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Francisco Matthew Vila chapter 7 . 9/16
Ooof the Batarians got Zerg Rushed.
The DCG chapter 30 . 9/13
You lost me with this chapter. Trying to keep things a threat and this forced power balance.. It's annoying. very annoying. Making this quite the chore to read when it used to be fun.
Byakugan789 chapter 7 . 8/26
I'm not sure why Kerrigan is upset about the stolen samples. Taking zerg material with you is proportional punishment all on it's own...The sheer level of bullshit Terran Science facilities go through keeping the specimens from eating the entire space station/colony is terrifying, and it still fails more than it doesn't. Whatever planet that Larva ends up on is screwed, even without Sarah going ballistic. Actually it'd probably be worse if she didn't get involved. ...that could be why...

Granted the zerg are creatures and would have a variety of sizes, but the official page puts them at 11km to the Battlecruisers .8-1.5, the Mother ships 3km and the Spear of Adun's 74km.
Byakugan789 chapter 6 . 8/20
Nice chapter. Fun, pratfalls and explosions, whats not to love?
Next: stream of consciousness commentary.

Vorcha always felt sort of sad to me. TECHNICALLY they're immortal, and the more abuse they survive the more powerful they become, but generally they get themselves killed, either domestically or as mercs, before they reach 10 years old. Chances are, they aren't actually stupid...they just never survive long enough to learn anything other than the ability to swear profusely and feel hunger fit for a zerg.

Heh, it's not just theoretical that the Ghosts can interface with Zerg. Kerrigan and other ghosts were how the Psi Emitters & disruptors were developed and if you read any of the fluff books the Ghosts (and battlecruisers) are repeatedly credited as the only reason the confederate military has been able to stand against the zerg on any of the worlds they appeared on (which was a LOT before Mar and Chau Sara, they covered it up with rumors of 'cholera' on the fringe worlds). The UED also had a fairly important plot point about their Ghosts being able to control the Neo-Overmind, and through it the Zerg Swarm.

Oh god...she had it slung over her shoulders? INFESTATION IS WHAT AWAITS YOU!

Creep's generally described as more leathery, but eh. It's a sort of Fungus mixed with a circulatory system. It eats the ground under it, and anything that dies atop it. Lakes, rivers and even small seas are noted to dry up as this stuff spreads across a planet. It also contracts whenever a cocoon is built to create or upgrade a zerg structure or unit.

Huh... of the three I'd have expected Vasir to last the longest. She was harder to kill than Cyber Saren. Ah well, ASARI JOIN THE SWARM! Not sure about he Salarian though... Corpsers don't leave much left to salvage.

Nova's Trigger event Mind Blast'ed several thousand people, clearing out the entire skyscraper she was living in and the top sections of those nearby. Granted, Nova's a P8 which is pretty high up there, but Specter post treatment are typically P8.
(her parents were executed in front of her, and the trauma caused a bit of Psionic feedback. It's also why she LOATHES rebel groups)

The Batarians...aren't so much allowed to get away with it legally because Muh Culture as they are used as a buffer between the Council and the only vaguely mentioned "unaffiliated terminus species". They absorb the Ire of the species who refuse to join the council and prey upon them to keep them from growing to a point where the council might be threatened.
As for what their essence tastes like...snot and ass. Batarians have three defining features. They're weaker than humans in...basically most measures, but have a KILLER sense of smell and very good vision. Something special about their four eyes I can't quite remember.
Byakugan789 chapter 5 . 8/20
I'd make a number of mentions about the three times Protoss did very very badly with AI, but the Geth seem happy to recognize themselves as subservient, so long as they aren't being attacked, so that'd totally work. It was after all, the protoss primary quarrel with the Purifiers.

Speaking of the Quarians being adopted by the Terrans though...It'd be funny as fuck to see the Quarrians running around in CMC armor! It's a complete contained environment suit capable of handling most extreme environments with a shrug and a giggle (zerg acid being a major exception). I mean, shit, CIVILIANS have these things. Though that may be because most fringe colonists are former Confederate soldiers... eh, still. I suppose the biggest problem would be that the helmet isn't fitted properly to deal with eating while sealed, where the Quarian helmets are.
Frankly though, I consider that a bonus.
The quarians primary problem is that they form symbiosis with local bacteria and virus rather than resisting infection and forming resistances when they are. Tali mentioned that when they first started exploring it was a slow process because any new world they went to would be two weeks of downtime while they adjusted. Which was why they built the suits. Which exacerbated the problem. Opening up the seals _just a bit_ on a regular basis would probably cure that issue.
Byakugan789 chapter 4 . 8/19
This chapter certainly made for interesting reading. Positive for the most part. Your age of creation story is mostly backwards though. And I really wish you hadn't agreed to SC2's insistence that Tassadar's Ghost (or the man himself) was a Xel'Naga. That just cheapens the shit out of the character. Like prophesy girl did to Kerrigan.

ANy word on what ended up happening with Stukov, the Xel'naga Phoenix beasts, the Purifiers and the Tal'derim remnants?

Unless saying so is spoilers.

Funny thing about Element Zero, in 99% of other fiction (including Starcraft) It's used as battleship armor. The Mass Effect series is weird in that it's not used as a hyperdense material, but rather took a paper from CERN on it's possible generation of Dark Energy and ran with it creating whats almost a new paradigm for spacemagic.
Bigby the Big Bad Wolf chapter 35 . 8/14
A bit busier today than I thought.

Yikes, these Hybrids are no joke. I'm glad Grunt was able to find a way to fulfill the queen's demands without putting his friends in danger. Shame Anderson died but he went down fighting to save lives. He was a hero.

Meanwhile, Shepard is going on the war path. Oh man Cerberus really screwed themselves over now. I would just love to see them try and fail miserably to stophim,which is probably what's going to happen. Also looking forward to Shepard battling the Hybrids.

Just hope as many people as possible are able to get out of this okay.
KyliaQuilor chapter 35 . 8/14
Ooof. Ouch. Damn.

Excellent, powerful chapter.
Byakugan789 chapter 1 . 8/13
Amon: despite your "show don't tell" faux-pa I think you did a better job than Legacy of the Void. I REALLY liked their use of the Tal'Derim, but everything else was either Meh, or pissed me off.
Who was the Ghost: Miranda I would hope. I do consider Psionics to be part of the perfectly crafted human when talking about the starcraft universe, though I find myself doubtful Lawson would allow his daughter to be taken by the program.
Anubismark chapter 35 . 8/11
Not gonna lie, i am massively psyched to Shepard's kleptomania causing him to "repatriate" the Hybrid. just thinking about it makes me lol.
shugokage chapter 35 . 8/6
Great job on this interesting cchapter!
Touhoufanatic chapter 35 . 8/3
Interesting. Crashed Normandy will certainly galvanize them all. But I'm more curious about how the hybrids be dealt with. And what grunt is planning.
Morbious20 chapter 35 . 8/2
Great chapter
frankieu chapter 35 . 8/2
nice chapter thx for writing it
shame that anderson is dead do wonder what there new ship will be like
Quathis chapter 35 . 8/2
Anderson going out like this may or may not be better than his usual death getting to the Crucible, but he certainly made it count here. Shepard's leadership is still in place, though after feeling Anderson's death, his control may not be doing so well. Until next time.
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