Reviews for Cycles Upon Cycles
Revliledpembroke chapter 30 . 11/14
I still don't know why you went with the "Shep died and Amon replaced him" narrative when you could have just gone with "Shep picked up a hitchhiker" instead. I think that would have made more sense.

After all, Shep still walks, talks, and acts like Shep. Saying someone who looks like Shep, has Shep's memories, and his personality ISN'T actually Shep is just weird to me. At that point, what difference is there between not-Shep and actual Shep if all those metrics are the same before and after?
Revliledpembroke chapter 25 . 11/13
You killed off the Keepers? Why? The Protheans altered them to no longer respond to the signal of the Reapers.
Knight5946 chapter 38 . 10/27
Are you ever going to continue this? This story got me into fan fiction in the first place
Highestarch chapter 38 . 10/6
Dang! Just read through this entire story over the past few days, and it's been so cool! To see Mass Effect and Starcraft blended together, and in such an amazingly well done way- just wow! Man, I have so much that just- it left my mind whirring trying to think on everything, but in a good way!

First of all, I just love how the protoss are done. I know they're not the main focus, but it's just so cool to see the protoss so well done. There's Artanis who every time he appears I'm just so happy to see him (he's my favorite StarCraft character, admittedly). I just love the characterization for him in this story, hopeful but still wary and more than ready to act should he need too. Then Zeratul, just vibing as a mentor figure. Speaking of mentors, it is kind of funny to imagine what Artanis might have felt upon realizing that Tassadar is a Xel'naga, when Tassadar was also Artanis' mentor. Happens sometimes.

But also, just with Aaron Amon Shepherd- did not expect that! Well, until there was the Sovereign thing, and it was like 'oh yeah he's kinda got Amon in him, doesn't he?' But before that, didn't expect it! That's a really spooky and neat idea itself, honestly. Kind of seems like there's some remnants of Amon's personality though? At least echoes of it, given when he touched minds with Sovereign and it looked like some remnants were rather unhappy. Kind of scary to think about if those were to come forward and take control or something. Ohhhh, and while it might not happen, probably won't given you decided to keep the Khala, but the idea of Aaron being controlled, and then those remnants taking over the Protoss' Khala similar to LotV? Now that's rather scary.

Anyways! I could ramble about how much I love this story all day, from Aaron's relationships with the crew like Tali', Garrus, and Kasumi, or ramble about how cool the alliance is, or callibrations- but I'm gonna sum it up in: I Love this story! It was such a fun read, and maybe I'll just read through again, because that's just how cool it is
A Sleeping Moon chapter 38 . 8/23
Yay, almost in the end game now! Also I know 'Tassadar' loves his secrets and all that shit, but sad that even my boy Zeratul is not part of this conference.

Also huh, is he going to be turned into a Xel'naga? Like, I can think that having Amon's essence in him can be thought of a fluke of a cosmic proportions but him technically having not both Purity of Form and Essence would be. Like, him having Purity of Form is something considerable in the low ground given he is barely surviving Xel'naga essence even just a small amount but Purity of Essence is something not a Terran like him can possibly be qualified of.

Anyways, sad that the current updates only reached this point but I'm patient when the next update arrives and I can't wait!
A Sleeping Moon chapter 37 . 8/23
Ha! It would seem the Citadel Races are still that huh in their impression. Also yeah, Kai and Brooks getting buried six feet under thee ground prematurely was satisfying, still them talking even after the distraction they needed to do was too arrogant in my opinion.
A Sleeping Moon chapter 36 . 8/23
Fucking Kai Leng always an ass, also Alarak always talking and be as savage is his character trait, he'd warm up to you sooner Shep2x!
A Sleeping Moon chapter 35 . 8/23
Well, given he is getting trained by the Dark Prelate himself, and Dark Templars are truly not alone.

Oh, and it's extremely sad that Anderson died and Normandy crashed, always a pain on that one. Even if part of me really wished Anderson to pull a Master Chief but well, he's not Master Chief.
A Sleeping Moon chapter 34 . 8/23
Oh, fuck I was thinking of Reaper fuckery, it's actually fucking Hybrids!
A Sleeping Moon chapter 33 . 8/23
Oh dear, I fear whatever Timmy and his merry band gets up to would be too dangerous. . .
A Sleeping Moon chapter 32 . 8/23
Of course the Zerg does not need it. Also sup Samara and Thane, I'm more of a fan of the latter and Mordin, Samara's actually an interesting character with how much control she can muster but I'm more of a fan with Dr. Solus and Thane.
A Sleeping Moon chapter 31 . 8/23
Good and I'm happy with them on that. Timmy's an interesting character but Jack Harper had been dead for years already in Mass Effect.
A Sleeping Moon chapter 30 . 8/23
Oh dear, things will get dicey in the future! Also damn, the drama on the next chapter most likely. . .
A Sleeping Moon chapter 29 . 8/23
Oh dear, the collectors are coming! Also Garrus, always a pleasure for you man.
A Sleeping Moon chapter 28 . 8/23
Good idea of them sticking it in and not pull the stupid and be stupid about it, but given that the Alliance had evidence and a much superior force is afraid, it is understandable.
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