Reviews for The Rivalry
bernadethbravo90 chapter 24 . 9/22
Update plsssss
Chase Buoy chapter 24 . 8/31
This is such an amazing story. I cannot wait for an update. I hope you’re doing well in this apocalypse!
Jay chapter 24 . 8/22
I hope you’re OK, oh talented and good-looking Pseu, and the COVID beast hasn’t gotten you...give us a sign...
usernames can go to hell chapter 1 . 8/14
this story is fantastic.
Knaruto chapter 24 . 6/19
more please! more
Holotype chapter 1 . 6/14
Phenomenal story. Looking forward to the next update!
Silo chapter 24 . 6/2
Why is this story so fucking awesome? It hits all of my buttons. I can’t stop reading. How dare you not have another chapter. How dare you.
Guest chapter 24 . 5/28
I'm breathless. Really. You punch hard author. I love and hate this. Mostly love of course.
quipsquips chapter 24 . 5/27
Hello! I saw the update and ended up reading the whole story again haha I hope you can update again soon, I can't wait to see how things are going to work out for Harry and Draco. Really, this fic is amazing, the plot is reaaally good. I'm just so wrapped up by their dynamic, I love the way you have built Harry's personality, and the way they interact is addicting please give us moooore!
SmileForMe15 chapter 24 . 5/26
O my goodness. I love this story but please update the next hundred chapters now. Haha. I'm in suspense. I cant wait. thank you for taking your time and making this a fantastic story. I reread it all the time.
KKVixen chapter 24 . 5/26
Ah, I love the update! I love the story and all the intricacies involved with House politics and culture and I love the way you present everything. I’m just in love with the story lmao. Thank you for the chapter!
Lady.Of.The.Lands chapter 23 . 5/25
This is a review for chapter 24 “chapter 32”

For you A bad cinquain I wrote awhile back

out of nightfall,
away from the howling
into the warm inn. Why do I feel
more Afraid?

Also your possessive!Draco is the best and I agree with Rene that whatever happens next will be epic, as long as I’m not the target.
I hope to see more from this story and I hope you and yours are well

May the Three Friends smile upon your path
KKVixen chapter 11 . 5/25
I love how Percy never denies what Harry said about wanting to spy on “hot teen bods” lmao.
Stormshadow13 chapter 24 . 5/24
Looking forwards to seeing the fall out. Draco is so awesome. Love this story.
Lady.Of.The.Lands chapter 24 . 5/24
Pseudonymous entity,
That is my only word for this chapter
you know I had gotten used to the idea that I would never see the continuation of the story And then I get in my inbox pseudonymous entity has updated the rivalry and I got tingles literal tingles down my spine. This is sooooooooooo gooooooood thank you for updating.
May you and yours be well in this time
May the Three Friends smile upon your path
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