naraku's allies and incarnations.

Haruna, still scheming behind the scenes for her own personal agenda, if she keeps this up, she's going to walk the same destructive path that the dark priestess Tsubaki went down until she met her demise long ago before Naraku resurrected her. I certainly hope she doesn't cause trouble for Daisuke and Kurogasa by accidentally derailing things while Sesshomaru is around, the last thing Tsuzumi village needs is a fight to break out between Sesshomaru and everybody else because of Haruna's stupidity and greed.

Glad to see that Inuyasha, Momo and the girls arrived safely at Kaede's village, interesting that the statue can heal soreness and fatigue simply by being touched by the person in need of recovery. Nice that Kagome is thinking of others by suggesting that the statue can be used to heal Kaede's injured eye which is no longer usable, but Kikyo's right in saying that the statue has to be kept secret, carefully guarded and safely hidden from others, especially since Haruna and Naraku would want possession of it along with all the other Shikigami statues that belong to the Kururugi clan.

I guess Kagome couldn't put her inner thoughts and feelings aside forever, as painful as it is for the reborn priestess to see Inuyasha side by side with Kaname, its her own fault in the end. She had plenty of chances to build a relationship with the half demon protagonist of the series long, long before Kaname Kururugi entered into their lives. Perhaps Kagome thought that Kikyo was her only competition and became overconfident that she'd win Inuyasha's affection in the end since she's a living person who accompanies Inuyasha while she's in the Feudal era and Kikyo is alone and no longer truly alive. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Inuyasha resolves the love triangle that he and the girls are involved in, hopefully Kagome will acknowledge the fact that Inuyasha choose Kaname instead of her and moves should be easy for her since Koga, feudal era and modern era Hojo are still attracted to Kagome.

Oh! What an unexpected surprise! Kagome's brother Sota is there to welcome her and the others back at Kaede's village. Ha! Inuyasha's always got a nose and an appetite for food, but he's half dog demon so it only makes sense that he's hungry and ready to eat since there's no telling when his next meal will turn up or if he'll go hungry for a while given how primitive and harsh the living conditions of Feudal Japan are.

And Sota's not alone either! Janis from Inuyasha Secret of the Divine Jewel is also here too! This is going to be great! All of them will have plenty of catching up to do and lots of stories to tell each other as well, that should help give Kagome some joyful moments when she's not training with Kikyo. I'm so happy that Sota finally gets to visit Feudal Japan too, I felt that he's one of many side characters who sadly gets overlooked and ignored in the main Inuyasha series, he'd be another good friend for Inuyasha and someone that the half demon can count on since Sota doesn't have any bad flaws or temper tantrums like his older sister Kagome.

Kirara is also a character who has so much potential but isn't given what she deserves, she isn't just a feline demon cat that fights demonic foes and gives her human companions a ride on her back, she also has feelings and needs of her own. I've often felt sorry for Kirara because she cares for her human comrades, especially Sango, Kohaku and Michiru. But she can't speak or interact with them as ordinary humans do and therefore, many of her feelings and emotions aren't noticed by them and are therefore bottled up inside of her which only creates another heavy burden for Kirara to bear. I'm immensely glad that in your story, Kirara can verbally speak as a human and even transform into one as well, such advantages in the possession of one as fierce and loyal as Kirara would go a very long way towards helping Sango to recover from the Kasuga's curse and also bringing about Naraku's defeat once and for all.

Very interesting, and horrifying to witness critical events of the past involving Michiru's ancestors and the ancestors of the Jun Clan which created the Kasuga curse and set the stage for generations of demon slayers to suffer from the same fate which Sango herself is plagued with trying to overcome deep within her very own body and soul. Sometimes in any story whether its fiction or real, there are no winners or losers, there are only survivors. All most of us can do is survive each day, one hour at a time, never knowing when or whether life with change for the better or for the worse...until that very moment has thrust itself upon us and we have no way of running from it. I sincerely hope that Michiru, Sango and Kirara have some tender moments together so that the feelings they show can give joy and strength that can be shared by all three of them until each of them has recovered from their inner demons and other challenging hardships that the Feudal era throws in front of them.

Thank you so much for another chapter in such a wonderful and adventurous story.
Anti Love Hate chapter 2 . 8/12
The canon show itself/movies it-selves would've been better off without Kagome and Inuyasha's toxic relationship.
IrishKatana chapter 15 . 8/3
Well hopefully Michiru wakes up soon and hopefully they can avoid a fight with Sesshomaru. And now they have another old friend and ally in Janis to help.
Jetty1 chapter 15 . 8/3
Another good chapter. I hope you're doing okay, what with COVID and all that.

BTW, if you haven't, I HIGHLY recommend getting and playing Ghost of Tsushima. I won't spoil it but I will say that it really captures the beauty of Feudal Japan, it's like Titanic in that it tells a fictional story within an actual historical event. It may even inspire an additional idea or two for this story.
Guest chapter 4 . 8/3
Kagome and Inuyasha - Another toxic relationship
J4RRE77 chapter 15 . 8/3
I was surprised there was no Sango moment anywhere in this chapter. I propose next chapter that you make Sango see Michiru thrashing about in fear in his sleep as she coaxes him to stop dreaming of war and senseless violence, and start dreaming something soothing, peaceful, and relaxing.
Guest chapter 7 . 8/3
It's about time Kagome gets told off.
Raidentensho chapter 15 . 8/3
very nice. hmm, so will there soon be a cut away to Miroku finding the first artifact then running into another of the Byakko artifacts? also wonder if the soup will somehow give Kaede her youth back and her missing eye? maybe it will also speed up the growth of those still growing to be fit as possible as well. now that would be something else as well. though something tells me that if they do indeed reach their physical peak the purification would go a lot smoother as well. plus i'm sure that any passive toxins will also be purged causing the girls to love it even more with the benefit of clearer skin as a result. though, i also wonder if the White Dog statue would've been used on Michiru's ritual he is undergoing would speed it up a bit, maybe even Sango's to give her a bit of a boost to make the transition smoother so she can switch between each form quickly and without strain. looking forward to more. this will be epic. until then, later!
TheEmeraldMage chapter 15 . 8/3
It is ok because even I am having some trouble with writing my story and I just got through with writing the list of things I want the chapter to have which will be the final chapter in one story arc. This virus situation is making things more harder on everyone. As for this chapter, so many things were happening like Azusa actually being a little bit more nicer and understanding? I guess the sight of a demon Slayer transforming into a demon can do that, even on the most prideful of demons. Also, the history behind the curse was fascinating, since maybe someday, they will have control over it just like Azusa said to one of the demon Slayer. Speaking of, Daisuke being able to talk to Sesshomaru makes sense since the man leads a village, he would be more leveled head about the problem and the fact that Sesshomaru AGREED at all is an achievement. Lastly, the twist of bringing back the other Inuyasha OC was something I did not see coming because apart for one off brand mention of her from I think a few chapters in the beginning during the FIRST arc, I thought you were going to never bring her into the story but no boom here she is. I don't know how well she will be written especially since all I know about her is the fact that she hated moving but then BOOM she is now besties with Kagome and by extension Inuyasha. Guess I will see how this will pan out, since you were able to take the two game siblings and make them interesting instead oh my god it sucks not having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Hopefully, you will do the same with Janis but overall good build up, talk and reunion chapter and stay healthy and safe!
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