Reviews for The Eternal Torment of Tayuya Uzumaki
MurgianSwordsman chapter 22 . 10/21
I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this work, my only real complaint is to see that it's incomplete and left on a cliffhanger of an ending. I had always taken a liking to Tayuya, and to see this fanfic brought a nice suprise. Seeing Tayuya's immortality regen work against Hidan was very amusing, but most of all I enjoyed her interactions with Fu and how they both grew as people. I hope to see this finished one day, but seeing how it's been nearly 4 years since this was last updated, I suppose I will be happy to have read this much as it stands.
facundouchihamadara chapter 1 . 12/19/2018
just for the mere reason that this is a tayuya fic il auto fav/follow it xD
kubpaw57 chapter 22 . 12/7/2018
Stay tuned guys I just send a PM massage to the author of the story asking him about it's possible continuation. I will send a massage in this post tab so as I said stay tuned :D
Yurilover0204 chapter 22 . 10/24/2018
This was absolutely amazing, such a shame it will probs never be continued, i did however enjoy these 22 chapters so much that i had to binge through all of them in one go! even tho im at work lol, if my employer knew...
DannyPhantom619 chapter 22 . 9/10/2018
This us probably one of THE best Naruto fanfics that isn't a Self Insert. From Tayuya becoming a more powerful badass, to the romance between Fu and Tayuya, to practically becoming an older sister to Naruto, and finally her connection to Kurama.
Jack62111 chapter 22 . 8/26/2018
I’m really liking this story and Tayuya, if you continue will Tayuya be rescued or escape on her own and will she become the Fox sage because of her relationship with Kurama like naruto becomes the toad sage.
Firestar001 chapter 21 . 8/5/2018
Ugh. Please try to continue this! It’s so amazing.
EVA-Saiyajin chapter 17 . 5/17/2018
Mmmm, Tayuya/Naruto interactions are hilarious.

I like how you described the process and work of the Cursed Seal.
EVA-Saiyajin chapter 22 . 5/17/2018
Mmm, a good story. I hope you continue it, I'm liking Tayuya.
Canaryz chapter 22 . 4/26/2018
Ughhh... here comes torture graphical scenes.. hopes naruto is fast enough..
AbstractTraitorHero chapter 22 . 4/18/2018
I have to say this is one of my favourite fanfiction's. I hope one day you return to it. I can understand if lives getting you. But nonetheless I hope I and everyone else who loves this story can see it continue some day.
King of Fans chapter 2 . 2/26/2018
Good chapter.
I really like how you gave and spun tayuya's character you make her fill more sympathetic.

I also must give you Credit in trying to make a lesser character a stare of there own series.
Tyuya was a good pick for this.
Lastly I like how you are not makeing just a love interest or being forced to join the leaf like most fanfics. It's refreshing a good concert I wish more rights would take more interesting in.
Mingphongtryread chapter 22 . 2/20/2018
I have a question to ask, will this story ever reach to the shippuden war?
Grand Laise chapter 22 . 2/12/2018
I dont know why this popped up first on my download list, could be a mistake, but it got my hopes up pretty badly for a moment... please update thisss! Really miss your writing and Fu, bring both of them back soon! Hope everything is going ok on your end!
titan616 chapter 16 . 11/14/2017
You did a really good job with Tayuya and Fū's relationship. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised with how things ended, Tayuya was not powerful enough to avert this fate. But I did enjoy seeing her kick Hidan's ass. You also did a good job capturing the philosophy of Buddhism, and it worked out well; in true Buddhist fashion Tayuya and Fu's friendship was as temporary as everything else, but beautiful while it lasted.

I have to admit, I sometimes skip over authors notes, but I did read one of yours where you described Pain as a "big softie", though I have to disagree. Pain, and Obito as well for that matter, were evil. Not misguided, not misunderstood, and not victims; they were cold-blooded murders and fanatics. It's good that they apparently had a change of heart in the end, but that does nothing to change the fact that they have a whole lot of blood on their hands.
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