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bostafu chapter 20 . 2/21/2012
"Oh yes," Ryou replied with a hint of sarcasm. "Wouldn't want to be playing the SAME GAME over and over again, would I?" Yugi gave his best "I don't know what you're talking about" look and glanced away.

LOOL This made me laugh for a whole minute! That may not seem much but a minute IS long.

And lol should've figured there's more to quidditch than flying around well.
bostafu chapter 17 . 2/21/2012
hooo you are good at those tarot card reading thing... wow. taht was intense.
ErinNovelist chapter 45 . 12/12/2011
Well it's been a while since this was last written, but I was wondering if this was going to be continued? I love the entire plot and characters. It's beautiful in both authors accounts. :)
Let's See How Far We've Come chapter 44 . 10/9/2011
Wow...Everyone is going to need a lot more therapy then they already need by the end of this...
readerwriteranimelover26789 chapter 1 . 7/17/2011
Spindlegal chapter 7 . 6/12/2011
Haha I would not get a pet if I was Ryou. Yami Bakura might eat it!
Senna Sylvan chapter 11 . 3/31/2011
Just wanted to point out that slytherin is not a hose for the power hungry or evil it's for the ambitious and cunning. The power hungry and evil are just gryffindor biases. I realize that u are far ahead now but I just wanted to make a note :)
theopenwindow chapter 39 . 3/31/2011
dude your characterization of harry is seriously off - he'd never "back off" just cause because an adult told him too. and ron has been so belittled just for the sake of plot...also, not a fan of your characterization of yami...why does he always have to be the "bad guy" in their little plots/schemes? your blatant bias toward yami bakura was tolerable at first, but has gradually become more and more irritating. you have essentially, somehow turned him into a gary-stu. he's actually pretty much a dick most of the time and i'd like to see him put in his place because i can not believe that yami or malik would put up with his bullshit. harry and ron would definitely call him out on his bullshit. harry is a much stronger character than you seem to make him. one of his central traits is his adherence to what he thinks is right. just letting yami bakura walk all over him isn't going to happen. also, please stop turning ryou into a tiny weakling just to foil yami bakura's so-called "strength". ryou is strong in his own way - not a whiny little bitch. it pains me to see him portrayed in this way. I read this fic expecting great things...only to have been sorely disappointed.
looptheloopy chapter 45 . 2/27/2011
Review :)

I'm gonna write a short review after I read each chapter. Remember I'm on my iPhone though so there will probably be some grammar errors... Or random words. Also the quality of each will depend on the time I write it :)

C1: Great opening chapter. I'm glad you made them believe it was a practical joke, t'is more believable. You've got Dumbledore's character in a nutshell too, bravo.

C2: "I really wish I understood Japanese so I could find out what reasoning possessed him to do that, no pun intended." (from author notes.) LMFAO! You have no idea how funny I found that X3 lol!

"But looks can be deceiving. He was reminded of Bakura back in Domino City." Best. Comparison. Ever. I like how you write Malik, very believable :) Good flow too. *huggles* I'm already hooked.

C3: *bites bottom lip* Magical hair products... LMAO XD Nice. I wonder how they're going to react when Malik shows up?

C4: Bakura is such a show off. He sent Malik after Draco... O.o I wonder how that'll play out. I love how Hagrid lost both of 'em though, it's funny. Great chapter.

C5: Ha they got into a fight! *snickering* Malik is a sexy genius ;)

C6: Hehe, I luff Fred and George :) Bakura is hilarious though. What better way to prove you know 'the tricks if the trade' than to steal? I bet he thoroughly offended that shopkeeper when he insulted his merchandise. And are the 'items' Mr. Malfoy wants the millennium ones?

C7: YES! YOU MADE RYOU LIKE OCCULTISH STUFF! Great descriptions too. The 'crazy kid' bit made me giggle. Malik much? XD *tackles Ryou* He got a raven! :D

C8: They're gonna accuse Malik of using the imperious curse aren't they? -_- LOL! I like how Ryou discovered the platform o.o teehee, my train of thought just died...

C9: ""Yeah. You know, the bad guys. Bent on destruction and world domination." Ryou and Malik exchanged glances and shivered involuntarily. Been there, done that." ROFLMFAO! There's so much humour in this chapter! XD And I knew the imperious curse would be mentioned. LOL, Harry and co are already suspicious :3

C10: "That hat thing looks in your mind to decide what house you go in. I don't want you-know-who influencing which house I'm in" Gods Ryou, you are making this really hard on yourself XD I love Fred and George's view on everything! Especially when Ryou fell off the stool, t'was funny. Amazing chapter but I feel bad for Malik D:

C11: I can't think of anything to say... Epic chapter. F&G are funny as usual.

C12: Hehe, it's funny how Yami and 'Kura end up arguing during the explanation... Though they should have mentioned the Millennium Rod and Malik's 'other self'. Great as always. *gives virtual cookie*

C13: Malik v Malfoy... Epic!

C14: Ryou liking HoM. WOOT! CoMC was great, Bakura was mischievous :) lol Malfoy doesn't know what he's in for XD Great chapter (I really need to stop saying great.)

C15: Ryou's bit with the bogart was amazing dude/tt. You wrote it spectacularly so feel proud! I felt everything Ryou did, but a lot less intense (obviously) though. Well done *tackles* Best chapter yet 'cause if that bit.

C16: The pranks are amazing, and the Yami's got a free evening! WOOT! I like how you merge humour and drama, t'is nice :) *gives cookies* psst, I'm glad Ryou likes all the subjects. I wouldn't expect anything less.

C17: Oh yeah, the twins dyed their hair. LOL!

Yes, Ryou's fascination with the occult pays off! The tarot reading was very well done, seriously. I know very little about it but you did it really well, bravo! *throws confetti* amazing chapter :)

C18: "Thieves do not feel regret... Yami answered simply. Or shame." *attacks Yami* THAT IS ! He's just a pompous and thinks he's still ruler of everybody! *fuming* Wow you got Yami well in character. Well done o.o Ryou's a ladies man! *giggles maniacally* Potions was great by the way, Malik was hilarious.

C19: Slow Yugi, cocky Malik and fleeing Ryou. LOL! I hope Ryou agrees to be a chaser :3 cool chapter.

C20: ""I can't say I blame you," Hermione commented. "A board game is a lot less dangerous." Ryou laughed nervously. That's what she thought..." AHAHA! And Ryou can't catch! LOL!

C21: *runs to next chapter*

C22: Isis got laid! *cheers* The dashing redhead wouldn't happen to be a Weasley..? I stopped halfway through this chapter to go to the cinema, so I can't really remember what was last chapter n what wasn't.

C23: Okay, Malfoy cancelling the language charm made me lol. Teehee :) sorry for the lack of praise-words... T'is 3am -_-

C24: so... Tired... Nice cliff hanger. I liked thus chapter a lot. *passes out from exhaustion* X_x

C25: Blood pops. Is it strange that I want to try one? But seriously, I can imagine Bakura pushing his nose against the glass. XD Great chapter.

C26: I feel bad for 'Kura. Something always stops him from winning. Always. -_-

C27: Wahoo! They got back unscathed. Poor Malik, his pride has been hurt. :'D I do wonder how Bakura will react to Ryou's dream. Really good chapter, the yamis oblivious argument was hilarious. *giggles*

C28: Ah Dumbledore always know more than he lets on. Ryou should just claim to be a schizo and be done with it, otherwise he's going to make everyone believe that all on his own. Teehee. I think you got Sirius's character down to the peg, bravo! *huggles*

C29: *attacks Malfoy* Bad rich boy! BAD! *glare* lol unicorns are scared of Ryou X3 Amazing chapter, I liked it :)

C30: Must. Read. More. *blank stare*

Malik: heh *twirls Rod*

C31: I love Moaning Myrtle! You should've made her flirt with Yami and Bakura! LOL! :D I loved this chapter, very original.

C32: I bet it was Priest Seth's book. That'd make sense XD You really do have all the characters personalities perfect. I quite liked this chapter too :) I can't find a single flaw either, WOOT! *claps*

C33: A book that bites... I luff it! "Like you said," Malik answered. "I want scary ole Bakura to work his magic..." This made me giggle hysterically! Really great chapter! I adore the interactions and whatnot ;) *huggles*

C34: "Darcy the Muggle Expert sat at his muggle desk in his muggle house in the middle of his muggle town." ROFL! I dunno if that was supposed to be funny, but I chuckled regardless. The prank was epic! Malfoy's cool facade dropped XD I friggin' love this chapter. *gives cookie*

C35: Angry Ryou... Awesome! I agree though, it's annoying that they ruined his Halloween. Especially since he likes creepy stuff :)

C36: *cheers for Ryou* WOOT! I love, love, love how you wrote Bakura taking control! It was so creepy and I luff it! Great description of quidditch (fail spelling) and one if your nest chapters. :) *tackle-glomp*

C37: *evil laugh* YES! Bakura got to be a psycho! :D Again, one of your best chapters. I like how he manipulated the yami no game. As well ;) WELL DONE! *screams happily*

C38: "the typical computer geek with thick glasses and a bad complexion." *falls over laughing* WAIT UNTILL HE ACTUALLY SEES THE SEXY CEO XF lol! Kaiba is not ugly. At all D: lol at stressy-Bakura. That shadow game was amazing though- Malik egging him on was the icing on the cake. Then Yami also wanting to do a shadow game was the cherry! XD

C39: *runs to next chapter* :D

C40: Ha, Kaiba is so stubborn! Poor Mokie though, his brother must be infuriating! D: Bakura and the twins rule! The snow ball fight was funny :) well done.

C41: ... O.o I've been reading this constantly and now I hear you will not continue it. -_- Oh well :/ I do hope you plan on being an author though, you're quite good.


C42: I like your style already :) it's very good :) I'm glad that you was chosen to continue this though. Nice chapter, moaning Myrtle has a new friend! *huggles new author*

C43: The bit with Mokuba was dramatic! Really amazing, bravo! :) I liked the book bit too, was funny. Oh that reminds me! It's quite good how you go from comedy to drama like that. It's a good skill to have. *gives cookie*

C44: Oh gods... Yami Malik wants to make an appearance. O.o *hides* I love how 'Kura screamed at Dumbly, t'was entertaining to read. He reeaaally blew off some steam there. LOL! I wish I knew who you are because I like your writing a lot, t'is very descriptive an ensnaring. *tackles*

C45: Kaiba got out! WAHOO! And this better not end here! If I don't see it on your profile I think I may cry... Really good so far though, bravo! *throws confetti*
Hatsuka Bakura chapter 36 . 2/22/2011
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! I'm so nervous! What's going to happen? *chew off fingernails*

Man, cliffhangers are the best! They leave a sense of tension and mystery, and they make you want to read more! Nice job on using them correctly! :D
Hatsuka Bakura chapter 35 . 2/22/2011
LOL, a VERY angry Ryo... I didn't know he was capable of such rage... XD

And Yami Bakura actually apologized? Okay, now THAT's really unexpected. XD
Hatsuka Bakura chapter 31 . 2/16/2011
Oooooo, now it's getting EXTREMELY juicy! :D Whoo! This story is awesomeness in it's purest form! :D
Hatsuka Bakura chapter 25 . 2/6/2011
Ho boy... I smell something coming... XD
Hatsuka Bakura chapter 24 . 2/6/2011
Evil cliffhanger. XD I can't wait to read more to find out what happens! :D
Hatsuka Bakura chapter 17 . 2/6/2011
My stomach had about a hundred butterflies in it from this chapter. Evil cliffhanger... XD

If even Yami Bakura was scared, I KNOW that this is a serious scenario.

This story is awesomeness in it's purest form.
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