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Greensword101 chapter 14 . 6/20
So sorry for the long absence. Finally graduated college and trying to do several things at once.

That scene with Zaheer and the Red Lotus was scary, and then heartbreaking. Emotionally manipulative bastard! Making her second-guess herself like that! And then slapping her! The world IS messed up, but that's why people like Korra and her friends and Tenzin and everyone else are here. To make it a good place to live.

I can not stop saying how awesome this writing is and try emulating its sense of prose in my works.

Tragic of the maid's death and the failed attempts of Mako, Asami and Bolin trying to stop the Red Lotus. And the determination of them wanting to get Korra back after Asami tells them what she knows.

The traitor at Airtemple Island and Asami's reaction. The page on TV Tropes called Jinora a Damsel Out Of Distress and rereading her part helped me understand why. I swear, I can imagine the soundtrack playing.

One thing that confused me was how two Waterbenders could traverse to the South Pole by themselves. I was thinking they'd have to have gone for at least a day, but they got the message only a few hours ago, right?

Love this fic and trying to give it the reviews it deserves! :)
TragicFiction chapter 24 . 4/23
Will there be a korra x Bolin or is the purely korrasami
Greensword101 chapter 13 . 1/28
God...that training scenario was so tragic...poor babies...

You know something? The Red Lotus should have NEVER expected to turn the Avatar against the world. Because when it is boiled down to the basic fact, the Avatar is Raava connected to human life. Raava is the representation of goodness and light. The Avatar, by nature, cannot be turned for evil, no matter what some facfics might (hypothetically) say.

Oh God...P'Li, I am losing sympathy for you. Deciding that being soft is a BAD thing? Come on, those were babies, anyone with a heart should feel remorse over that dark mercy Korra gave them.

Huh, looking over that part actually helped me get over feeling sorry for P'Li. Good job, as always for that little shift.

Bolin, that is so CUTE! He really did come off as a gentle giant from what I saw in the series. Storytelling is really the best way to entertain young kids. And his comment about love also being the girl's choice? Loved it.

Hahaha, those Zutarra shippers in the, man, I am glad I am rereading this so I can review properly.

Ah, a reference to the Spirit of Competition episode. I thought it was fun, but the romance part almost screwed the Fireferrets' chance at the finals. Good point, Toza.

Okay, I heard thorugh TV Tropes that Doctor Love is Frasier, but I have neither watched the show nor do I find the connection. The advice was good, the ex wife was scary...

Aw, Korra hugging Bolin!

Eska and Desna, yikes! It took getting their names (or was it the flat voice) the first time before I realized who they were. Wished there was a description for them, it would have helped :( If the scene were written by someone who knew them before, then a description wouldn't be justified. I like to think descriptions of characters are best for POVs of those who don't know them at all.

Their little side comments about Asami were a little funny. Thank God, Mako and Korra were there. Sorry, Bolin, some groupies just aren't worth it. Eska, your attempts were better this time around, but still sadly creepy.

I just realized that hearing that they were royalty pissed off Korra. With her upbringing, I can see the reaction making more sense. Bet this is going to make family reunions a bitch...

Hiroshi defrosting a little makes Book 2 hard to watch. If the Red Lotus hadn't stuck their heads at the worst time...and the Shock Glove. Asami making it? Huh.

Some party. Bolin and Asami playing Pai Sho. Ha! I saw the scene from the series...

Health risks for...that...I did not know that.

The Red Lotus...AW FUCK!
SeinoNaito chapter 5 . 1/28
I have read the first five chapters and I can already say this is one of the best AU fanfics you can find.
I must say, I never really cared about Legend of Korra. From the first season, I just knew it wouldn't live up to being the Last Airbender's sequel and the following seasons only made me lose more interest. However, this fanfic really is making a good use of all that wasted potential and telling a nice story of its own as well.
In just this starting chapters, the story is very well-written and put together. The characters are also looking way better than their canon counterparts and I'm interested in seeing how they develop here. I especially like the interesting ways they are getting to first meet.
As for the shipping, the love triangle mess made it impossible for me to get into any pairing in Legend. By the finale, I was okay with Korrasami just for the laugh it got out of me. So, I'm fine with you focusing on friendship first and develop relationships from there. Korra and Bolin especially are having some surprisingly nice chemistry.
And of course, the writing is impressive too.
I'll read another five chapters and leave another review.
Thanks very much for your good work!
Greensword101 chapter 12 . 12/30/2017
Reading through the previous chapter a second time has allowed me to notice some things:

Gazhan slapping the earth, something I missed first time around, he is feeling vibrations. He is like Toph, Lin, and most likely Suyin (never watched Season 3, so this is a guess). And you didn't state it. Incredible writing, show don't tell. I love it!

Korra. Bindings. No bra. Gentlemen, no comment from any of you. I bet it hurts...ouch! At least she can wear an actual bra now.

Korra, don't give away your position as Avatar! But, yeah, those assholes really need to be careful around you. But even your Avatar status won't keep you from getting arrested from Lin, as she demonstrated in Episode 1. Hehe...I am such a geek...

*Scuttles into dark corner and curls there*

I always love scenes that involve shopping - as long as it is not conflict-based - its so cool to have characters bond and interact through their purchases or introduce visuals that are appealing. A lot like Harry Potter, if you ever read it.

Korra, your enthusiasm for food is nice. It must be so refreshing to have something other than noodles all the time and fish. I'm happy that you can enjoy things that we usually take for granted.

I love Jinora being the tour guide for obvious reasons. Perfect role for the bookworm. Also gives the AirBabies - am I spelling that right - something to do aside from airbending training and meditation.

It would be pretty awkward if Korra was stuck in the mansion all day. Poor Asami and Korra; they can't always be together...

Korra singing?! XDXDXD I can see - or hear - her being off-key. I can already hear her messing up on Dancing Queen with Asami with a cool voice. Ah, the power of imagination...

*Thinks wistfully while smoke fills the air, the cake in the imaginary oven not working*

Wait a minute, exactly how many chapters were you able to write and plan out at this point?! That means that you took the time to plan out the story, write it out with beta assistance until you had enough chapters to your satisfaction, and then began publishing them. Is that right? Wow! You really planned this though. Better take notes on this and get to my beta reader about my story they're helping me write. :)

Regarding Meelo: Season 1 was fine, but from what I saw in Season 4, I can see where you're coming from. I understand and won't criticize you for something you decided upon a long time ago. I might do the same thing in the future.

Loved the chapter and how stress-free it was. It made me feel like I was having those rare mornings where I feel like I'm wrapped in silk in my bed and it feels just great and my eyes don't feel sore. Great writing, as always. I come back to this fic whenever I need to take a step back from my writing and figure out how to make prose work without it being purple or bland. Then again, SpoonandJohn demonstrated that less is more when it comes to prose, letting the actions do the work for them in their writing. I am leaning more towards your style of writing because it feels professional and refreshing from the rest of the writing that I trudge through at times, even if I like it. You guys are awesome and should be proud of this work!
Greensword101 chapter 11 . 12/12/2017
Forgot to mention from last chapter: the jab at the show for its romantic subplots. Interesting. I wonder how it would have gone if the radio story happened in canon and they realized that they were watching the romance unfold the same way? I can't say I find it funny, though, but it was interesting to read.

The flashback was very enjoyable. Even evil has loved ones indeed. Pretty evil for them to sacrifice the additional four members, though.

The advice P'Li gave Korra was kind of sweet. I have to keep reminding myself that she helped kidnap her, but it was still sweet advice and I can't help but smile a little. If she weren't that loyal to Zaheer, would she have changed sides? I keep thinking about later on, and I know fans felt bad for Gazhan, but I felt kind of bad for P'Li. She was the one I feel that truly cared about Korra in her own twisted way.

Ah, Bolin's little crush. Mako does have a very good - and uncomfortable - point made.

Hiroshi meeting Korra was pretty uncomfortable afterwards with his argument with Asami. He does have some decent points, but Asami knows the three a little better. And now he has a bender living under his roof. I bet dinner talks are going to be uncomfortable.

And the Red Lotus comes in. Yikes. P'Li sounds a bit like a mother with positive expectations in her mind; wanting to be by Korra's side when they made their grand entrance...Zaheer's chemistry with her does feel real, even if they are the bad guys.

I keep saying this because I want to remind myself and you great writers that I understand that these are people not to root for. Here's to another review written!
Greensword101 chapter 10 . 12/10/2017
Math as an implied threat. Funny, but still scary.

That was kind of nice of Korra to offer Zaheer some fish, even if it isn't a part of his diet.

Zaheer, you are worse than Ming! Sadistic pleasure? Oh my God, there was an interpretation part on the TV Tropes page for this fic over the training. Zaheer has nothing against Korra, but he has something against Aang, I know it! He's projecting his vendetta against Aang onto Korra, the prick!

Asami and Korra officially reuniting is one of my favorite parts of this story! So sweet. I almost thought Korra was going to admit to Asami that she was the Avatar first time reading through.

She barely knows about hugs? Great...

She stays! Friends all around and new jobs too! A great day for all! Don't worry, Korra. My first taste in wine wasn't that great, either. I'll stick to Bud-Lite once in a while.
Greensword101 chapter 9 . 12/10/2017
Ghazan kidnapped Korra, but is treating her nice? Is he invoking Stockholm Syndrome or is he suffering from Lima Syndrome instead? He does seem to demonstrate some concern for her safety.


Korra said she was crying...was she project her own crying to Naga instead? It took a moment for me to think about it after actually reading that part...oh my God...Korra was crying and Naga found her and licked her heartbreaking...

That's it. I don't care how. I'll grab some plastic guns with deadly bullters that Ghazan can't bend, a fire extinguisher for P'Li, and threaten to burn Ming's clothes off with a flamethrower and bring those babies to safety! Korra is so lonely and scared! How often did she cry in private?! This is so horrible! And now she has a puppy to care for, too...

*Sigh*, at least Zaheer and most of the Red Lotus let her keep Naga. Still horrible people, if you ask me.

I don't care what other people think, though, Ming's sadistic streak makes her a scary villain in a good way.

Beware, Ming, for you may have to teach Korra waterbending naked in the snow. XDXDXD

Prose and pacing, as always, are excellent. I love the way the characters are moving, the dialogue and reactions.

...the lady thief...who strips naked if needed...XDXDXD.

'Alright. No more thoughts of the lady thief or of Asami getting changed' XDXD Korra, you naughty girl! Or was it Mako still narrating? My style is one POV person each scene, meaning that the POV always stays on that one person until the end.

Asparalettuce tasting so good? Is it dressing or spices or just a LOK thing? Never thought I would want to have lettuce so much.

Great chapter and loved Korra trying to keep her past a secret (still awkward and sad, though).
Greensword101 chapter 8 . 11/29/2017
Ming, the more I see of your point of view, the more you and the Red Lotus scare me. No wonder the Earth Queen is worse. She's lashing out at anyone who might threaten her before they actually become a threat and take away anything she might have left.

Azula...You. Kick. Ass. Awesome! And Mai, too. Really cool having two old ladies kick some ass against the Red Lotus and make them crap themselves.

Awesome moment for Asami. I thought it was nice she could fight, but the fact that she always depended on her electric glove irked me. It was like she depended too much on it rather than her actual skills. Refreshing to see her use Chi Blocking in the fight.

Poor Mako and Bolin...they lost their home...

Korra asking Asami about the name thing instead of assuming is pretty nice. Careful, too. So sweet of Asami to welcome our heroes into her home...her dad is going to kill her, though. And the siblings and Korra...
Greensword101 chapter 7 . 11/29/2017
First time reading through this, I didn't really think much of the flashback. Then again, I was reading in the car, so I might have not been in the right mood. Ming being the Scrappy in this fic makes much more sense now, she is CRUEL! And I think that's a good thing, we the readers need to be reminded that these villains kidnapped a child, they aren't going to have the best interests at heart for them.

Ming having to deal with a little kid is definitely going to be exhausting. What she did was wrong, though. She could have channeled Korra's insistence on snowballs for waterbending into something else, maybe tempting her with her water limb technique. But still...

You have a degree in economics, Puffie? Cool!

Meelo sounded a Maybe too mellow. Then again, he is probably trying to stay on his dad's good side and hope for some cool airbending lessons.

I was really hoping that the additional cop that reported seeing Korra would have a bigger role in Book 1. I got pretty excited when Tenzin and Lin let them (her, I think) come along.

"One more sacrifice for the cause..." Shit, Ming, you are scaring the shit out of me! 0_0

Another good cliffhanger.
Greensword101 chapter 6 . 11/29/2017
Zaheer, as evil as you are in the kidnapping, the toy trick was a thing of genius. Kudos to you, Puffie, for thinking of this. Very in-character of Zaheer as well, he always was obsessed with relics from what I have gathered (clips I have seen, need to catch up on the show, but he was a very interesting villain).

Poor Korra. I wish I could hug her and take her back to her parents. But that would mean I'd be strong enough to fight the Red Lotus, which I am not.

Loved the moments Bolin and Korra had. It felt so tranquil seeing two people like that interact in such an intimate non-romantic manner. But the fact that the only reason this happened was because both had tougher lives is a bit uncomfortable acknowledging.

As always, prose was nice. Refreshing from the stuff I had to trudge through. Dialogue is pretty good, too. No monologues like the stuff I had to read. I get the sense of you trying to show rather than tell us how the characters are feeling and thinking when they aren't the POV character.

Good cliffhanger too. Just like the show.

Sorry for the delay in the review, finals are scaring me and this is something I am doing to calm myself (i.e. channel excess energy and take a break.) Hope you're doing alright! :)
Bolinlover123 chapter 1 . 11/26/2017
I don't normally like AU, but this is very sweet. I like how curious both Asami and Korra are to see the world. I like how nieve Korra is and how she wishes her circumstances were different. She doesn't understand a lot of mondern things in society because she's been stuck at the South her whole life.

I look forward to reading more!
Greensword101 chapter 5 . 10/4/2017
Wow. The prose is amazing as usual. I really love how you've written Bolin and Mako.

This fic really avoids the use of phrases like "emerald" and "orbs" and other purplish phrases that pop up in fics. I look at these chapters to see how the descriptions go and use it as inspiration for helping me write one of my fics.

My favorite scene in this chapter has got to be Bolin looking at Korra demonstrate her firebending. The way he notices the flames making her seem luminescent is so...beautiful. We really get to see his poetic side without it coming off as tacky.

You've gotten plenty of layers of character in for the bros pretty well without mashing it on top of each other so randomly. Bolin is the sweet guy, the cook, the romantic, the comedic, the genre savvy. Mako is more closed off, but well-intentioned, cautious, more callus without being cruel, and overall willing to do what it takes to survive.

I have to admit that the first time reading through the smuggling refugees scene, I didn't know if the people being smuggled in were on higher ground or something. That is one of the few complaints I have at the moment. Just trying to figure out how the scene went.

Uh-oh, someone's in trouble! Korra was noticed by the same guard from earlier!

Really enjoyed Asami's introduction to Mako. It felt better than her "kind rich girl introduction" where she basically comes off looking like a Mary Sue. Thank goodness, she showed her badass side.

Great job. Will try reviewing again to make the review number larger and your smile bigger.

In the writing world, I will see you.

FlyingHamburgerRider chapter 1 . 9/8/2017
600th Review! Woohoo! But u guys totally deserve it. I'm reviewing on the first chapter but I have read the ENTIRE THING OF YOUR EXCELLENT WORKMANSHIP. Seriously you two, I know a lot of other peeps have told u this, but get an original concept and some original characters and you could be a professional writer!
Greensword101 chapter 2 . 8/9/2017
I'm looking back at this chapter after so many months since I first read it to get help and ideas on how to write my BH6 Fusion fic.

It's already helping.

The prose is great, descriptive without being boring. I have such a hard time writing fighting scenes with descriptions like this, but then again, I'm not writing for the Avatar series. When I get a good idea, I'll try it out. Always loved the show.

Oh the irony, despite her upbringing, Korra still has the restlessness that pushed her into going to Republic City in canon. You can only dangle a carrot in front of a rabbit for so long before it gets tired of the game and hops off. Zaheer - I do not agree with his actions at all, kidnapping is wrong - could have started off slow with letting Korra see the world instead of his "we'll assassinate the world leaders as your first mission" plan. Then again, people would know the Red Lotus was still around and that they had a teenaged girl with them. A girl that could Earthbend, Waterbend, and Firebend...

You know, he was dealing with a Morton's Fork in this situation. Either way he went, his plans would have fallen apart by either Korra's rebellion or being exposed to the public.

Korra clearly resents Zaheer at this point, even if subconsciously. The way she saw that dummy as him for a moment.

And just like in canon, Aang is still trying to communicate with her in the first season, this time in a more direct approach. Instead of visions warning her of who her enemy is, Aang is basically telling her to escape and find his family.

This story should have gotten more attention and reviews. Especially on Archive, particularly the 2nd and 3rd books (I haven't read them yet).
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