Reviews for Come back to me
anonomous chapter 17 . 7/15/2017
anonomous chapter 17 . 5/3/2017
pbow chapter 13 . 3/1/2017
I like your story so far and just to let people know, Ben is the one going to Hell because of the lies he told Tori and his hatred for her.
"Love thy neighbor as you love thyself" He must really hate himself.
TheUndeadGoth chapter 17 . 9/14/2016
im not exactly sure how to articulate how much i really loved that story. the whole thing was a helluva ride and when i thought its a shtf you turned it back around and made it brighter
LizAri27 chapter 17 . 4/21/2015
Love this chapter ! Such a great future for them ! Jori forever !
Lushcoltrane chapter 17 . 4/13/2015
Nice ending to this story. A sweet happy ending. Thanks.
jenmar14 chapter 17 . 4/13/2015
Cute ending haha I loved it hopefully u make more jori stories in the future
ScottyBgood chapter 17 . 4/13/2015
Sweet ending. Next comes family, and rhe joys that come with it. Lovrd the house, btw. I'm betting they even sprung for a Jacuzzi.
Invader Johnny chapter 17 . 4/13/2015
Heh, a great final chapter, the Jori-ness was very well done and tender, I think my favorite part was when Jade proposed, had to be the scariest thing she has ever done in her life, no?

Now I wonder if you'll write a sequel?

You know? Maybe about Jade and Tori raising their future child?

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
Valley-10 chapter 16 . 3/31/2015
I'm really glad to see them so happy, they deserved it :)
Invader Johnny chapter 16 . 3/30/2015
Aww Jade can make Tori see stars!

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
ScottyBgood chapter 16 . 3/30/2015
Jade did a nice thing, recreating some of Tori's high school memories to help her recover so many more. next, Jade needs to take her to Shurwood. Or, they can spend the summer together, Jade making a movie and the two of them making so many more memories. The latter seems more likely. Also, Beck's apology seemed sincere. Glad they could work on being friends again.
Lushcoltrane chapter 16 . 3/30/2015
Nice way to reawaken some more of Tori's memories. And Beck was smart enough to apologize.
Lushcoltrane chapter 15 . 3/14/2015
It's good Jade has such a loving, supportive mother to totally offset the affect of her narrow-minded father. And the Vegas as a solid fall-back.
ScottyBgood chapter 15 . 3/14/2015
Jade's dad. She's finally in a place to accept that he's the ine whogiing to have to change if they are going to have any kind of relationship. Tori was hurt by being shut out, and her fear of Jade leaving her. But they're past yhat now.
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