Reviews for Ashikabi of Thunder and Lightning
manners chapter 28 . 11/4
friend make fic about naruto in sekirei

amigo haz fic sobre naruto en sekirei
Mysterious Gamer X chapter 27 . 10/30
Did Chapter 28 disappear? Can’t seem to access it.
Neotono chapter 28 . 10/27
Yume would automatically be Minato's sekirei since he has technically already winged her.

I'm still waiting for Minato to at least wing Tsukiumi, it's been ages and she deserves some love.
Guest chapter 28 . 10/24
Dear Ariadne Vegense please shut up you sound like an annoying karen.
codywhite162 chapter 28 . 10/18
Loved the chapter! Cannot wait to read what happens next
Kiyan Tribe chapter 17 . 10/15
I thought thing between Shiina and Yukari won't happen in this fuc but oh well.
Kiyan Tribe chapter 5 . 10/15
Why is Miya bashing going on here?
Kiyan Tribe chapter 4 . 10/14
I like Karasuba. Don't remember much about her but she is a crazy chick so that's reason enough.
Raizor chapter 28 . 10/12
Yume returning? Sign me up for that! But something is strange…You stated in chapter 4 or 5 the complete list of Minato's Sekirei and Yume was not among them. Now it could be that you didn’t name her because it would have spoiled future chapters, Yume is not going to be Minato's Sekirei which would be strange considering her wings apper whenever Musubi is kissed, or you have something planned that will cause Project Lazarus to fail and Yume is not getting her body back. I’m curious which one it will be…
Guest chapter 28 . 10/8
Please update your sao x campione story. It’s getting interesting!
Lord Doctor imperial chapter 28 . 10/9
"You're not my type." Come on, let her be happy, preferably by letting her give Minato and Yukari a second mother!
Guest chapter 28 . 10/6
I hope the Project is Successful!
Guest chapter 28 . 10/6
I hope the Project is Successful!
ethan.lukkar chapter 28 . 10/7
Magnificent chapter can't wait for more please update soon
Leaf Ranger chapter 28 . 10/6
So Takami is preparing to bring Yume back, while having to look more into the idiocy and corruption in MBI. Damn. Poor woman's got a lot on her plate.

And so does her son, keeping all the ladies happy and getting to them the point they can have fun.

Keep up the good work!
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