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TeiraaxStrikesAgain chapter 25 . 4/5/2019
Oh my god... THIS FUCKING STORY! I understand completely why people loved it so much before but I couldnt imagine it without all of the B sides you added. This is one of those stories that really makes you sit back and think about your life, and I completely love it. Thank you so much for this amazing piece of work.
TeiraaxStrikesAgain chapter 15 . 4/2/2019
Another review, because it is deserved. God this is HEARTBREAKING to read, knowing the boys don't end up together but seeing the adorable blossoming of their relationship, the electricity between them leaps off the pages. Poor Riku, Sora really does break his heart and ruin his life, doesn't he?
TeiraaxStrikesAgain chapter 11 . 4/2/2019
I was going to wait until I was as done with the whole thing before posting a review but OH MY GOD THIS STORY! I haven't been able to do anything for the last 24 hours but read. I am currently writing my first long chapters fanfic and am the same way with my writing, 10 chapters in and not even miss yet lol. You are an AMAZING writer, I can't believe I never read this story when I was younger. Itself heartwrenching and I cannot wait till the full truth about Sora and Riku comes out. Thanks so much for reposting this and sharing your work with us all.
Aesinia chapter 25 . 12/12/2018
Hello, read this fic BACK in the DAY, just finished re-reading. I was glued to the screen for days and I didn't sleep enough because I couldn't stop reading. 2018 working adult me loved it just as much as 2011 college me. Wow, we're getting old, huh? Anyways, thank you for this story and the good times. It was a big inspiration now and then. Good luck to you.
mr. eames chapter 25 . 5/27/2018
I said I was gonna review a couple more times before it was over, but I shoulda known I wouldn't, because I just had to keep reading. I'm excited to give you my final thoughts (probably for the second time...I'm pretty sure I reviewed this story until the end back in the day)!

So I think first I'll say this: thank you for writing this story and thank you for putting it back up years later. Both of those things took a lot of work, and I totally recognize that. With the KH fandom a lot quieter these days, particularly on FFNet, most people wouldn't have bothered, and that's their choice and that's fine - but I'm so glad you decided to dedicate time to this story all over again and share it once more. It's been great to read through it with new eyes, it really has.

So many parts of this story were memorable to me. When Roxas and Hayner headed out to see Riku I knew exactly where things were going, I remembered Riku's apartment and Roxas' reaction to the story. I remembered Namine and Roxas' breakup and much more healthy friendship. I remembered 13 Hearts as a band, dysfunctional and all over the place, but passionate. I remembered all the ups and downs of Axel and Roxas' relationship, and they tore at me, but they were things I knew they'd survive. All of these things, I remembered because they stuck with me the first time, and they were no less impactful a second time through.

With that said, I also really loved what you added and rewrote. I appreciated the effort made to rework some of the more touchy aspects of the story and make things more equal, particularly when it came to the Roxas/Namine and Sora/Kairi stories. Being so far away from KH fandom as it used to be, it wasn't horrific to female characters, but it was often unfair. I never felt that Ballad was particularly unfair to Namine and Kairi, either, but what you did change and how you reframed some aspects of the story here made it not only a lot more comfortable in that aspect, but also gave those relationships more depth.

Reading Sora's backstory...was that in the original fic?! If it was, I'd forgotten all of it, so I want to say it wasn't! Honestly, that could have been a whole fic on its own, and I mean that in the best way. It endeared me to Sora, and to Demyx in particular. I'll admit I've, uh, never been a big Riku/Sora fan. It's a fine ship but I don't go out of my way to read about it. The Sora/Demyx was a lot more up my alley and just heartwrenchingly well done.

Overall, I was happiest though whenever this story focused on Axel and Roxas. Seeing the first part of the story again from Axel's point of view was so sweet. He comes across so rough and tumble in the beginning, so to see that that was more of an act than anything is so...well, suffice to say it melted my heart. After all these years, seeing Axel written well will still get me every time, and you do it better than most.

I don't know if you'll ever write a long KH fic like this again, lord knows it's been a long time, but if you do I'll look forward to it! It looks like you're more into Haikyuu now which is understandable, fandoms change and all that, but I'll keep an eye on your AO3 regardless. I may follow you on tumblr (I'm finntwo over there), but no pressure to follow back. Thank you again for reposting what was always, and remains, one of my favorite KH fics. I'm sure I'll revisit again in the future.
mr. eames chapter 7 . 5/25/2018
Oh. My. God. So, hi. I don't expect you to remember me (frankly I'm SHOCKED I remembered how to login to this account at all), but I used to regularly review this story back when it was being posted. I've had fond memories of it, but it was always made a bit sad because I'd think "ah, but she deleted all her stuff in the end". I've mentioned this fic to friends as lamented the fact that I can't properly rec it for years. Until yesterday when a couple of things happened. First, I'd hit the "okay I need to go back and read some old fic" stage of my KH3 excitement, and second I thought "well okay you've KNOWN that fic is gone for a while, but why not just google the author's username and see what comes up". Lo and reposted Ballad!

I seriously was ecstatic. I read your explanation for taking things down and I completely understand why. When I reviewed and read this fic initially I was still in high school...but now I'm about the age I think you were when you were writing this fic (I think so anyway, something like that). So now it's like, yeah man, as much as it sucks I don't want anyone in my professional life to know about fanfic I may or may not have written. It makes sense, but MAN was I gutted back when this fic and everything else you wrote got deleted. Like I just want you to know, that's how much your writing touched me, and it still touches me! Sometimes I go back and reread fics and go "eugh...well, that isn't as good as I remembered," and is as good as I remembered. Even better, actually, because now I'm closer to these character's ages and it's way more real. And that's the sign of a good story. This one meant something to me when I was younger, and in revisiting it, I'm finding it still means something to me now - even if that meaning has changed.

It's just been great. I'm so happy this fic is here again. And I'm scared for the next chapter because I definitely remember where things are headed come Halloween night. Agh! I'll likely be reviewing a couple more times before things are done. I'm not sure if you're still checking reviews here since it seems you've moved to AO3 (understandably, that's where I am these days for fic as well), but hopefully you'll see this, because I really just want you to know how happy I am that you're still out there, and that this story is still here.
Moirica chapter 25 . 3/18/2018
Thank you so much for this story.

I’m a fan of the longer works in the Kingdom Hearts fandom and the field isn’t exactly large. I remember reading Ballad back when it was first posted and loving it. I remember going back to read it and finding it had disappeared. So nothing quite caps the joy of suddenly seeing it again and being able to read it.

All in all it was a fantastic story that I will hopefully come back to and read again in the future!
BarefootKoneko chapter 25 . 3/4/2018
This story was amazing and I was addicted all the way through, although the very lengthy chapters were sometimes difficult to push through. I love love love long stories, but for whatever reason, when the chapters themselves were really long it was a little overwhelming. I loved all the characters and I was glued to my screen every free second I had.

I do have one question though. Did you have an actual song in mind for what Demyx put on Sora's mix tape before he left? If so, what was it?
BarefootKoneko chapter 15 . 2/18/2018
It's so hard to focus on writing research papers for class when I'm having withdraws from not being able to read this story. Is that funny or sad? xD T-T
BarefootKoneko chapter 13 . 2/18/2018
I was so hooked on the story I forgot to stop and say that I love your "in this chapter" previews, however, so far, I think Chapter 13's has been my favorite xD
BarefootKoneko chapter 8 . 2/16/2018
Ooh, I'm loving the sound of this "turning point" very much indeed! I'm glued to this story any chance I get and I can't wait to see what happened next!
Also, why can't everybody just see how amazing Kingdom Hearts is and show the excitement you want them to when you share the game? u.u I personally haven't been able to play BSS yet cause I try to play the games in order, then never get to fully replay through the first game xD
Secret Companion chapter 25 . 2/16/2018
The last sentence was beautiful. Especially Axel's beginning reaction 3
Shini chapter 25 . 9/6/2017
Just wanted to say thank you for this amazing fic! I loved every line of it and once I started reading there was no way I could stop before reaching the end. And like after every good story, once I had finished reading I was left with this empty (but happy) feeling wondering if there's life after Ballad. So it was a job well done! I will come back to this fic time after time, I'm sure of it.

I wish you all the best in the future and I hope that you keep on writing!
FatalGambit chapter 25 . 8/29/2017
My heart. how could you do this to me. Thank you thank you.
BananaPopoto chapter 25 . 8/17/2017
That was a very fulfilling ending. Thank you for not giving up on Ballad. Time to finally make an ao3 account (Currently lurker only) to continue following your work. Thank you a million times!

I noticed you said Sora leveled Paladin to 67. I know a lot of games have Pld, but part of me hopes that was a FFXIV reference. ~.
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