Reviews for Surebu
KKlever chapter 1 . 10/14
I read the story yesterday and because of it I got only 4 hours of sleep. But it was worth it.

The story ist really really great. I cried a lot.

Just one word for it: awesome

Thank you so much for it !
Ooh Missus chapter 26 . 9/14/2019
Laughed at the double entendres in this chapter. Humans talking at cross purposes and mild smut is always a joy. :-)
Guest chapter 40 . 9/9/2019
Wow bloody hell that was agood story couldn't stop crying , Carter got on me nerves Carnt emagin Carter being like that she seems so week .
Kang21 chapter 40 . 8/14/2019
Sorry that I may be late to the review party...but I absolutely LOVED this! (Am I crazy to say that?!) I absolutely could not put it down at all! I just loved all the Jack whump and angst that happened! I have started on your other writing pieces now. After realizing that I really REALLY love the way you write Jack whump pieces.
gabumon7 chapter 40 . 6/19/2019
Good story. I honestly needed a few chapters to get into it but was hooked after!
sylvelle chapter 31 . 4/16/2019
Wish you weren't doing this.
sylvelle chapter 17 . 4/16/2019
Too hard to read. I am trying, hoping I guess, make it better.
Marcy chapter 40 . 3/12/2019
Absolutely awesome
Marcy chapter 26 . 3/12/2019
Guest chapter 40 . 6/10/2018
this is a grate story loved it xxxx
surgit chapter 40 . 6/21/2017
wow, one of the best fanfictions that i have ever read. thank you for taking the time to complete this. i really enjoyed reading it!
cfz chapter 40 . 3/1/2017
Good story. Even the ending...except for the adopting the kids part. Not that Sam and jack wouldn't, just makes much more sense for them to be involved as mentors and adult friends, not as parents. And what happened to Kurt's girlfriend? Did I skip over that part?
cfz chapter 7 . 3/1/2017
Good AU story. Janet was always my favorite, but I always liked Dr. Warner and am glad you're so far showing him in a positive light.
Craig mills chapter 18 . 12/15/2016
Omg loving this storybkinda hoping good old thor comes along and gets jack a new ass kicking body
Revhead chapter 40 . 9/17/2016
Happy ending yay! This was a wonderful story. Jack's healing was slow and painful and it was fitting after what he went through. I'm glad he was able to confront his demons and finally settle down with Sam :)
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