Reviews for The Lady of Slytherin-Dark Beginnings
Guest chapter 50 . 7/12
this is awesome i hope you come back to this story
alexhively815 chapter 50 . 7/12
Please don't give up writing this, I love this story so much. (One of the best fanfics on here to be honest.)
Omni13 chapter 29 . 7/7
Wow... my teeth hurt and my ears are ringing right now. I know that they're just starting but that's a hell of a warm up!
Tuna Overlord chapter 33 . 7/6
“IT'S SODOMY TIME BITCHES!" is the best war cry of all time.
Tuna Overlord chapter 29 . 7/6
Awesome ending to that asshole!
dcoon chapter 33 . 6/24
my name is _. you killed my father. prepare to die.
that is so the princess bride
dcoon chapter 29 . 6/24
i think that blacks torture those who would hurt their loved ones not kill
ohheyisabella chapter 50 . 6/16
This is beautifully written
Guest chapter 50 . 6/9
Hope you update soon, this story is amazing
Karou WindStalker chapter 50 . 6/1
As a fellow author, fellow depressed individual, fellow survivor of brushes with suicide.. may you find that particular something/someone that helps you overcome your demons, and know that you’re not alone, and if you need to talk, I tend to answer PMs relatively quickly...
GinHanelle chapter 50 . 5/24
I wonder what you're doing now, Nem.

Good luck whatever it is!
GinHanelle chapter 49 . 5/24
Leo Lupin sounds great and James is one of the best middle names ever. Really like your style. I have yet to see you name a character some ridiculous thing, for which I am happy as I adore names. Thank you, and may your naming prowess never waver.

(A little lion heheheh. Would be funny if he grew up to be a Slytherin or something besides Gryffindor)

(Years to get Tom a body though? Patience, Self, patience...)
GinHanelle chapter 47 . 5/24
Hermione, Tom, and Lilly. Might be the most interesting relationship I've come across lately. In fact, this might even be the only time I've seen that pairing XD Oh wow, yay! A unique moment! :D Friends who love each other, of course I approve despite my dislike for romantic relationships in general. A good fic can always persuade me!
(Will be fascinating to see how this unfolds) *chuckle*
GinHanelle chapter 46 . 5/24
After a year or so I am finally catching up with reading this Lady of Slytherin fic. Damn I forgot how much I missed it. Well, that and the chapters I haven't read yet are wonderful.
Very fitting Patronus Lilly has-love what you decided!

(Oh my oh wow, the image of a very pregnant Bellatrix running towards danger: freaking priceless. I hope I remember that forever)
(Totally understandable. Lilly highly lovable)
FiniteIncantatum87 chapter 50 . 5/16
Hope all is well. Based on the author's notes, you've had a rough couple of years?

I don't normally like the fem-harry stories, but this one is fricking amazing. I love how bellatrix is not evil, but is still psychotic.
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