Reviews for A Change In Time
Beauty Eclipsed chapter 40 . 4/5
Whatever happened to people like Morag who were part of the Sacred 28? Aside from that question, great story!
saoyedaoez01 chapter 40 . 2/19
Well written. Brilliant.
saoyedaoez01 chapter 36 . 2/19
I’m worried that Marcus Flint disappeared. He may come back with a vengeance worse than Z. Smith. Great chapter.
saoyedaoez01 chapter 35 . 2/19
Now I’m worried about the Weaseleys. Poor Percy. I imagine Molly is going to struggle the most with their lost.
saoyedaoez01 chapter 33 . 2/19
Love the last scene
saoyedaoez01 chapter 32 . 2/19
Zacharias Smith? He’s just doing this cuz his feelings got hurt. Oh, goodness. How sad. He needs TLC.
saoyedaoez01 chapter 31 . 2/19
I’m glad Draco was able to obtain some information from the other side. I was worried cuz I don’t trust Marcus Flint at all even in the movies. He looked mean in the movies.
saoyedaoez01 chapter 30 . 2/19
Oh, boy! Here we go. Fingers crossed. Prayers said. :)
Poor children. They’re utterly worried more than the adults. Love this chapter.
saoyedaoez01 chapter 29 . 2/19
Marcus Flint has one heck of a plan for himself. He’s gonna need to work a hundred times harder that what he’s doing if he want to win over Granger. And he needs to remember he needs to convince Harry and Ron as well. Good luck with that Marcus. ;)
saoyedaoez01 chapter 28 . 2/19
Well, I’m sure relieved to get her friends’ approvals. It means a lot to her that Harry and Ron approve of Draco
saoyedaoez01 chapter 26 . 2/19
Gosh! I hope Draco figures out Marcus Flint. I’m worried Draco is going to get hurt.
saoyedaoez01 chapter 25 . 2/19
Oh, no! This isn’t good.
saoyedaoez01 chapter 24 . 2/19
Oh, my! I still think it’s one of the Sacred Twenty Eight. Hope, I’m right. And I still think this even will be worse than the last war. Love the scene of Draco and Hermione sleeping and Narcissa walks in with news.
saoyedaoez01 chapter 23 . 2/19
saoyedaoez01 chapter 22 . 2/19
For all her intelligence, know-it-all, righteousness I think it’s good to remind her that at times she could be wrong. Glad it was Draco who reminded her. If it was anyone else she would probably ignore the person all together. But it seems that whatever Draco says actually affects her big time. Her response would be different if it was anyone else like Harry, Ron, Ginny, Luna, etc.
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