Reviews for The Hobbit: A Suicidal Journey
OoNakuoO chapter 42 . 9/22
I feel dread reading this story, but I certainly find it funny at the same time... therefore I'm a little lost, because It's funny but at the same time the subject of suicidal is not... well I'll just have to enjoy the ride and hope for the best ! Go Bilbo !
hansbmd chapter 42 . 9/4
Interesting dreams. The Ring certainly wants to lull Bilbo back into that mindset and his camaraderie with the Company is pulling him away from that. I wonder if he'll remember these dreams when the fever breaks, if he'll remember and understand exactly what's happening here. for thought. Glad you're still writing!
hansbmd chapter 41 . 9/4
This is an interesting choice. Bloodthirsty, angry, demonic voices...I think we can all see where that one is going. How will the Ring change him before this is all over? He doesn't respond to it in the book or the movies, not like how Frodo succumbs to it when he and Sam reach Mount Doom. It will be quite interesting to see how the Ring affects him when he's like this. Interesting indeed.
PepperCornPie chapter 42 . 8/17
This is a really good story.
From the title i was really worried that it would be a sad sappy and miserable story but you surprised me! I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you. And thank you for taking gentle care with the subject of depression. (I'm someone who deals with dark thoughts daily and it was nice to read a fun fic like this. Not a story degrading the illness or using as something to make a character 'cool').
SortingHat chapter 1 . 8/14
thanks 4 being honest saying it's half serious and humor as many say one thing but mean the opposite
Izzima chapter 42 . 8/12
I have really enjoyed reading this and I do hope you continue. Life can get in the way but thank you for continuing when you can. Bookmarked and I shall keep checking back in.
Guest chapter 42 . 8/11
This chapter nearly made me cry. I’m so happy Bilbo finally has friends and isn’t trapped in his echo chamber. Please tell me you won’t let Fili and Kili die in your story. I don’t think this version of Bilbo could survive that.
mESTEFANIAb chapter 42 . 8/7
Que bueno que volviste! Extrañaba esta historia, saludos desde Córdoba Argentina
blueEyre chapter 42 . 8/4
Good luck with the writing. Thank you for updating this story!
Undead Fangirlsama chapter 42 . 8/2
YASSSSSSS! YOU UPDATED! (Not that I can say anything, my own story is still waiting and I haven't even got a hundred words for it.) I absolutely love your story. I'm happy to see Bilbo is finally seeing himself more as part of the Company and that his depression is easing with the aid of the dwarrow. Sometimes, friends can be the only help in dark times, and Bilbo had certainly reached the darkest. I am almost excited to see the coming confrontation between Bilbo and the Company over his depression, and I bet it won't take much to have a few more mother-hens looking after him.
Thank you again for updating!
Griffnd chapter 42 . 8/1
I've just come across your fix and really enjoyed reading it so far. I do hope you plan to continue!
wockerjabi chapter 42 . 7/31
First: you, Vividpast, are awesome, and any updates or fics that you post are a gift to the fandom. You owe us nothing.

Second: I love the idea of the younger set baking prank cookies.
Pygolampida Ankathi Alepou Dai chapter 42 . 7/31
Oh, it's very nice to see you updating again! The chapter was short but but good and very appreciated. I'm glad to see you still going after all of this time.

I'm curious as to what the shadow is! I have suspicions of course, but I look forwards to finding out for sure, if ever. Keep up the good work!
Soy YO-SARIEL chapter 42 . 7/31
Gracias por no abandonar este fic. Realmente me gusta
Book girl fan chapter 42 . 7/31
Nice to see you back! :)
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