Reviews for Of the River and the Sea
Navarone2013 chapter 5 . 3/12/2021
She says there are others inside her soul, I wonder, is that literal? A little late for a mental breakdown about Naruto not being her world but maybe killing someone brought it to her mind again.
Navarone2013 chapter 4 . 3/12/2021
Wait, she's four right now, right? At that age girls and boys look practically the same... they look like toddlers. What the fuck is wrong with people. She tore into him like he deserved. I'm not questioning how she managed to do it in a four year old's body. Ninja magic exists, after all.
Navarone2013 chapter 3 . 3/12/2021
That's kind of inspiring. I like it. How to take over the world, starting with 3 orphans.
Navarone2013 chapter 2 . 3/12/2021
Learning a language is easy when you have no other option... that's actually a really good point. I'm not sure why she thinks it's a good idea to join the academy in the Bloody Mist era though. Sure, maybe she thinks she's strong enough to survive but that still seems like a risk.
Navarone2013 chapter 1 . 3/12/2021
A very nice intro, a few errors and some awkward wording but I've heard great things about this fic. I'll keep reading.
Swtor Chef chapter 104 . 3/11/2021
I think this is my 4th time rereading this story and I love it more and more each time. It's so diffrent than so many oc stories I've read but it's so incredible. Thank you for writing this.
TsknRaider chapter 104 . 3/11/2021
Riveting fic from start to finish. The ending seemed like a bit of a cope out, though. All these threads spun for 104 chapters led to a Sopranos ending haha
YoA333 chapter 17 . 3/10/2021
This story is amazing - best, most awkward, and funniest explanation of the "birds and bees" I have ever read lmao. Had me smiling through the whole ordeal.
curry-llama chapter 104 . 3/8/2021
Wow this story was absolutely phenomenal. I enjoyed every single part of it! I love Ryuishi and the way she changes and evolves. I'm not so sure about the ambiguous ending, because it feels unfinished, but I absolutely still adore this entire story and how all the characters intertwine together so perfectly!
curry-llama chapter 56 . 3/6/2021
I swear Hidan a s Ryuishi need to become best friends or something. they give off ultimate bro energy and I'm here for it
curry-llama chapter 21 . 3/5/2021
Bruh love how your oc just goes full on V for Vendetta with her revolutionary ideas. I tend to write more selfish characters so to see someone just be so big picture is refreshing. love your story and can't wait to read more
Kodaky chapter 47 . 2/27/2021
Sandblocked lol didn't expect that
TheWhatIfLover chapter 104 . 2/13/2021
I finished the story in 2 daysthe satisfaction of completing such an amazing story with multifaceted characters have never felt more fulfilling. It didn’t have the usual happy ending, but it was a meaningful one. Some may argue, but I liked the way it ended. I won’t spoil, but I honestly can’t see Ryuishi living the normal and peaceful life she wanted, maybe she can find something similar to it, but the consequences of her actions are so...irreversible. She knew that the philosophies she disseminated were impossible to be removed with force or by her death, but damn, how speechless I was with the plot twists. How lies could ruin lives. How real peace is unattainablethat it could only take different forms. How a simple act of loving someone can be the downfall of the world. The political setting was breathtaking. I learned a lot from it, regardless of how I despised the treacherous nature of human. I’m glad about how the people symbolizes the freedom of choice and how dire the consequences of it are. When illiterate people were educated, they were quick to rebel against the idea they first devoted in. But then again, different people have their own perspectives and it’s the exact thing this story is trying to portray. The suspense of each story and its own twists and turns will be worth it. Really. I would encourage readers to read this story, because it would honestly open up yourself into different types of scenarios in the harsh reality of life. And enjoy the characters from Naruto while doing so.

Thank you, author! Thank you for creating such an astonishing and wonderfully made story~️
Bb34 chapter 40 . 2/8/2021
I hope she doesn't fall for it
Bb34 chapter 29 . 2/8/2021
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