Reviews for Milk Money
Randa1 chapter 1 . 7/14
Lillywhite1 chapter 70 . 5/27
I read your comment about people who are getting annoyed about a slow progressing story. I don't get it: you are giving up your time to give us someting very good for free, and they are complaining? When they don't like it, they should stop reading it. I appreciate your story very much.
Guest chapter 160 . 5/20
Really!? THIS is where you choose to leave us HANGING? SH#T, Lady! Geez! at least we know that Bella is going to tell Edward. He will have a BATTALION of lawyers, mean ones!, ready to chew Jacob up and spit him out. And I think as soon as THAT bru-ha-ha winds down, Rose's stalker (whom I KNOW will be her slimy agent,) will rear HIS ugly head, just as soon as the Rose/Emmett partnership is revealed. Alice and Jasper will get past the bumps in THEIR relationship; Rose will make "Aliswan" designs her exclusive designer and Alice will design for her next movie. When Edward and Bella get married, Esme and Director Carlisle meet...and the rest is history.
Guest chapter 159 . 5/20
"Life was perfect". Insert ominous music HERE. Sort of like saying "the Titanic is UNSINKABLE."
Guest chapter 157 . 5/20
Busted! But Bella should just go with the flow, and let Alice and Jasper follow their OWN learning curve.
Guest chapter 145 . 5/20
Alice is fiercely sassy in defense of her man! and such a quick thinker. Edward MIGHT want to have certain rooms of the house SOUNDPROOFED, eh?
Guest chapter 125 . 5/20
"the only thing worse was if I watched her sleep." oh, my! nudge, nudge, wink, wink: poke at Canon and Stalkerward! Kudos
Guest chapter 14 . 5/19
Bad idea, Edward! You are well known; SOMEONE in the restaurant will tell the tabloids. You will HAVE to have Bella live with you-O'Malley's will fire her for the ruckus caused by your unexpected appearance. With Bella comes Elizabeth and Alice. Your life, which was ALMOST kinda normal for 1 day, won't be anymore!
Guest chapter 122 . 5/19
Theres something really off with his "compliment" telling bella that she could be a model. Tanya was a model, does he need that in his life? does he only date people that look like models? Its just a weird compliment.
Guest chapter 113 . 5/19
Oh I hope the kids not Edwards! Edward should never..NEVER reproduce with Tanya.
Guest chapter 112 . 5/19
First off, their rich as shit right? So please tell me why they would be staying in a hotel that people can see into the windows? You make it sound like they were at a motel.

More likely they were on the top floor of a hotel where there was NO FUCKING WAY IN HELL a camara man could have gotten a picture from "the gap in the curtains"

And honestly? this photo that you got out of thin air is just too convenient for the story...its not believable...the photo, or the timing.
Guest chapter 108 . 5/19
Edwards little heart to heart with bella comes just a few hours after he was thinking that he wanted to work shit out with Tanya, so it means jack shit to me.

I think Bella should get the fuck out of that house.
Guest chapter 75 . 5/18
I loved Edward description of bellas "perfect" breast. A nipple too dark for her skin tone...but right in the middle. LOL

ya they sound like a dream...LMFAO
Guest chapter 72 . 5/18
It seems like the ONLY reason hes thinking about not being with Tanya is because shes not motherly. I don't like that, I feel like there should be other reasons too.
Guest chapter 69 . 5/18
Ok, you have taken this too far. Sure, make Tanya a heartless bitch but to keep pushing the kid issue? Its just stupid, even heartless bitches know that kids need to eat. And I honestly cant see ANYONE saying what you had Tanya say, "don't spend too much time doing stupid stuff, like feeding him".

Its just not believable anymore. If you want people to hate her and not YOU then its gotta be believable.
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