Reviews for Nightmare Syndrome
Mindy1996 chapter 1 . 4/27/2010
Dun dun dun dun
I was kinda hopin 4 a misty vs. Ghastly diss off but dis iz gud 2
singerr85 chapter 1 . 12/3/2007
will ash get pikachu back?
tokyo girl 05 chapter 10 . 8/3/2005
werz da nxt chptr dude cumon it waz a wiked story!
Allison chapter 10 . 12/7/2004
you better come out for a sequel. and don't down-size yourself, it doesn't look good for a writter!
jade destiny chapter 10 . 11/28/2004
this was good but i cant believe the ending. I mean what kind of ending is they have pikach XDD. Anyways, it was good and i will be going to look to see if you wrote the sequel yet
Sensational Sista chapter 10 . 10/7/2004
Awsome Chibi! I really loved this fic!

I am glad Misty woke up. I hate the sad ones where she sometimes dies. They make me cry, which is NOT normal.

But this was excellent! I hope to keep reading your other fics! _


P.S. I'll try to have my story updated soon.
Sensational Sista chapter 9 . 9/27/2004
Update as soon as possible! Does she live? I hope so! Misty and Ash are my favorite charcters! Please update this story!
Shining Lugia chapter 9 . 9/1/2004
I LOVE THIS STORY! Please make a sequel. If you want, read my pokemon fic, called 'Last Hope'. It's an Ash/Misty romance. And there's another one by this cool author named Sparky16. It's called for the 'love of Lugia'. If u like Lugia, read that story! Sparky16 RULES!
soraoathkeeper chapter 9 . 8/15/2004
Hmm...what to do with Team Rocket?I would say that they...umm...well, after they help them, Rocket goes back to attacking them, in an old, sorta affectionate way. Or they decide to give themselves up and spend the rest of the year doing community service. Oh well. It's up to you. So...can you update soon?
Ze-Cookie chapter 9 . 7/3/2004
Alright you've gotta update sooner cuz i had 2 read 2 chapters b4 this one to actually remember what was going on. im going 2 sleep now cuz its 4:30 am. bye
KawaiixCherryxBlossom chapter 9 . 6/16/2004
Wow! That's so cool that you got the idea from my fic! Cool! I haven't read this fic yet but I'm gonna read it soon and I'll let you know what I think. I just read the a/n and I was like yay! Hehe. I didn't even know this fic existed. Anyway, thanks for reading mine!

Love and light,

Anonymous Kitty Lover chapter 9 . 6/14/2004
Yay! It's getting really good. You should make Misty remember the kiss, if not wake up from it. I also love your simile.
Spiraea Kozak chapter 9 . 6/11/2004
million dollar question (literally): why is team rocket so broke if meowth can use payday?
E.L.G chapter 8 . 3/18/2004
Koruyuu chapter 1 . 2/10/2004
Sato/Kasumi Eh... cool ;;
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