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Bicorn chapter 56 . 5/6
honestly I just thought that Nic could just spam Nasty Plot 3x and then fire something like a Hyperbeam...huh I wonder if it would actually work.
Bicorn chapter 54 . 5/6
Naruto Rock Lee Easter egg on this chapter is real.
Guest chapter 36 . 4/23
vanessa is a better protagonist than nic.
Nic acts like he is tough when the truth is that all of his personal strength was given to him by arceus.
He is a two dimensional character
Guest chapter 65 . 4/17
One problem I have in this fic is you make it seem like the other constellations are stronger than the zodiac.
BlueRaptor629 chapter 85 . 4/8
I know this is long overdue, but this and the sequel are one of THE best Pokémon x Fairy Tail story a guy could ask for.

I read the epilogue (the ending part of the chapter) while listening to songs like: Hoshi to bokura from Persona 5, Never More from Persona 4, Glitter from an ending song in Fairy Tail, and recently, Light of Hope from Sonic Forces. Why? It’s kinda fit to the ending, same can be said to the sequel.

In addition, I loved the final chapter’s title ‘cause it’s fits really well.

About this chapter is mages from Earthland celebrated after the defeat of Lysandre, the Pokémon version of Dark Masters (I can’t help but think if you get this idea from Digimon Adventure) as well as Nic moving on from his past as he gets the girl he loved.

If my OC were in Nic’s place, he would be damn lucky to have a girl like Erza. Why? I like girls who can kick ass and show their adorable side. Fortunately, Erza is one of them.

See you in the final trilogy story, friend!

Thanks for the adventure in this story, now let’s go have another one, to the sequel!
Dragonbonded chapter 1 . 4/7
I'm going to say, before even reading, that I believe a story not over 50k is either incomplete or not very liked, either by the reviews or the authors themselves... and here is this monstrosity at over a million!

I read fast with a good story, but this will still take me a few weeks to read!
I have a feeling that I will enjoy it...
welp! new record for finding the longest fanfiction... my last finding was a Zelda majora's Mask fanfiction at I belive 740k... blew that one out a water and into space!
kagenesti chapter 18 . 3/15
I'm sorry but half of this chapter is complete crap. I mean come on with his pokemon no way they should have still been on the tower. With charizard and stararhaptor they could have easily gotten away. I know others might say what about the blast itself. Well with the speed of those 2 I imagine they could have caught up to the rest and had mucus use the water to shield them. I mean we have Nic using him Mon in every fight but this one which is a little odd. He was enraged for awhile but after he became cool headed he coulda had greninja or arbok help.

One other thing I really wanna point out is he only seems to rely on his Mon to do things he can't. I mean he regards them as family yet only lets them out once in awhile to fight. I guess it could be because there are no pokecenters here but couldn't he also let them out at the guild to socialize and grow with others?
Alpha Dragonis chapter 20 . 1/21
Coming off from the end of the last chapter is Nic vs Evergreen which is a decent way to start off the fighting festival - it does make sense as she was the one who turned all of the girls into stone statues. The way for him to get out of the Stone Eyes was a smart one and pulling a Kirby and using the Stone Plate to get out of it and Staraptor (the best flying type early bird in my opinion) joins the fray. This battle ends like in canon and I have to admit it ended perfectly like that with the bluff, though Erza's was more amusing.

The Thunder Palace goes up and we're revealed that his last pokemon is a Garchomp - and honestly I'm indifferent to the species. I simply prefer other pseudo-legendaries to Garchomp, but whatever works for you and he destroys all of the Thunder Palace with relative ease - naturally not feeling any difference due to his Ground/Dragon typing. Yes Laxus, that was an important rule for all of 10 minutes at most - so he orders Freed to add a new twist.

Then we have Sophie against Bickslow, and I have to admit I do find Memory-Make to be an interesting Magic and probably one of a dozen potential ones that I would like to use if I was a wizard in the FT universe. One thing that does seem strange and rather horrible if you think about it is that Bickslow could potentially have more of his 'babies' than just the five. Sometimes puns are necessary and other times they break my focus, especially that one with the Water Shuriken.

If there was something that I didn't like it was that Staraptor and Greninja participated in the fight - it would have been nice to see another member like Charizard participate except for Garchomp who is obviously saved for Laxus. Or have Sophie do it on her own with her Memory-Make. Then we get to see the absolutely awesome fight between Freed and Mirajane (the soundtrack used is glorious) - yeah I'm gonna keep that with a few minor changes to fit in with what I want to do concerning my rewritten story.

Considering that Garchomp was so far only used for the Thunder Palace it's surprising to see that he wasn't disappointed or upset at the prospect - oh well. It was good to have Nic figure out where he was and he meets up with Mystogan, this will end well.
Alpha Dragonis chapter 22 . 1/23
This chapter starts off with Laxus realising that his electricity has no effect on Garchomp and it takes him a long time to figure out that he probably shouldn't be blasting it with electricity and wasting his Magic. Laxus quickly then switches to Fairy Law and that fails like canon as well and that encourages Nic and Garchomp to just go all out and beat the shit out of him. I do find Garchomp's moveset to be a bit of a mixed bag with the inclusion of Dual Chop, but Slash and Dig are two good choices and Dragon Rush is something I saw coming considering the most recurring thing to happen.

I like the use of the move Recover and then finishing Laxus off with Diamond Storm and Garchomp's Dragon Rush - in comparison to the beef that I had with Black Kyurem I am glad that there is only one move with a dual typing. The events that follow pretty much what happens in canon with Laxus arriving at the guild and Makarov with expelling him.

Looking back on the fight, I guessed it was a bit rushed in a few places though the general flow of the fight is good enough. Nic participating in the Harvest Festival was a nice sight to see with the display that he and his pokemon gave to the crowd with the usual stuff including the symbol and Gajeel spying for Raven Tail and ending on Laxus finally understanding, another tear jerker moment to be sure.
Alpha Dragonis chapter 21 . 1/23
A two part battle that begins with the flashback to the confrontation that made Laxus into what he was - though honestly if it was me I'd probably side with Makarov. Though in this the reveal of who Mystogan really is doesn't take place right now, interesting choice and the trap involves the others using more magic. Certainly a nice twist but Laxus should have been there when Nic told him about his true origins.

Natsu, Gajeel and Erza all join the fight, and I like this part a lot with each of them being balanced at least until their magic runs out - even if I think that Natsu and Gajeel perhaps last a bit too long out there. I have spotted a few errors where an important word or too is missing, you might wanna reread this chapter. Liberal use of the Icicle Plate in this chapter and with Natsu and Laxus we get the well know Fire/Ice/Electric trinity in the games.

So Nic didn't try to protect the other three? Our hero, everybody!

After the scene where we find out about Makarov being on his death bed for the second time and far from the last, we cut back to Nic vs Laxus which proves to be a very physical fight. The use of Foul Play was also good to do a ton of damage to someone like Laxus and the reveal of him being a Dragon Slayer darkened my pants watching it for the first time in the anime.

Flashback time and we get to sit through the end of Nic versus Diantha to help him out of a tough spot - a cliche but certainly one of my favourites if not overused and it was done well here. I'll admit to being on the fence about a Normal Plate and I still think that it should have been included and I'm not a fan of just unlocking it in battle like that. Garchomp finally joins the fight and I was expecting him to join as soon as Laxus revealed his Dragon Slaying Magic, leading into the second part.

A great chapter for what was a very long fight scene, almost all of the time.
Alpha Dragonis chapter 19 . 1/8
Since I already posted the review, here it is anonymously.

The description of Sophie's place is nice, and is conveniently close to Lucy so they can visit each other and even knowing the final pokemon, I would still consider the desciprtion to be a bit of an exaggeration considering that other pokemon are even worse. Yeah, you can't keep up the happy atmosphere like that Sophie, though you tried. Seeing her Memory-Make Magic at first I had watched the entire first anime and I still don't mind that you gave it to her though considering that Mavis describes it an Ancient Spell I was surprised that it wasn't Lost Magic. The scene with Nic and Erza I do like, again because it feels like a natural progression with the panic thinking and stammering so kudos there.

Seeing the first glimpse of the dark legendaries whilst a good scene does kind of bother me because it relies on the more stereotypical one such as Hoopa (kind of), Mewtwo, Darkrai and even Giratina. I dunno, but I always thought of Giratina as a neutral/anti heroic character at absolute worst because of it's obsession with balance. If it had been a mixed of both "good" and "bad" legendaries then it would certainly be a more interesting balance.

The Miss Fairy Tail contest goes as expected and I honestly consider Erza to be the funniest of the main characters whenever she joins in with the fun - her being not so above it all is always funny to see. Out of the three of them, my favourite is Freed because of his interesting power set concerning his Jutsu Shiki and his implied crush on Laxus, my least favorite is Evergreen, at least in the beginning but as she got better I don't dislike her anymore. I also prefer calling them the Thunder Legion because I find it to be a cooler name (one of the definitions for legion being a division of 3000-6000 to men in an army).

I must admit that I wanted to see Nic barricaded in there and not be released until a different condition was met that wasn't a stone statue or over 80 years old. Having the statues disintegrate after 3 hours would be a little dark and I'm pretty sure that it was a bluff anyway. Seeing Natsu and Gajeel being blocked I thought was just a funny moment but I gotta give props to Mashima for planting the twist and revealing it years later in Tartaros.
Alpha Dragonis chapter 18 . 1/8
Okay, finally getting back into things with reviews so let's get right to it. Rereading this story was a good thing as I picked up on a few things that I missed during my younger days as a fanfic author. First off is that from the previous chapter, I'm calling the Black Kyurem transformation bull sadly - mainly because Nic does not have the Draco Plate at that moment in the story. At least there was some sort of logic with the Dragon Force that Natsu gained from the Etherion he decided to eat - this kinda takes away from the suspense of that battle. Second is that I consider the romance to be a bit rushed in this earlier part of the story and was one of the reasons for my reboot.

Whilst I did feel upset at his death the first time I read it, it wasn't absolutely heartbreaking like certain other moments in anime/manga that can still bring a tear to my eye. Plus I knew you wouldn't permanently kill him off at such an early stage - yeah, I also think the anime did the scene with the fake out death better but not by miles. I spotted an error, Plakia instead of Palkia. Nic's prioritising food over Erza was a funny moment that perfectly broke up the seriousness of the moment.

Despite my misgivings in the previous two paragraphs the reunion with the guild was done perfectly, especially the reunion with Erza so well done there. The introduction of Sophie is good, though foreign language being used in fictional worlds with no indication of that language's existence is always a bit puzzling. Again, I do like the part where Erza chews out with Nic as this feels natural, though the kiss feels... kind of forced.

I like the bits of backstory we get from Sophie, and it's nothing overly dramatic or sad just something that is more normal. Just like with everyone else in canon Nic's reactions to Juvia and Gajeel being in the guild and later on the confrontation at Magnolia's South Gate Park. What I like about Gajeel's character arc is that it took until the Tenrou Island to clear up any doubts about him being a redeemed character unlike certain others.

The confrontation between Nic and Laxus is good as well though is probably my favourite of them before the main brawl.
Maximusace9 chapter 67 . 12/31/2017
And suddenly Kaku
Maximusace9 chapter 65 . 12/31/2017
Oh my god no. No I am having flashbacks. Pavo. Bon Clay. Fuuuuuuck nononononono. Not Impel Down again!
Maximusace9 chapter 55 . 12/30/2017
Umm... sober means not drunk
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