Reviews for All Started With A Smell
anthonym3 chapter 73 . 4/14
A real bundle of feels this chapter. I loved it. it is good to see Naruto and Shika's relationship further itself. I wonder what they will do next now that Shika's dad has returned.
mrstamatia53 chapter 73 . 4/14
omg who's curing onions
this chapter was a subtle emotional rollercoaster
Guest chapter 73 . 4/14
A emotional scene between Father and Son. Loved It! Can't wait in till next chapter. Between Man and Wife reunion.
ellainaparker chapter 73 . 4/14
darn you for these feels
RIOSHO chapter 73 . 4/14
Welcome back, and congratulations. Very heartwarming moments.
Shanti Blackthorn chapter 73 . 4/14
Welcome back and congratulations! This story is dear to my kokoro!
KristinalUzumakiPrime23 chapter 73 . 4/14
congratulations girl, you must be excited for this second little one, you have my best wishes and i and many of your fellow writers are with you in all successes, best of luck, i may not be a girl but you have my humblest gratitude for your endeavors, again best wishes and with you in all successes.

in regards,
P.S. love your work, it is marvelous, simply Marvelous.
angel2u chapter 73 . 4/14
I'm happy that Shikaku woke up this chapter! Also congratulations on the second baby!
Amaterasu53 chapter 73 . 4/14
You so made me cry!
Damn your beautiful writing and characters! (Just kidding - I'll get it back together in a minute and grab some tissues, too!)

Congrats on your wonderful news!
And sorry about your laptop - that just happened to me, too, but I had to buy a new one. (Lost all my work, too - including a lot of chapters to my stories.)
Gah! I love this story so much!
thainara.bastos.15 chapter 73 . 4/14
Eu não sabia o quanto eu estava esperando por isso, ahhhh, capítulo incrível, muito obrigado.
Jaegerbomb1527 chapter 73 . 4/14
Been reading this story for a very long time and I’ve got to say it’s one of the best. Great job and thank you for sticking with your amazing story all these years!
RubyGemGreen chapter 73 . 4/14
Omg I love your story so much! The way you write is so beautiful and well written you can't even tell you have a disability. I understand with having problems with grammar, I do as well. Thisnis my all time favorite Shikamaru story of all time. Congratulations on having another baby!
Dazzy96 chapter 73 . 4/14
you make me cry that's so good, I can't believe how many things have happened, feeling so happy with the update. Congratulations on your pregnancy, be safe!
Martial.Fantasy chapter 12 . 4/12
He noticed that his mother had taken a "rigid" form.
You spelled it as "ridged" Black Sand-sama. :)
NaRuKo-InuTaiSHo-XD chapter 72 . 4/11
A really exciting chapter.
Looking forward to the next chapter.
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