Reviews for The King Nobody Wanted
Paul chapter 104 . 5/7
The more we learn about what a psycho Aerys was, the harder and harder it gets to like Alliser Thorne as long as he refuses to acknowledge and/or care about any of that awfulness. I hope to see that change, as this version of Thorne is otherwise my favorite version of the character and it could make good character development.

Also, I'm about 80 sure that Lrod Cargyll and his extinguished line will be important later.
Guest chapter 104 . 4/30
Beautiful chapter
Paul chapter 104 . 4/29
Please let Gerant (or someone else indirectly like Cersei in a letter) tell Ned they are cousins by chapter 120 at the latest. Thie dramatic irony of their association feels like it could be drawn out for a couple of more chapters but not too long.

Also, if Darron is getting dreams about what would have happened but now won’t then it feels really cruel given how distraught he is getting (unless it is what is needed to make him into a more generous and decisive man). In the other hand, if the things he is dreaming of really are still going to happen then that could be even crueler, for him and for us.i really hope we learn more about his dreams and learn it soon.

Also, the comments about the Bringer of Woe and his brother having Valyrian features is making me think Blackfyre, but practically everyone makes me think Blackfyre since we got that family tree
Paul chapter 104 . 4/29
Ok, now I officially want to see more of Ned and Daeron and Daeron and other characters. The part with the dreams and the wooden sept blew me away but the whole chapter was such a fascinating journey and I like the way you justified how he has Ned’s party tagging along for so many meetings and revelations. A part of me thinks that making the High Septon a friend and relative of the people he condemns Aerys for killing takes away some of the courage and nobility behind it but overall I’m not even tempted to seriously complain about how powerful all of that was. There have been lots of fanfiction stories that have made me cry before. However, before today, the only two that have truly stuck with me are probably The Victors Project and the End of the World Series (both Hunger Games tales). Starting right now, this will almost certainly be the third fanfic I remember with such distinction, and I salute you for how much you make us feel for these characters.

Your writing can feel like a bigger miracle than any in the Fire and Ice universe, sometimes. Keep up the great work and thanks for a double header chapter release
Paul chapter 103 . 4/29
The wait for Varys and Lyanna was more than worth it. Love the Qohor, Duskendale, and Lys backstory and world building. The exact wording of Varys tale has me wonder if his sister might have survived.
Guest chapter 103 . 4/29
Please rationalize how she loves Rhaegar who was a married man with two children but she hated Robert because she thought he was going to cheat on him, she is a big ass hypocrite
Paul chapter 102 . 4/13
In the next Oswell chapter, please have Oswell spend at least two paragraphs dwelling on how his niece, who he fought for at the Harrenhall tourney, being engaged (or maybe already wed by then) to Tywin Lannister, who has done so much to hurt his royal family Oswell loves, and who Oswell is perhaps in a position to have witnessed the cruelties of.
Paul chapter 102 . 2/16
I mean Vaella Blackfyre
Paul chapter 102 . 2/16
Love Malora and hope Garth has an opportunity to reflect on her words.

Hope the next Garth chapter shows Ironborn envoys at Highgarden since aside form the Greyjoys we haven’t really met any of them yet.

I’m probably paranoid, but between how similar their names are, the ages being plausible, and the pale blonde hair, I am wondering if Vialle Rogers is the daughter of Vaella Targaryen (although I’ve never heard anything about the Whiteheads suggesting they might be involved in such a marriage or deception).
BlackwearingBisexual chapter 100 . 2/13
Dear God, please let this man mention the whole 'we're COUSINS' bit before one of them rides off to die in battle...
Guest chapter 102 . 2/12
Not sure I like this interpretation of Malora

I mean her actually not being insane is good, but I didn't really enjoy the personality you gave her, i've always pictured her quite differentely
Yung Warrior chapter 102 . 2/10
My man is uploading again! Thank you, this story is excellent.
Guest chapter 102 . 2/10
Guest chapter 101 . 2/4
Poor Cersei... I actually enjoy your version of the character quite a bit... I Hope she can avoid the prophecy this time around
Paul chapter 101 . 2/4
My one worry about this chapter is that based on the prophecy this story sounds like it might go on another 200 or 200 chapters and while I’m eager to read every one of those chapters, it also means the story may never get that far. I hope you put your friends or family have enough of an outline to post to keep us from being totally in expense if the story ever does get prematurely cancelled for good.
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