Reviews for Know Your Quarry
FuturamaFan chapter 13 . 7/13/2018
This fic is awesome. You are awesome.
Fry and Leela are very in-character and faithful, considering they're set in an alternate universe (that is very far from home, as it were) and they are also teenagers.
The way you created this complete different and dark universe blew me away. Such a leap from the bightness and happiness Futurama usually is, but I trully enjoyed the contrast.
I really loved this story, your characterization, and your truly artful narration! And I'm immedietly going to read the sequel!
CharmedRavenclaw chapter 13 . 1/25/2017
My God this is amazing. I love how you altered everyone and the Futurama universe into the Hunger Games in a way that fits! Amy is especially badass.
hannahsviolets chapter 13 . 9/7/2016
I can't even put into words how amazing that was! I absolutely adored this fic so much. Freela is my all time OTP and you got everything perfect. They were both so in character and I loved how you incorporated other characters into the story, like Amy being their mentor! Idk if you've scrapped plans for a sequel but I'd love to hear more.
Amyea chapter 13 . 8/30/2016
I've just finished reading this fic, and i echo sentiments of those before me, this fic is amazing i couldn't stop reading. You are such a good writer and have a fantastic way of building a story and describing scenes and building the way that the Games are created in the Futurama world, why Leela and Fry volunteered for the Games etc. It was just awesome and i'm going right NOW to read your other fics!
pinkdynamite chapter 13 . 8/9/2016
OH. MY. GOD. How have I never found this story before now? Words cannot begin to express how amazing this is. I've never read The Hunger Games, and I don't think I ever will now because it could never be as good as this. Fry and Leela are such am imperfectly perfect couple that they break my heart every time. I was literally up reading this until 5:30am and I don't regret it one bit. I quite literally laughed, cried, and got the feels all over this story. Any particulars I would have pointed out have been mentioned by other readers, so I won't reiterate them. I would love a sequel to this, but I also like how the ending is left so open. Thank you for such a wonderful story! I can't wait to read what you come up with next!
Freela6663 chapter 13 . 7/30/2016
Oh my Goodness!33...Words can't describe how AMAZING this Futurama Fanfic is!
But I'm still,gonna write it anyway...:)
Ok...This is LITERALLY THE BEST,Futurama Fanfic I've ever read in my whole ENTIRE LIFE!
And while some writers aren't as good as you...(no offense...)
You clearly show an OUTSTANDING view on writing this wonderful story,I love that it contains,romance,drama,and even violence!X3
((I ship the btw.X3))
CAN YOU PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSEEEEE WRITE THE OTHER 2 SEQUELS,,,,I Truly enjoyed this one,and I'm sure I'll enjoy the other 2..but please write them,please!333
((Well this is a suggestion but...Have you ever thought about doing any other Futurama fanfics...I mean maybe any genderbent fanfics...or another Teenage FRY X LEELA storiesXX33...)),,,,,Just a thought...

But all in all I LOVE THIS STORY!X3

This was FREELA6663 from Deviantart...siging out!:)
roughdiamond5 chapter 13 . 5/29/2016
Holy shit. So, um, I just postponed several appointments today to read this, and I'm so grateful that I did. This is one of the best re-adaptations of, well, anything, that I've read in a while. I knew I was in for a treat from the first chapter; you have such a fantastic means of world-building, of manipulating politics in the Futurama universe to make the Hunger Games still possible but more relevant and pertinent. The penultimate chapter was fascinating too; I was completely ready to accept that the Wongs were just dissenters of Nixon, but the pure rage in Amy's retelling and the stuff she reveals made the scope of Fry's and Leela's trouble that much more evident (and also made me notice that Bender wasn't here this whole time, and explained it all in one. Gosh, I hope he shows up later, but I hesitate to say where I'd want him because your casting decisions so far have just been flawless, and I trust wherever you put people next.)

And then, god, the Games. I thought for sure Leela would be an archer - I guess I just can't undo my expectations for Hunger Games!AUs - but you've made this so much better. The ruined cityscape provided so many different challenges, and I'm downright giddy from how hard you've worked to use the concept but not the structure of the original Hunger Games. Jrr's death scene (and hell, every scene with him beforehand) was especially stirring, although the poignancy with which you played Leela's early days alone, panicking and trying to keep things together, also had its perks.

And Fry. Did I mention Fry? How on earth did I not? Because Fry is so wonderful that I might cry. You've brought out so many of the aspects that make him endearing in the original show; even his stupidity helps him get more into the acting, and my heart aches for him even in this last chapter when he's trying just to be friends with Leela, wanting her in any way possible. His (literally) feverish devotion, his innate kindness...gah, you've done such a good job, and you've given Leela so many reasons to love him.

Your writing style is flawless, and it channels Suzanne Collins in its crispness and its complexity despite its brevity. I confess being confused as to what a Career was around Chapter 2, but it quickly became clear to me that they're just highly-skilled tributes, regardless of where they come from.

Long review short, I'm probably going to spend the rest of the day lying on my bed and soaking in the feels I've developed for Fry and Leela, and for this universe.
Just-a-Hep7agon chapter 13 . 2/18/2016
I can't remember for the life of me whether or not I reviewed this story already, but I do know that if I have, it was probably little more than a sentence fragment and an emoji, so I thought that I would provide you with something a little more substantial.
This is by far the best Hunger Games fanfiction I have ever read, and it's not even set in the same universe or with any of the original characters. Thanks to Netflix, I am a very new fan of Futurama, but even with my limited knowledge, I know that you have captured a perfect picture of what it must be like inside Leela's head. Your story-weaving skills are to be envied, and this universe you have crafted has captured my imagination completely. I prefer this dystopian universe to the one crafted in the original Hunger Games trilogy, as blasphemous as that may sound. Know Your Quarry is my new favorite fanfiction, and the bar has been set high. I wait gladly and eagerly for the sequels to this work of art.
ImpressedReader chapter 13 . 1/25/2016
That was actually fantastic. Really great job. Can't wait to start reading the sequels!
Elphaba818 chapter 13 . 12/12/2015
This was such an awesome story! I love the Hunger Games series, and Futurama rocks! Putting them together makes an amazing series! Please post the rendition of Catching Fire soon! I can't wait to read what happens next!

I have two things I want to know about the Catching Fire rendition:

- Will Nibbler appear?

- Will you include Bender?
Caitiann chapter 13 . 11/10/2015
Can't wait for the sequel!
A Fan chapter 13 . 11/6/2015
Absolutely one of the best fanfics I have ever read. I will patiently await the sequel and hope that it shan't be too long as the anticipation is quite high. Thank you for writing this marvelous piece! :)
Pandamunk chapter 13 . 10/31/2015
To quote a classic Simpsons episode:

"Look! You can pinpoint the EXACT moment when his heart breaks in half!"

God, I knew this scene was coming-I've read the books and knew this was going to happen (I only saw The first two movies, and it was kind of a letdown with some moments such as this one), and I just. You can easily imagine the hurt look on Fry's face-he's stupid but he's not that stupid. I love that he has that weird depth and mock-synthesia to him where he can figure out things when he wants to, and in this case, what he wants is to continue his relationship with Leela but to see it in a playback feature that there wasn't anything there to begin with, its all sorts of soul crushing.

Sorry, I just have so many feelings for this pair in any au they're in (even the aus they make on the series haha). I do like that while he's not fully mad at Leela like Peeta was to Katniss, he has that same uncertainty around her again. And coupled with "changed" Leela's growing and aware emotions of wanting that closeness again, this is gonna provide an excellent rift and growth between them.

Now if only Nixon's stupid cameras weren't watching 24/7.

And now I can guess what you mean with Bender appearing later on with the District 13 (I'm going to safely assume it's like a human-friendly version of that Robot planet since their leader is Mom), and I love it. The futurama world still feels very futuristic but with the absence of robots everywhere, you can tell things were scrapped or had to be made due with humans working in secret. That little scene with the panel reveal was lovely.

I may have daydreams about Fry and Jrr sneaking out there before the games started.

Good luck with your two jobs, one is rough enough as it is, but two, gee whiz. Can't wait for the next installment either
fluffGuardian chapter 13 . 10/23/2015
You know, there's just something there about that connection between the two characters we know and love as Fry and Leela. Something about them just never fails to keep me captured and invested in plots where with other characters, I can't give a care about. I don't know if it's just Fry's blind and loyal devotion (even without the promise of anything in return), Leela's constant battle with her inner demons concerning her brutal childhood and otherwise pitiful dating history, or maybe even just the fact that Fry's naivety empowers him with such an optimistic spirit that is has become a much needed emotional grounding point for Leela (who would be otherwise nearly without a friend). Maybe it's all of these. But my point is that, along with your other stories you've put up, that you've done a fantastic job continuing to further define and explore the dynamic between these two in a way consistent to the actual show, and even in this radically different context, you still did it well.

And that different context itself was well done. You easily could have taken the "copy paste the exact story" and "drag and drop characters into place" method, but instead you took the hard route of adapting the current Futurama universe/setting into something that you could fit the theme and rules of Hunger Games onto. The liberties you took un-orphanizing Leela did in fact work for the better, and I'm glad you didn't try to shove every single character you could into places they wouldn't really fit. In addition, I myself have casually watched all of the Hunger Games movies, and while I did enjoy my time watching them, I'm far from being an involved fan. That being said, you only barely used any scenes from the source material, and because of that, I never felt alienated. I also say that borrowing the 'both tributes win' climax ending was very much expected, yet it still didn't feel lazy, and honestly, I'm not exactly sure how you could have done it any other way. However, I recognized the "And that must have been the bloodiest first day ever with 17 deaths" line to be your way of not being overwhelmed with trying to write a dozen plus characters; that may not have been your intention, just that's what I picked up from it.

Other than the questionable choice of jumping an interval of two weeks during the training phase, I think you did well in pacing the story. During the games, the action scenes had appropriate impact and felt real. The other, slower scenes didn't drag out too long, and you used those scenes well. As so, I was properly convinced of how stressed and anxious Leela became throughout. The romantic scenes too; it's unreal how good you are at writing those in such a way that they don't feel awkward, forced, or fanfiction-y (you know the stories I'm talking about).

And then when we get to the ending chapters. It made sense the fact that the now level-headed Leela has begun to realize that her previous acts of defiance have all but doomed her, and the worst part is that they can't tell what exactly big brother is going to do to them. It's ominous as hell even though other than maybe the audio bugs, the state has shown no visible signs of reciprocation.

You've set yourself up very nicely for a continuation, yet this ending doesn't leave us readers hanging; if you stopped now, it wouldn't be the end of the world, the same of which can't be said for some other fanfic writers around. Also, respect for keeping the two's relationship in the ambiguous zone at the end. That decision might have made a few of the other fellow readers mad, but I think it worked to the story's benefit.

For myself, 99% of the time I couldn't care less about romance within TV or Movies or whatever, like every single time two characters start going on and on about each other, I just end up going "ugh" and I tune out. But the writing staff behind Futurama have designed a pair that we see go from strangers to married, and because of the properly paced and all too realistic story arc of their romantic progression, we've got this one-of-a-kind couple that keeps on delivering, even in fan works. And I say that you've succeeded in translating these two correctly into such a totally different environment. While I await the next two parts to this trilogy, I'd also like to maybe see an update to a certain other fantastic and epic story that has left us cliffhanging for over a year maybe cough cough wink smiley face?
broken halleluiah chapter 13 . 10/3/2015
My roommate wanted to know why I was screaming the other day. "It updated! The most important fanfic in the universe! You know, the Futurama/Hunger Games crossover?"

Well, apparently I'd never mentioned it before. But I've thought about this story periodically over the summer and fall and often yearned to read its conclusion. I knew I wouldn't be disappointed when the day came, and I was not in the slightest. :)

Fry and Leela are reunited at last! This scene meant everything, from the moment Fry's awkwardness convinced Leela he was real. Leela's wound-inspection may not have been romantic, but I found it incredibly touching. I've always hated how the victors get cosmetic surgery before appearing on TV- I can't put into words why this hypocrisy strikes me more than all of the others they've encountered along the way. There's a refusal to acknowledge that they've been damaged in any way, that any of the pain was real. I don't know. I hate it so much.

But anyway, the kiss was Great Stuff and it's adorable how Fry got a little too into it. I loved Leela's realization that if they had both been as genuine as Fry or as calculating as herself, they would never have survived the Games. Ialso like how you've portrayed Fry as able to read the subtleties in Leela's behavior. Just because he's not as rational and calculating as she is doesn't mean he's completely oblivious. He operates on a gut level instinct that really was crucial to their survival.

All of the interview stuff was great social commentary. I didn't think that anything could be worse than a tribute throwing up during the highlights reel, but ahhh, I was wrong. Poor Fry. Anyone in his right mind would pass out seeing a recording of himself cracked open, but of course the citizens don't have any interest in seeing how such a trauma would really affect their victors. I feel like this scene might even have repercussions in the sequel, which I look forward to very much.

The ending proper is rather subdued, but don't they deserve it after all that's happened? I liked how willing Fry was to start over as friends. Of course he's hurt to realize that the depth of her feelings were faked for an audience, but he doesn't waste time nursing a wounded ego when the important thing is that they are alive and will need to support each other in the months to come.

I loved the detail that Leela finds the real night sky frighteningly vast now. She's been living in a simulation so long and simulating her emotions and reactions to everything. It's hard for her to adjust to being real with Fry. But their final, vulnerable conversation about their individual reactions to trauma (Fry feeling cold, Leela forgetting that he survived every time she wakes up) was a good start. His offer to teach her about constellations warmed my heart. I always love details related to Fry's fascination with the cosmos.

Anyway, I could ramble for ages, but I just want to give you kudos for this ending. You've done a nice job wrapping up without losing the high stakes that will likely drive the sequel. All your readers will be dying for the continuation, of course, but I don't want that to undermine your feeling of accomplishment at finishing this first installment! It's complete in itself, structurally, thematically, character-development-wise, all that jazz. Your story is good and you should feel good.


Thank you for writing it!
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