Reviews for All Started With A Smell
Gensitapotter chapter 73 . 4/26
Me encanto tu historia la empecé a leer hace 4 días y me encanto la manera de ser de Shikamaru y Naruto me encanto por favor continua
SexiAlly chapter 73 . 4/25
Love your writing so much I always look forward to read another chapter
thatguywiththestuff chapter 1 . 4/22
this is the first review i have ever posted and i just want to say although im not finished reading this, this is the best naruto fanfiction i have ever read. the story just engages me in a way no other story has these characters feel so real i can practically picture meeting them in real life.
cassiejones07 chapter 59 . 4/21
I finally had time to like from beginning to end read the story I think you're doing a really good job with your dyslexia. two things aren't right but I don't know most people who write don't make mistakes so you'll be all right. This is an entertaining story I do hope that Naruto is at least to be able to do like I don't know Shikamaru's mother and have just one kid or twins
LAzHellRaiser chapter 28 . 4/21
It was frustrating as all hell, and I'm glad it's confirmed, but your (hopefully now spouse's) idea would've been cool too.
LAzHellRaiser chapter 18 . 4/21
Yeah, I always thought young Sakura was a pos
arisasonoda84 chapter 73 . 4/20
please let naruto have child in this story, let her be happy as mother
chanur chapter 73 . 4/17
First of all, congratulation for your pregnancy.
That was such a great chapter. I love the intensity of your story.
Thanks for the update
skorpina18 chapter 73 . 4/17
I was so excited to see this in my story alerts! Been following this story since late 2018 and I can't not believe how far it has gotten!
I love just everything about it and there hasn't been a single chapter that hasn't left me in absolute awe in some way. Your way of writing is simply beautiful and the way you portrait every character feels so alive!
(On another note, congratulations on your second! Hope you have an easy pregnancy and you both come out of it healthy! Make sure to not push yourself a lot and take a lot of breaks!)
Naruko Uchiha chapter 73 . 4/17
After many long, but enjoyable, hours, I have finally caught up to the current. This is so impressive how much you have written and how well the story flows! You are truly talented! Also congratulations!
narutogirl103 chapter 73 . 4/16
fantastic chapter well worth the wait!
congrats on your pregnancy! such an exciting time!
neatfreak16 chapter 73 . 4/16
Thank you for updating, can't wait for the next one.
aznchicki chapter 73 . 4/15
Great chapter! And congrats on your pregnancy! Hopefully it goes easily!
difficultone92 chapter 73 . 4/15
Oh my goodness I love this story so much!
TheBeauty chapter 73 . 4/15
That was an incredible, emotional chapter. It's really hard dealing with post war stress that concerns so many people.
Thanks for the chapter :)
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