Reviews for The Long Way Home
Kuvira Jr chapter 23 . 5/8
omg yes! Please continue soon!
AraAra chapter 22 . 5/6
The longer the story, the better.
Guest chapter 23 . 4/11
This story is amazing! I’m so glad you decided to continue writing this!
Kira007Goddess of Chaos chapter 16 . 2/21
Great job but not my kind of story.
But I love your Claymore fic.
SuvVira chapter 1 . 2/5
wow thank you so much for this... i hope you'll write more...please write excited for the next chapter..
Sofia chapter 23 . 2/1
How this has been a big roller coaster ride. Thank you so much for this beautiful story. I'm excited to read the next chapter. I hope it'll be available soon.
R2014 chapter 22 . 1/30
Please, keep adding chapters. It would look very nice as one whole story from one title.
Sa chapter 23 . 1/30
Wow, the most beautiful fanfiction of kuvira and su. Please, continue. Please, do not lose motivation. I'm dying to read more!
Nevermourned chapter 23 . 1/28
(This is a very emotionally gripping story. Very well done, very intense. Thank you quite well for it. I personally hope that, if this does continue, that Kuvira's hearing goes well... I expect for there to be plenty of drama, however frankly, I would like her to be able to be happy and have warm cuddles and the like... That would be nice. Also, I question the logic of depriving her of Zaofu or trying to lock her up again. What would even be the point of that? She's behaved well, if you're going to dangle the carrot of freedom only to snatch it away on, what, basic fears that have direct counter-evidence to them all, what is even the point of letting her out in the first place?)
Kuvira Jr chapter 23 . 1/16
I love this story! Please continue!
Zenaku Okami chapter 23 . 1/14
Definitely looking forward to reading more of this story in future, I personally like having long stories so I like the word to chapter ratio.

Love the story, looking forward to more.
RohanSpartan chapter 1 . 11/13/2017
So damn glad to see this story updated! Keep up the good work!
VforVesela chapter 22 . 11/7/2017
i would love to see this fic continued honestly.
Mirgonus230 chapter 23 . 11/1/2017
I have a long day at work so I have not had a chance to read this chapter. But I am so EXCITED and HAPPY to see you updating this story. Your stories with this couple(s) are my absolute favorites of all the ones I have found. While I do love this story, I would also love to see more one shots that happen in this universe.
DJ chapter 23 . 11/1/2017
This was good! Can't wait for the next chap!
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