Reviews for Changes
kouga's older woman chapter 69 . 11/17
Oh no!
southerencuttie23 chapter 69 . 11/11
Can't wait for a update
KristinaFerrara13 chapter 69 . 11/7
Omg, you can't leave it there, post now please
Sunshine1220 chapter 69 . 11/7
You can't leave it there! Thanks for the update! Looking forward to more.
grandmachix chapter 69 . 11/7
Oh, no! It's not enough to lose Jacob. Now Edward is injured. Will the pain never end?!
grandmachix chapter 68 . 11/7
RL has put your muse on a back burner. I understand. And this is a touchy subject for many of us. I hope Bella can eventually accept Edward's love. Write and post what you can, when you can. It's a really good story.
Midnight Cougar chapter 69 . 11/6
o.O Oh, I hope Edward's OK!
Midnight Cougar chapter 68 . 11/6
This is a wonderful story; post as you can. :)
William Francies Reisen-Newman chapter 69 . 11/6
nice update
Mitzi1958 chapter 69 . 11/6
I am so happy that you took my suggestion! I know you probably had it already and maybe a lot of your readers said the same but to me there is no better way for these two people to admit and say out loud what they feel for each other. They have going around each other in circle afraid to say too much, one not wanting to rush and hurt the other thinking she is still in love with her husband that died on that horrible day and the other afraid of saying I love You, I care for you, I want you in my and my daughter's life because what if something happens and she ends up alone again and having to pick up the pieces again after her world has fallen apart. She did it once but she does not know if she is strong enough to do it again. I say yes she is and he is worthy of the love she has for him. He is not taking Jacob's place, no one can do that but he can offer her a new life with him.

So Edward is hurt, I hope not to bad, I do not want Bella to retreat into her protective shell where she can not get hurt and instead tells Edward and he tells her how they feel about each other, that they realize that life is too short and should not be missed out on, a beautiful love that could last forever.

Can not wait till your next chapter. Hope your muse is back.
lillianolivia.white chapter 69 . 11/5
Oh no. I hope he is ok.
moonwinks chapter 69 . 11/5
Edward trusted Bella so much to identify her as his emergency contact. They are taking care of each other’s well-being and each other’s hearts as well.
Mystik Angel 85 chapter 69 . 11/5
Won’t shoot, if we can get an update. Please don’t take too long
twifansp chapter 62 . 11/5
That's mean! Hope he's alright. Just don't let us hang too long please.
debslmac chapter 69 . 11/5
I hope Edward is alright
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