Reviews for A Thousand Words
draconic skysong chapter 56 . 17h
I just found this and hope to see a happy ending for our poor confused Harry. hopefully someone will help him sort out his head soon, he's only 12. and he blames himself for everything takes everything the wrong way, it's sad. Poor kid needs to realize that he's not a burdin, that people do want him for him, could love him.
Guest chapter 56 . 9/11
are you planning on continuing? i’ve gotten addicted, don’t leave me on a cliffhanger!
csheila chapter 56 . 9/12
Thanks for sharing a great story

I hope you are well and happy
csheila chapter 55 . 9/12
Great chapter
csheila chapter 54 . 9/12
Longer chapters always nicer but work to schedule you can survive
csheila chapter 51 . 9/12

But Draco is a total prick. Glad Harryoh fn to be had
csheila chapter 49 . 9/11
Well done

But now i fear how bad it might be
csheila chapter 48 . 9/11
He’s safer with Snape than Hermione
csheila chapter 46 . 9/11
Oh, this is too much. We need payback, serious and vicious
csheila chapter 45 . 9/11
Oh this is not good
csheila chapter 43 . 9/11
Your Harry is so very young, which makes sense. But the poor kid is getting kicked to pieces
csheila chapter 41 . 9/11
Oh my, truth finally crosses her lips
csheila chapter 39 . 9/11

But Draco is a total prick. Glad Harry caught it
csheila chapter 38 . 9/11
Poor Harry. He wants a parent

If i had not read an article detailing decades of sexual abuse public school students I would feeo getter reading it (for the second time). So much danger is getting missed
csheila chapter 37 . 9/11
Too soon. He will see snakes and spiders
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