Reviews for Of the River and the Sea
Le Visiteur chapter 1 . 10/18
it's the third Time i've read this story. i read it once when it was coming along and i was soooo young. still one of, if not my favorite Naruto OC fanfic. i know how reviews can warm you Heart, so i just thought why not now ? your writing style is Amazing to me, nevermind haters. a lot of people bristle in the comments, arguing with Logic. but i think you have a wonderful grasp on what emotions are, and how illogic they make us. thank you for this story, once again, and be proud 3
Guest chapter 22 . 9/25
We want want equal rights! We want to be treated like actual human beings! We don’t want children on the front lines of war!

This is how a revolution begins.
Lily Lee chapter 22 . 9/25
This is the revolution, bitch! What a way to change things, what a BAMF, what a bad bitch, what a genius. And everything she points out is so true. What are the few to the many? And how do the rich survive without the working class, the people they mistreat so horribly?
Sansho chapter 29 . 8/12
This is the 6th time that I'm reading this story, and the topless scene gets me laughing so hard every single time! The visual it creates it creates is so freaking funny, oh my god. Thank you for that!
kleimorvergara chapter 16 . 8/1
things were going well enough and then author kills the mood with "kirigikiri ni kiijii". the cringe is strong.
kleimorvergara chapter 12 . 8/1
a bit overplayed the drama.
or mc is just as mentally ill as zabuza, which i'm beginning to think she is.
why would anyone sane think that the way a whole society does things is her fault or that it is her responsibility to change it when she is extremely weak? if she was kage-level already then it makes sense. with power she could make a change. but she is weak. and batshit crazy too, with the whole drama and all.
i get it if she gets sad and depressed due to her weakness and inability to do anything. but that whole mental breakdown? either badly written or we're gonna be seeing how she is extremely mentally ill in the following chapters.
kleimorvergara chapter 8 . 8/1
First of all, i like the story.
Second of all, what the fuck is the deal with the mushed up words? emptyemptyempty? angersadfear? seriously, what the fuck? is this some kind of cliche among fanfiction writers? i remember seeing the same shit in a different fanfiction that was written by a different author. it's so distracting, so cringy, so dumb.
kleimorvergara chapter 3 . 8/1
What's the deal with the repeating words? emptyemptyempty? so weird.
besides that the story has potential
obama's ovary chapter 35 . 6/25
i know i would've went through hell trying to write a wrap battle half as long as the one you did and this makes me realize how much of a damned good author you are
Andrew Silvanus chapter 54 . 6/20
I wonder what kind of mad world could have been with a drug-lady Ryuishi in it. Haha sorry but the suggestion was very interesting. I hope somebody else asked for a glimse in songs unsongs
Great fic, thanks for the entertaining read.I wonder what kind of mad world could have been with a drug-lady Ryuishi in it. Haha sorry but the suggestion was very interesting. I hope somebody else asked for a glimse in SGU.
Great fic, thanks for the entertaining read.
Soft Scratch chapter 15 . 6/21
If that’s not an encounter with orochimaru then I’ll eat my dirty socks. I don’t like it, and have a feeling this won’t develop into good writing.
Soft Scratch chapter 12 . 6/21
That was not what I expected. This is so much better than what I had thought would happen. All this time I was looking at Zabuza as the character I know from the series, not treating him like the kid he is right here. I thought the story would have to improve through his death because of her, but this is infinitely better. I hope the rest of this story is as good as this, because that’s powerful right there.
Mercymadness chapter 104 . 6/7
I NEED a conclusion! I read this forever ago and lost it, recently found it again and was shocked and elated at how many chapters had been added. I really can’t wait to see how this all ends. You’re an amazing author and have pulled everything together flawlessly.
Flaumjaze JZ chapter 104 . 6/3
What happens next? God, this took me days in addiction. I ignored everything for this. Now I'm left to contemplate a future where the next generation leads, and the current one supports.
It is very tempting to kidnap you and torture you to continue writing. I admit that these type of endings has never suited my taste, but I can understand that you probably don't want to write Ryuishi and her effects of the world any more. I'd be tired too if I'm in your shoes.
This just left a bad aftertaste in my mouth. Fucking bitter that I can't read any further of Ryuishi and her shenaningans. God, I'll be having a hard time moving on. This is worse than I-NK. Kill me already.
Guest chapter 65 . 5/14
Bones from Imagine Dragons is a really nice song! :D
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