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Neya chapter 21 . 8/8
I'm new here! And i love your story from the first word ! Please continue on your pace, I'll be waiting :D
I like your Draco and your Ron eaqually, and wish they could became friends also :O but don't mind me and keep on going ! Thanks for your story!
LtsHrIt4ThBoyz chapter 21 . 7/12
I like the change-up of Percy addressing Harry, instead of the knee-jerk reaction of taking moRon's side, as in canon and most hpff. I also LOVE seeing Severus be more than the two-bit, two dimensional, paper villain caricature from canon.
I get that most children see things in black and white, but that's where a GOOD Children's fiction author comes in. My first ventures into fiction occurred when I was 7-8 years old and discovered Greek and Roman mythology as translated for 12 and up (I could always read above my age level ;). ), which led to Shakespeare for Young Readers. I also enjoyed reading History for the stories, but this also led to becoming better acquainted with subtleties and shades of gray, in situations.
What I'm trying to say is that Rowling had no excuse for writing 'down' to her readers except lack of talent and the inability to create characters with anything but the most basic human qualities. I seriously doubt if she meant for Dumbledick to come off as evil as he did (I despised him from the first book and it only got worse! I nearly PUKED when I read, elsewhere, that she'd made him out to be a 'martyr' and 'HERO' by the time she killed the old bastard off!), but when she tried to force his 'sainthood' down her readers throats, by having poor potioned Potter name a kid after him, I knew she (or her publishers) had an ulterior motive for doing so ('Obey your leaders, cuz they know what's 'best' for you.' Scary shit, man!).
Anyhoo, the point is: Children, who aren't being 'indoctrinated' and 'brain washed' aren't nearly as stupid as Bloomsbury and Rowling want them to be. But most people don't WANT to look beyond the Wizards/Witches/Magic wrapping to the poorly plotted and hateful propaganda piece that was PR'd down their throats!
I think you have seen behind the curtain and I salute you for your choices! I hope you continue to get more AU as you go along.
Keep Up the GREAT work!
Thank you for sharing!
Handles14 chapter 21 . 6/4
I love the developing friendship between Percy and Harry! I wish we had learned more about Percy in the books.
the other witch chapter 21 . 6/4
Interesting take on thé 1th year. I'll be curious about the end of the year & summer. ..
noulis chapter 21 . 6/3
Yeah! Cool chapter. Even if it can be hard to remember what happened previously in a story that hasn't been updated for months:)
DaronwyK chapter 21 . 6/3
Very interesting story.
buterflypuss chapter 21 . 6/3
good chap
mwinter1 chapter 21 . 6/3
Awaiting more.
Cole303 chapter 21 . 6/3
So Ive only found this fic recently (about 2 days ago) and I have to say its well writen. Im usually weary of slytherin Harry fivs due to the fact hes automaticly the super snake (dark and sneaky) and Dnape automaticly treats him perfectly. Youv managed to make it more believable. So good on you. Camt wait for more
i love new storys chapter 21 . 6/3
lovely chapter
Paladium chapter 21 . 6/3
:D yes, i like it!
DarkRavie chapter 21 . 6/3
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
tigerlily124 chapter 21 . 6/3
A good chapter as always. Well done!
Guest chapter 21 . 6/3
Good chapter! I like your pace and I look forward to the next update.
Hope06 chapter 21 . 6/3
I loved this Loved the introduction of Percy and the idea that he could have been slytherin

I totally get it about school I will be here whenever you get the chance
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