Reviews for Hermione Granger and the Serpent's Renaissance
Wolfie chapter 98 . 10/22
Please update I absolutely love this
Lost O'Fallon Girl chapter 98 . 10/20
That's all there is? :( I want more. I really enjoy slytherin lol
Guest chapter 97 . 10/16
Waaait. Does Theo suspect that sally is mme. Slytherin? Based on her PERFUME?!
Guest chapter 77 . 10/15
Lol. “I have full confidence in your ability to make people sell their lives to you while sounding like you’re doing them a favor.”
Well put. Lol
Guest chapter 28 . 10/15
Ha. I love this.
Guest chapter 12 . 10/15
Lol. If only Blaise knew who “sal” really was…that would be great. He’d probably fall over his feet more disastrously than the creevey brothers.
Guest chapter 5 . 10/14
Lol. Let’s not trust anyone until they’ve insulted Marv. I kind of love Salazar.
Esmereilda chapter 74 . 10/12
um last i checked thunder alone wasnt associated with poseidon but rather zeus so ur odyssey ref is a little skewed
Kali-blue chapter 98 . 10/10
I read through all four years and enjoyed your take on the dark arts and Slytherin reincarnated as Hermione Selaine Sally Granger. Theo Nott’s recognition of her perfume and following his heart for sanctuary seems a reasonable subterfuge for 5th year. One question, you mentioned Pike as not taking Mme. S’s deal and yet he was not listed with the other 7 who came when Bartymort resurrected TR/LV with his own corpse. Does Pike not have a dark mark? Was he merely following him and his death eaters for greed and power or was he somehow held up?
Wildcatatheart chapter 98 . 10/10
excellent! can't wait for year 5...
Esmereilda chapter 67 . 10/8
and with this kinda of networking sal can knock the legs out from under voldie but taking away much of his power base
LucWw chapter 97 . 10/7
Does Theo suspect Hermione as Mme. Slytherin? I think it might be her perfume. Hope you start updating again soon.
Esmereilda chapter 64 . 10/6
and now she knows to be careful what she wishes for
KadeBear chapter 98 . 10/5
An absolutely brilliant read, it was incredible to see Salazar's rise and the building base of her power. My only concern is that the opposition doesn't seem to have many heavy hitters, mainly just Voldemort, Bellatrix, Greyback, and perhaps the Lestrange brothers. Here's to hoping that Voldemort's power base will grow here soon, after all what's a good story without a good antagonist? Also first face to face meeting with Salazar and Dumbledore soon? Anyways absolutely loving this fic so far keep up the fantastic work!
P.s. I do hope that if, way down the line, there is an attack on Hogwarts that Esmeralda will come out to play
Esmereilda chapter 58 . 10/4
ok i look forward to seeing how u prove/reveal that sirius is innocent this time
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