Reviews for Lapsus Memoriae (Rávamë's Bane: Book 1)
ImaginativeReader174 chapter 10 . 8/14
This chapter was great, as usual. One thing that really sucks is that I know only one other person who reads fanfiction and they haven't seen or read The Lord of the Rings, so I can't recommend or talk about RB to anyone.

Honestly this story is hilarious and it never fails to make me laugh even after I've reread it like 50 times (I'm sure I've reread this story /more/ than fifty times but I digress). Ellie's thoughts are honestly amazing and my favourite section in this chapter is the whole "you seem a little carefree for an elf" part. I've reread this story god know hows many times but I still end up laughing inelegantly for like ten minutes straight at that part.

Knowing what happens in the next chapter with Aragorn criticizing Ellie I've always wondered was her action during the Cerbain section so horrible? Sam forgot his pack and she hid it, why is that so bad? I guess she was out in the open but still... they would have been discovered if she hadn't hidden his pack. Maybe I just don't understand spy tactics or maybe I'm bias towards Ellie.

Speaking of the Cerbain section E and L ,have had their first real-ish interaction and it did not go well at all. I love those two so much and they have definitely come a long way in CM.

I'm still curious as to why Gandalf doesn't let on as much as he knows about Ellie. I just feel like there's more that can be said, but he's holding back.

It's weird seeing how the dynamic of the fellowhip has changed since the beginning. I feel like right now Ellie and the entire fellowship haven't "clicked" yet. I feel like when the fellowship really starts to click and Ellie really feels like a part of it is in Lorien, right now I feel like she's kinda distancing herself (which I think is addressed in the next chapter), and everyone is just tolerating each other rather than being best friends.

My reviews right now are more ramblings than succinct thoughts which is actually kinda funny because in my reviews I try and be critical and eloquent but it feels like for RB I kinda just write whatever since I have absolutely zero issues with this story so I can say whatever I want. I'll see you in the next review.

Imaginative :)

PS. I just realized I do a lot of these reviews at random times and there's a large time difference so you probably are receiving these reviews in the middle of the night, sorry about that! :/
ImaginativeReader174 chapter 9 . 8/14
I'll be honest I ended up finishing the entire story and kinda just stopped reviewing, but have no fear dear Rella I WILL review every chapter. Honestly though, I don't think I'll be reviewing every chapter of a story ever again (besides CM). Mostly because I feel like it disrupts the flow of the story if I have to stop and write down a review for every chapter since I'm so anxious to read what's next. I have no idea why I wrote any of that but I assure you I WILL review every chapter for this story because I love it too much not to. With that out of the way I'll start the actual review now.

The title of the chapter is me on a daily basis, though I honestly wish I was half as witty as Ellie is. In all honesty I kinda forgot about the part where people were against Ellie coming. I knew it happened, but now Ellie feels so apart of the fellowship that it feels like she was always meant to be there and people wouldn't reject to her coming because she belongs in the fellowship (I have no idea if that makes sense but anyways).

I think I've said this in every review now, but I find it SO weird seeing characters interact in the beginning especially knowing where their relationship is gonna end up. Seeing her first interaction with Gimli and how they're annoyed by eachother but in the future knowing they're gonna be bros is so weird. The same is for her and Boromir too, with Boromir based on their first interaction you think they're gonna be romantically involved but they're also bros, and then her and Legolas, thinking they're gonna hate each other but NOPE that is NOT what happens and BOY AM I HAPPY ABOUT THAT.

I don't know why, but reading this chapter is really nostalgic. It just shows how much the fellowship has grown since the beginning. Before they were slightly misogynistic assholes (I had to say slightly because I love my babies too much to call them real assholes), and now they're all besties with dear Ellie and honestly I fricken love the family bond between the fellowship and Ellie because it's amazing. I get off topic way too often , I'm supposed to be reviewing THIS chapter, dammit not the NEXT BOOK.

That memory was an interesting part and I have my theories about who that woman is (but I won't say them until probably when I start rereading the next book because people don't want spoilers), and I wonder if Ellie sits down in CM just for a second about making sense of her memories of she'll know who that woman is.

This review ended up being way longer than I expected it to be but I love this story and have a lot to say so that's fine. This chapter was wonderful and funny as usual and I'll see you in the next one.


PS. I just reread my previous review and I didn't edit through it before I posted it and now I know why editing is so important haha
ImaginativeReader174 chapter 7 . 8/11
So I'm just gonna rewrite this review since decided to. not post it (why does this site always do this?). Anyways I like how Eleanor's problems haven't just disappeared and she still feels homesick and restless dispite being in Rivendell.

I like Eleanor's relationship with Bilbo and Elrond is super sweet and I would love to see the twins more in the story,but for know I'll be happy with what I have.

This chapter is well-written and I like how nothing too drastic has happened just yet to try and grasp reader's attention, if I got dropped in ME I wouldn't suddenly join the hunting groups and be a professional sword weilder in three months. You keep things realistic is what I'm trying to say.

I'll see you in the next review,

ImaginativeReader174 chapter 8 . 8/11
I've always loved your descriptions when it comes to any mind/ healing. You describe it vividly but not too much that it becomes over-dramatic (if that makes sense). I liked the way you introduced Frodo and Gandalf and I like how you included changes with Eleanor right off the bat (like being less clumsy, etc.).

As a Star Wars nerd I adore all the references and never stop them! I love them.

This was a great chapter as usual I liked how your pacing and everything.

Until the next one,


PS. I just realized that one of my other reviews may have been deleted which is super annoying.
ImaginativeReader174 chapter 6 . 8/10
This was a good chapter and I always can't help saying it was well-written. The thing I like about your story is that you have set pacing and you're willing to have things slow to establish everything.

I have my theories about who Ellie is (which I won't write because spoilers) but if I'm right I like the little clues that you added with her interaction with Elrond.

I love the way Ellie describes everything, calling the elves supermodels is my favourite thing ever. It's weird to read this seeing how much Ellie has grown and matured but still stayed the same (if that makes sense). It's one of my favourite parts of rereading.

I'll see you next chapter,

ImaginativeReader174 chapter 5 . 8/10
I just disappeared for a bit but I'm back now! I don't know if I said this in my previous reviews but I really want to know what Aragorn was thinking when he met Ellie, I want to know why he didn't ask about her life and her life in London (I feel like I would ask, or maybe I'm just suspicious of everyone).

As usual this chapter was very well-written. I like reading all the clues you left with the Tink and Ellie scenes. I normally never comment about spelling or grammar things because I understand how annoying it can be but the only thing is that instead of calling Ellie "boss" Tink called her "boos".

Ifind it funny because Ellie never catches a break in Middle Earth. She burns her arm, hits her head/ gets a river dumped on her and all the other stuff that happen to her (which I won't write because spoilers). I wonder if Ellie ever has a day where she just sits down and doesn't get herself injured haha.

Until next time,

ImaginativeReader174 chapter 4 . 7/27
"We could ponder your intriguing nature of your predicament together" and "quick and skillful as any stoneage first-aider", are my favourite lines ever. Everytime I reread them I still find them hilarious.

Again, Ellie's reaction is very realistic, and so was Aragorn's. I always find it so strange when I read a fanfic and that the people who find the OC trust them right away and believe everything that they're saying. Logically speaking, if a random person tried to steal my food when I went camping I would have a thing or two to say about it, rather than bowing at their feet and praising them like a god.

This chapter was as well-written and funny as the other's. Until next time,

ImaginativeReader174 chapter 3 . 7/27
This was a very good chapter. The way you handled Eleanor's panic and reasoning seemed very realistic and I think it would probably be how I react (though I have even less survival knowledge haha).

Let me guess it's Aragorn (I think I'm cheating though XD ). I always find it interesting to reread when characters first meet knowing how they will act like with eachother in the future. I wonder after this incident, and their convo in the next chapter if Aragorn suspected that Ellie was from another world.

I enjoyed the chapter and I'll move onto the next one now.

ImaginativeReader174 chapter 2 . 7/25
Ever since I've started this story I've always loved this chapter. There's just something about it that always draws me into your story. For one, it shows how much Ellie has matured since the beginning but it also is such a captivating introduction. I know you said this was a cliché way to start, but I think the way you handled it made it the opposite. You very well established that Ellie has friends and a life outside of her boyfriend, and you established that she has goals and doesn't quote and wish to be in ME every five seconds. Also the writing in this chapter is very good and all the feelings and events are not overdone and very realistic (well as realstic as it can get in a fantasy story haha).

Mark. I kinda forgot about him but I haven't forgot enough about him to think that he's not an asshole. What a horrible person, but I can't help but feel there's more to their relationship sucking than just Mark cheating, I know I like to speculate stuff but I think it might have to do with the "crap" Katie had to help Ellie through regarding Mark. Ugh he's such a douche.

Now knowing what I know about the story I always wondering reading the dream section how long Think has been in Ellie's head. I'm gonna refrain from spoilers but I wonder if somehow Ellie's stress or something activated the part of her brain where Tink lived in which caused her to go ME. I wonder if through her human life Tink was always influencing her to be safe like maybe the whole hanging on the monkey bar thing with Katie, was Tink influencing her to stay safe or something? I know it's a long shot but you can never know with your story.

This ended me more going on random tangents than actually reviewing the chapter so I'll try and do that next time. Anyways I love rereading your story and it's always a pleasure.


PS. I recently rewatched LOTR and I haven't watched the movies in so long because of RB and the fact that Ellie isn't there, but the the whole time I always saw a random person and was like "ohh there's Ellie see she exists in this movie". Ahhh I just love these books so much.
ImaginativeReader174 chapter 1 . 7/25
Hello Miss Rella,

I am going through a phase of being quite addicted to this story again, and every time this happens I obsessively reread your story. The problem is, is that I have NEVER given a review of every single chapter in LM. So instead of rereading this story every day and never reviewing I am going to read a chapter and review it! I'm surprised it's taken me four years to do this.

There's not much I can say about the prologue except that I've always found it very intriguing and an interesting way to start the story. Also I always gain more respect for you (and trust me when I say I have /mountains/ of respect for you) everytime I read your author's note. I feel like just the author's note is something that draws a person in because you seen to handle the whole girl-falls-into- Middle Earth troupe very well. Plus I know your take on the girl-falls-blah-blah is amazing so I can say that your spin on it is very awesome and very unique and very entertaining (I'm saying very a lot, whoops I've had no sleep okay! Don't blame me). I don't really know if I'm making sense right now but I'm excited to be rereading this story (again for like the hundredth time XD).

Betta186 chapter 21 . 7/25
Omg, they are so cute!
Heaven's Mistake chapter 21 . 6/24
I can't tell you how much I love reading this story. It makes me laugh when all I want to do is cry. Also, Ellie should totally ask Aragorn what Legolas said.
Heaven's Mistake chapter 20 . 6/24
I'll be honest, Ellie unknowingly walking in on Legolas shirtless was giving me some anxiety became I saw it coming a mile away. But it was well worth it, let me tell you.
Heaven's Mistake chapter 19 . 6/24
TROLL! TROLL IN THE DUNGEON! I thought you'd like to know...

Mate, I love this story, through and through. The references, the attitudes, the portrayals. I love how Ellie is so relatable in so many aspects. She's not afraid to be afraid. I love every part of this story.
Heaven's Mistake chapter 4 . 6/21
Just a quick comment. I always found it useful to have the translation right after the language.
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