Reviews for Legacy of the Cursed Mask: Battle Across Time
Guest chapter 11 . 5/9
The series itself, Inuyasha would've remained better off without the likes of Kagome and Inuyasha's toxic relationship.
Guest chapter 16 . 12/2/2021
I don't trust their (Kagome and Inuyasha's) toxic relationship.
Anti-Kagome fans chapter 16 . 11/24/2021
In the modern area, Kagome solely stomped into her house and she'd thrown her backpack on the ground after the teenage girl drama with Kaname.

Everyone's against me now. This is all Kaname's fault, she angrily thought to herself inwardly, but the truth is, it wasn't Kaname's nor was it anybody else's.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/12/2021
It’s been so long since there’s been an update and I read this back since the first story. I sort of forgot everything that happened already so I’m gonna re read it. I hope you continue this story. If it’s too hard to write long chapter you could shorten them to 2500 instead?
Guest chapter 16 . 5/18/2021
I wish someone had written Kagome better in canon, especially in the anime version.
Mandalore the Survivor chapter 16 . 2/22/2021
Man I gotta say, this series has been quite the intriguing read XD It is almost impossible to find Inuyasha stories that actually focus on the storylines and not repeating certain genres/pairings over and over again, but was quite glad to have stumble on onto your stories.

I've been really enjoying the new level of depth that you've given to the characters and expanding more upon from The Secret of the Cursed Mask, especially with Michiru and Kaname, while true I could see why there are some readers views about how Kagome and Miroku have acted previously but honestly I feel you're stories are probably some of the best that I've seen in capturing the characters personalities/flaws/strengths and I very much enjoyed the new developments you gave them all each, having that sense of consequences and growth through conflict I feel really helped tested the group and revealed to them of mistakes/flaws that never quite got addressed right in canon, you on the other hand have really set up new some intriguing aspects to be seen with them and everyone else you've shown.

Curious to see as well of how far the Alliance is gonna go with the hidden threats awaiting in the shadows, the Wolf Demon Tribe future developments that's making me wonder if ultimately they're go to military routes to satisfied their aggressions?, Haruno's ambitions that's almost eerily crossing on Japan's future dark history {(Only matter of time I imagine that there'll be characters learning about the World Wars?)} Or to Sō'unga's origins that you had portrayed, the rogue Wolf Demons still causing trouble, and of course of what Naraku is planning, much say that idea Tsubaki proposed to Naraku is certainly making me wonder how many of old enemies will be returning thanks to those statues, almost makes me think of when DC/Marvel Rogue Galleries form alliances XD

Still certainly speaks of a growing larger faction he's gathering, liking the new twists you've also added with the Band of Seven, they were honestly some of my most favorite villains on the show and the idea of them now being even more dangerous certainly sounds like this is gonna turn into an all out war that's fitting of the Sengoku Jidai, guess it's only a matter of time before there'll be Daimyos looking over at their direction.

All in all yeah, this has been quite enjoyable reliving some nostalgia I have for the Inuyasha series XD The way that you addressed to it's admittedly flaws was quite spot on in expanding something new and different for the storyline compared from other Fanfictions I've seen for Inuyasha, will certainly be keeping my eye on your story's continuing development/expansion.

Wish ya all of the best of luck to your stories and hope you stay safe out there, if you're interested as well I do have these video links I think may catch your eye and maybe few suggestions? It's up to you as fully understand if not, I'll leave them down below with the names and if the suggestions interest ya, we can talk on PM about it? Unfortunately of FF's rules I have to add * to th ps to protect it, they're just need to be deleted when putting the link together but if not than the names should help? Anyway good luck, till the next time.

*ht tps* : / www. youtube watch ?vqIKWzcrMg_U
"What did a Samurai Battlefield Look Like?"

*ht tps* :/ /www .youtube watch? vkdVPcVr3xZk
"Nobou no shiro"

*ht tps* :/ www. youtube watch? vOsR_d4g8jdo&t
"Under One Sword"

*ht tps* :/ www. youtube watch? vQk9DSwjINXE&t
"The Imjin War (Part 1) Sengoku Jidai"

*ht tps* :/ /www. youtube watch ?vtY3_9iywbF4&t
"The Warrior Life of Yasuke: The African Samurai"

*ht tps* :/ /www .youtube watch ?vYPF-6AywCss
"The Price of a Mile"

*ht tps* :/ /www .youtube watch? vA-9_TUpYHbc&t

*ht tps* :/ /www .youtube watch? v11Y_Q1w-d_E
"Real Ghost of Tsushima - Mongol Invasion of Japan"

*ht tps* :/ /www .youtube watch ?vD0vxxFF-Q5E&t
"Combination of the Movie of Sengoku Period"
Anti-Kagome fans chapter 16 . 2/4/2021
Kagome solely stomped into her house and she'd thrown her backpack on the ground after the teenage girl drama with Kaname. "Everyone's against me now. This is all Kaname's fault." she angrily thought to herself inwardly, but the truth is, it wasn't Kaname's nor was it anybody else's.
Anti-Kagome fans chapter 16 . 1/22/2021
Kagome stomped into her house and threw her backpack on the ground solely after the teenage girl drama with Kaname. "Everyone's against me now. This is all Kaname's fault." she angrily thought to herself inwardly, but it wasn't.
Uruz 11 chapter 16 . 1/18/2021
You can really feel the inner pain along with the sadness that Miroku feels and carries inside of himself from the harsh fact that he lost the only woman he truly fell in love with even though his own actions and inexcusable behavior drove Sango away from him. The very same emotional pain and regret of such a loss is something which many human beings experience whether they themselves are at fault or not, it really shows how Miroku has finally matured as a man, seeing how he's confronted with a familiar opportunity to flirt with the beautiful young women he's encountered and to use his deceitful ways and blackmailing skills to con these people for food and lodgings among other valuables, but his better judgement kicks in as he recalls Sango's anger which reminds him of why Sango was driven away from him to begin with.

He's finally come to realize that there are cruel life altering consequences for bad decisions and like most people on the face of the earth, he's learned this lesson far too late, Miroku's path is going to be a long and lonely one if he wants to seek redemption and use what's left of his own life to teach to others the true values of human existence and to find a woman who he can build true love with the way that Sango has chosen to do with Michiru. Miroku didn't just lose Sango to Michiru, he also lost the trust, friendship, loyalty and respect from both of them and from his other friends as well. In all honesty, I don't blame him for leaving everyone behind to go it alone, its better to try and start over on your own terms than it is to live in shame surrounded by those who look at you with mistrust or disappointment, all within sight of watching Sango and Michiru have the life and the love that Miroku can't have. In a way, Miroku's pain reflects what Michiru experienced in Minamo Village shortly before the Kurururgi boy's unfortunate encounter with the demon Mahoro, feeling jealous at seeing Sango with somebody else instead of himself, only Miroku's pain will likely last forever instead of a couple of months in Michiru's case.

I wasn't expecting Miroku to tell his story to another, though being as brief as possible to keep it short and simple while also revealing his shame and regret so Akechi can understand the monk's misery, but then again, letting it out little by little will eventually help him to heal inside even though Miroku will still bear these emotional scars for life.
Nice that both of these young monks can relate and provide council and support for one another, with all the hardships and prejudices people have to face in the Feudal era, Miroku and Akechi are going to need all the aid and moments of good that they can get.
Uh Oh! Suikotsu's made an appearance, a member of the Band of Seven, he's one of the most deadly and his split personality makes him especially dangerous since he can easily hide himself in plain sight unless he encounters someone who recognizes him for who he truly is. I hope Miroku and Akechi can both take charge of the situation before Suikotsu's other personality takes over or else the mercenary will start murdering innocent people one after another just for the fun of it or for sport, bloodlust, etc.

Poor must be so difficult for her right now, having to deal with the curse she's suffering from, having her friendship with Kagome ruined due to declaring her love and loyalty to Michiru while driving Miroku away and having the threat of Naraku and various demonic foes always on her mind and eagerly plotting attacks or evil schemes to bring harm and death to everybody around her including those she cares about and hold dear to her own heart. Having to confront these fears and painful memories without Michiru awake and at her side to give her love and comfort that Sango so desperately needs now more than ever. I sincerely hope Michiru's recovery goes well and that he wakes up better than before so he can be there for Sango as soon as possible, both of them still have an uphill struggle which sadly has no end in sight, but that's going to be an important step if they're ever to cure Sango from the curse that she's suffering from.

I don't know who I feel more sorry for: Michiru for not being able to act and stop this despicable foe from committing all of these unforgivable atrocities or Kirara for keeping Michiru restrained for his own safety and more importantly, so he'll learn how all of these historical events of the past eventually led to the present time when he left Sango and the others before he was put to sleep for about four days to accelerate his recovery. Kirara has once again shown how much she cares for others, it must have been heart breaking for the two-tail demon feline to witness so many tragedies and to have lived and bonded with many demon slayers over many generations only to watch each person eventually die since her own lifespan must be considerable longer given that Kirara's a full fledged demon who also ages more slowly as well compared with a human or a half demon. Kirara may not appear to be as fragile as Sango, but with all that she's endured and experienced over the ages, I imagine even she has limits and her own breaking point, it would be really cute and heartwarming to see her and Michiru have a tender hug after talking together in person after Michiru wakes up, having Sango and Kohaku there might also help since Kirara's also bonded emotionally with both of them as well.

This Heizo character has certainly earned a special place in the Netherworld, the unlawful and unforgivable act of brutally raping a woman by itself is cruel enough, but doing so all to create children who will only be used as tools or weapons for his own evil ends, and at the cost of the lives of those poor daughters really hits you to the core. A child being born from violence is always a terrible thing even though all lives are precious and that very same child is not at fault for what happened and yet, each and every poor child is living proof of the terrible atrocity that was committed which also creates more pain to the poor woman who was raped in the first place...though in this case, each of those daughters ended up dead and was thus spared from the fate of raising the offspring of the vile man who violated and impregnated them. What a cruel fate having the process of childbirth accelerated from nine months to just one week, I can understand Michiru's emotional unbalance, torn between rage and heartache due to the sickening and horrible sight he just witnessed, at least Kirara is there to comfort him during each and every one of these mysterious trips to the past during his unconscious state. Michiru's absolutely right, Heizo is just as vile and cruel as Naraku is, if not more, and he's only a human. But then again, human beings have stronger emotions than demons do and are even more capable of committing crimes and violents against each other as our long and destructive history has shown us.

I'm a little mad at Yuuta, though I can understand how his mind is clouded by rage, but its not right or fair to punish the children for the sins of the father even under these circumstances. As terrible as it would be for Michiru or Kirara to tell all of what they've witnessed and experienced, perhaps they should share all of this with Kagome, Kaname and Miroku so that all of them will learn to forgive each other and move on, especially for Sango's sake. Violence and vengeance only breed more violence and vengeance which spills more blood and adds more fuel to the fire, as Kirara herself explained how the war begun between the Kururugi and Jun clans which involved generation after generation.

Finally, back to Kagome and the others meeting Sota and Janis! I felt badly for Janis for having to constantly move from one place to another between two different countries all because of her father's business or chasing work, which ever it is, such a fate is never easy for a child or an teenager, especially because it forces you to part with friends whom you may never see in person or hear from ever again. Looks like Kagome got caught when Janis verbally recalled Kagome labelling Michiru and Kaname as the "twin twits" in one of her letters, though I guess I shouldn't be surprised, Kagome never seems to think about the long term consequences of her actions, nor does she pay for them either. Glad Lady Kaede was there to bring up Kaname and Kagome before another cat fight broke out between both girls. Accidentally dropping the statue into a stew pot? Sorry, but that sounds so funny! Poor Kaname. Oh well, accidents happen.

I don't blame Janis for being surprised to see priestess Kikyo reduced to the size of a doll, but a great many things have happened between now and since her own adventure in Feudal Japan came to an end in Inuyasha SOTDJ, luckily Inuyasha can bring her up to speed by explaining everything in chronological order for her. Oh no! Looks like Sesshomaru is attacking Hiryu while its airborne and up in the sky with Shippo and Kohaku onboard with the others. I hope everybody survives and is unharmed if its brought down and forced to crash land on the ground, Shippo might have to transform himself into his giant pink balloon form in order to carry Kohaku to safety should things take a turn for the worse.

Looks like Priestess Kaede's hurting emotionally too, many lives would have been saved and spared much pain from being suffered by others, especially Inuyasha and Kikyo who were torn apart by Naraku's evil treachery 50 years ago. Kaede should seriously have gotten Kagome, Kaname or Janis to wash and clean out that cauldron, she's an elderly lady and shouldn't be doing so much work when she doesn't have too. Oh my! Well isn't this a surprise, it looks as though Kaede's recovered her missing eye and its healed and functioning properly as good as new, must have been from that statue that Kaname had accidentally dropped into the cauldron earlier which the stew was cooked in. Poor Kaede must have gazed upon her own reflection in the surface of the water and witnessed this miracle for herself, and unfortunately it was too much for the kind old woman seeing as she fainted just moments later, I hope that she didn't seriously injure herself when her head struck the side of the stew pot she had just cleaned in the pond.

Oh boy! And I thought Janis and Sota appearing in your previous chapter was the biggest surprise so far, now Kagome's confronted with the unexpected appearance of her mother, her grandpa and Mr. Wyvern. Wow! So Wyvern is related to Janis and he's her Uncle which would make Janis his young niece! This is an even bigger surprise! I'm glad you had this at the very end of your latest chapter, not just to end it on another great note, but also to balance out the evil events earlier with the Heizo character. Having Janis and her Uncle along with Kagome's relatives is a much needed blessing because their presence will go a long way to put Kagome on the path of redemption like Miroku and having them will also help Sango heal too. Since Michiru is still unconscious for a while, it'll be nice for Sango to interact with Kagome's family members and seeing Janis after such a long time will bring joy to the fragile female warrior woman. Again, another great chapter, some parts were violent, but an adventure with good pitted against evil is one such formula for telling a great story. I wish you all the best!
IrishKatana chapter 16 . 1/14/2021
For fucks sake Sesshomaru this not the time and place for this, Miroku found Suikotsu let’s hope his split personality doesn’t rear it ugly head anytime soon, and the Kururugi and the Jun families have a curse on them oh joy all I can say is it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Also a moment of silence for Kirby Morrow the voice of Miroku he will be missed.
Frosty Wolf chapter 16 . 1/14/2021
Nice to see this continued! I know a lot of writers had their inspiration zapped by 2020's problems.

Miroku is making steady progress, that's good. Janis has arrived, that's even better! Though given her source I doubt she has the most accurate view of the team at this point.

I wish you the best of luck in this new year!
yuutojaden chapter 16 . 1/13/2021
please continue
Guest chapter 16 . 1/13/2021
I hope everybody realizes the fact that Kagome's not perfect, either.
Guest chapter 16 . 1/13/2021
Kagome stomped into her house and threw her backpack on the ground solely.
Guest chapter 16 . 1/13/2021
Thank you for this other chapter.
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