Reviews for The Lady of Slytherin-Dark Beginnings
GeesBBg chapter 50 . 9/23
please write more when you can. I love this story.
Nemhain2009 chapter 33 . 9/14
Someone loves The Princess Bride!
thereaperd chapter 50 . 9/13
Well, sadly, according to your notes and the last update on this, it doesn't seem like you'll be returning to this story but, I thought I'd give you my thoughts and feelings about it as someone who encountered it for the first time a few days ago and killed off everything you wrote in about 3-4 days on this story. This story is likely the best piece of writing I've ever encountered on this site and I've read hundreds. It's also been better than most of Japanese Light Novels that I've read and down right slaughtered most stories in the US. It's dark and it's real. The example, of course, is what would happen if a bunch of teenage girls were captured by a bunch of violent psychopaths and you hit it on the mark (thankfully, you didn't go too dark and have what would happen if they were not stopped, minus the first event with Lilith which was needed to set her character for the story). The answer would make any civil and decent person sick.

I would have never read any Harry Potter fanfiction, especially gender swapped, because of the reputation of it being so twisted but, I read you SAO story and loved it enough to give this a try and I'm really glad I did.

So with that said, I really wish you were able to continue as it is so brilliant but, I understand if you can't. If there would be any way I can help, let me know. I'm not a writer myself as I can't bring myself to sit at a keyboard and punch out 5,000 words but, I am a decent worldbuilder, sounding board and proofreader. Though there is a part of me that would love to pick this up if you no longer wish too. So, if in the unlikely event that you want to take me up on my offer to lend a hand, you can reach me on email at and put Nemesis13 in with your title so I can separate it from the junk. I'd be able to give you more contact methods later.

I'll check out your other stories as you've been knocking it out of the park for what I have read and no matter what you work on from here, I wish you the best of luck. Though I did mean what I said on one of my earlier reviews that if you have an original story rattling around in your head, you should see if you could get it published.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/5
hope you finish this
acetwolf94 chapter 50 . 9/3
hexandvex chapter 50 . 8/24
I completely understand the abandonment of the story, but really hope you continue it! It's honestly one of my favs!
Eldersprig chapter 29 . 8/14
We call this 'Mr Thingey'
landerprime chapter 33 . 8/12
Hazzah for Nevil Longbottom! Both the Longbottom war cry AND an Inigo Montoya. And Huzzah for the thing with too many teeth.
landerprime chapter 31 . 8/12
Love the story. Finally a Pettigrew who's not incompetent. I never liked that idea. A coward yes, but incompetent? The people James Potter and Sirius Black seemed to be portrayed as children were, would not have been best friends with someone useless.
Guest chapter 50 . 8/9
i ship lillith and hermione so hard aw
LunaNight610 chapter 9 . 8/6
Lady Kirsten H chapter 50 . 8/5
My dear Author. Having only been introduced (by my son)to your work yesterday (Aug. 5, 2018), I have been devouring as many of your stories as possible. Lady Slytherin I have read all in 1 day. It is, without a doubt, a Masterpiece. Please, I beg you, continue the story. Need more!

. That's my email. Feel free to use it.

Lady Kirsten Haardrad
SilentSnowLeopardNinja chapter 6 . 8/5
I guess this means she and Severus lost the bet their family made about Dumbledore not knowing he lost his control of her and failing to realize anything about her. Because she was still called Lilly Potter despite hiding her scar with makeup and she put on a power play and accepted her school inheritance in public. I thought she was going to enroll as a Black or something with how they were scheming to keep Dumbledore in the dark.
JustALilNobody chapter 33 . 8/5
I love the reference with Neville. can't think of the movie name, but the reference is the best
Guest chapter 30 . 8/4
I read this solely for mad scientist Bellatrix. What you've done with her character is amazing and beautiful.
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