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Guest chapter 30 . 28m
You need to get this published . I always seem to come back to this story and it never gets old . My fav kind of Edward . Fav Bella . Just absolutely great .
Guest chapter 21 . 7/15
Edward is so sweet. I like that he’s a “bad boy” without being a douchebag of a jerk, it’s not common on ff. He’s quiet and kind of shy around Bella and that’s so cute. Too many Edward’s are written as arrogant playboys that we’re supposed to find charming and but it just isn’t. Shyward is always my favorite and this one is so dark and mysterious.

There are so many uptight judgemental shrews in the reviews! I can understand Bella. She doesn’t have to quit just because Edward said so. It’s not realistic. A stripper who needs the job to pay for her livelihood and child wouldn’t just quit because her new boyfriend asked her to. This isn’t meant to be a perfect fairytale love story, with a white knight to be her savior. She loves him, but she just met him and it’s easier to take money through working then living off a man she just started dating. She doesn’t even know him that well.
princeselisa chapter 30 . 7/7
Great story. Thanks!
alli62 chapter 30 . 6/26
This story has held me from Chapter one. My stomach has been in knots for Bella as a woman and especially a Mom, knowing that most every Mom would do ANYTHING for their child.

I loved this story. I adored it. It, and you, are going on my favorite list immediately. Thank you for compass54 for this wonderful recommendation!

And now I will go read the rest of your stuff. ;)
compass54 chapter 30 . 6/23
Just adored this. Blew through it, desperate to know what was going to happen. Loved all the characters, especially the delightful Emmett, and your secretive Edward, so incredibly revealed in his POVs. Thanks for an incredible fic that was real, and loving, and heartbreaking and frightening. When you're cheering for the bad guy's skull to be smashed with a wrench, you know you're in deep. Bravo, lady, bravo.
Team Marylou chapter 30 . 6/21
Wow...what an amazing story...quite the crazy journey.
Thank goodness Edward and Bella got their much deserved HEA.
Thank you for writing and sharing!
Guest chapter 8 . 6/18
"mincemeat" is a mixture of currants, raisins, sugar, apples, candied citrus peel, spices, and suet, typically baked in a pie called "mincemeat pie". "mince meat" or "beef mince" is a UK term that in the US is called "ground beef". can i be your proofreader please?
VryUnique chapter 14 . 6/18
I'm glad Edward kissed her and dying to know his secrets
VryUnique chapter 13 . 6/18
What is in Edwards apartment? There must be something he doesn't want her to see since he's always blocking her from seeing. It didn't occur to me that Edward might have gotten somebody to ruff Marcus up. He seemed really upset so I figured he would do it himself. So Leah's still missing, no shocker there.
I'm assuming Edward has been keeping his distance because he feels he isn't good for her? I hope he kisses her back.
VryUnique chapter 11 . 6/18
Is Leah still alive? I would think Marcus wouldn't let something like that slide. I can't believe she was set up like that, not sure how they thought that was a good idea. Did they think she would just blow him? Maybe he was aware he would be sort of breaking her in?
I was thinking that Bella needed to think ahead. I don't mean selling herself but she needs some kind of plan because what she's doing isn't working. One day she'll be too old to dance.
VryUnique chapter 12 . 6/18
Oh shit... I was still thinking Edward might be an undercover cop but after assuming he messed up Marcus and his car I am now unsure. I suppose he could still be undercover and could get away with it but it does still make the theory more unlikely. I'm also thinking that maybe Edward has some kind of connections because how could he think he could get away with something like that, he obviously showed his face if Marcus was beat up.
When Bella said she thinks Marcus has a bigger hold on her and it was clear he knew details about her personal life I couldn't help wondering if the drunk guys Edward beat up were sent to mess with her. I know it would be horrid but if she were to be sexually assaulted her self esteem would take a real blow and she would be somewhat vulnerable, just a thought.
asam75 chapter 30 . 6/18
VryUnique chapter 9 . 6/18
When Marcus said you owe me Bella should have said she'll stay for her whole shift. I agree that nothing good could come from owing Marcus a favor. I can't think of anything he would want except sexual favors for customers or selling drugs.
VryUnique chapter 8 . 6/18
I know we can trust Edward but in real life I wouldn't suggest anyone saying yes to that, most predators don't look like or act like predators.
VryUnique chapter 7 . 6/18
I figured Marcus knows what is going on in all his rooms since he has cameras and Tania would be crazy to cheat in there. I guess her fat envelope answered that question anyway. I have a feeling something is going to happen to Alice since she's so naive but I hope not. I'm thinking Bella should keep her mouth closed and mind her own business but it's good she found out not to work any personal parties.
Edward is beat up again. Maybe he's a fighter? Boxing? Street fighting for money?
Looking forward to dinner.
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