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Madi M.D chapter 208 . 30m
Another great chapter! Can’t wait to read the next one for the aftermath with Anthea and Sherlock facing Mycroft’s wrath!
Guest chapter 208 . 9h
I wonder if this will be the catalyst in Mycroft finally realising and admitting that he wants this child: that is, in admitting it to himself. (I think we might get another "understanding" issue where he thinks she knows that he's decided to keep the baby but Anthea doesnt because I think it's too soon I'm he plot line for him to suddenly do a 180). To have the child in danger having been put in it by the mother (though whilst it was unintentional still a deliberate move).
I also thought it was lovely that Sherlock called her Alli and the sentence with "yes the love of (Mycroft's) life and his unborn child." That even Sherlock acknowledges the connection they have, and the title perhaps coming from Mycroft himself (as Sherlock I don't think can fully recognise love in that sense yet). That moment really did touch me.
Anyway thank you for this chapter
marteeey chapter 208 . 19h
Well this is kinda back to the usual business... and I liked it. It means that the world around them hasn stopped spinning :D and I liked that you brought Sherlock back! Always love him :D and I'm REALLY curious To what mycroft's reaction will be! Can't wait for the update :D
MinaCarlyle chapter 208 . 20h
Definitely my favourite chapter yet! Update soon please I need to see mycrofts reaction!
Hazel chapter 208 . 9/20
I'm excited for the next chapter :D Good job
Hazel chapter 1 . 9/20
I'm excited for the next chapter :)
TogepiArias chapter 207 . 9/19
Ugh, why? Why am I crying? Such a lovely chapter!
Maddy Love Castiel chapter 208 . 9/19
Haha she always has a fun time with Dealing with some thugs and being badass, just a typical kind of day for them. Lol. I do admit though, I was more nervous for Thea now that she’s pregnant. I know she’s a trained badass but now she’s got a little one to protect too. Sherlock was right to be a little angry at her. He has lost someone he loves because of reckless behavior before. *sniff* That part did make me a little tearful, I can’t help it. When Sherlock acts all adorable and worried, it’s tear worthy! ;-)

Oh geeze though, Mycroft is going to be so pissed off at them. He’s probably on his third cigarette by this point. Or already on his way lol. I don’t know who he’ll be more mad at, her or Sherlock? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see during this inevitable explosion lol. I feel a tad bad for them but I was worried too. ;-)

As always absolutely brilliant chapter! I loved how well she and Sherlock took care of those thugs. She would make a good partner someday. :-) The action scene was perfect! :-)

I can’t wait for more!

Im Hooked chapter 208 . 9/19
I've read this in 2 days, barely any sleep. This story is lovely and really well done. I admire your tenacity and I honestly look forward to reading the next chapters.
Christie chapter 208 . 9/19
This was a great chapter! Action wasn't really particularly big, but that's ok because she's pregnant, and like you said, the henchmen were laughable, so it is assumed that it wouldn't take much for a highly trained professional and a fairly well practiced master of fighting styles to subdue them. Dialogue is always nice, I don't mind. It also helps with the clarity of the plot line and is important for story telling. I can't wait to read Mycroft's reaction to this chapter and the Mycroft training with James part too! Read you next time!
YAYA984 chapter 208 . 9/19
I don't know if I already told you but I love this story! Mycroft is sooo cute! And I always like interactions between Anthea and Sherlock
Chloe chapter 208 . 9/19
What do you mean action isn't your strong point?! That was beautifully done, as always. Really looking forward to the next one, can't wait to see Mycrofts reaction x
GinnySong chapter 208 . 9/19
Aw, Sherlock! Also, The action scene was very good, and it sounded smooth. I can't wait for the baby to be born! Keep up the great work, and have a wonderful day!
Miss Corrine chapter 208 . 9/19
Oh, this was good. I'm really glad you did this chapter. I enjoyed pregnant but still bad*** Anthea. People always underestimate her. Sherlock, poor Sherlock, trying to keep Anthea safe. Also, Sherlock wanting Anthea to be his partner. That would be fun to see. I can't wait to read about Mycroft finding out about this incident if you do a chapter about it. Also, the dad-daughter bonding was interesting to ponder. This was a good chapter and you did a good job.
thisisnotarealaccount chapter 208 . 9/19
I'm in love with this chapter, as I always am with the ones about Sherlock! I knew there was a reason why the show is called Sherlock... ;-) His heart really did show a lot in their interaction, especially there at the end. And now I'm full of emotions about Mary, thanks Sherlock. Anthea never fails to show how amazing she is in high-risk situations, even pregnant. I'm glad Sherlock got to witness it first-hand!

And he's right; Mycroft will kill them both not if, but when he finds out what happened. I'm interested to see how that will play out.

The action parts were one of the best things about this chapter, they were so well written! You may be more well-versed with dialogue but that doesn't mean what action scenes you do write aren't just as good. :) Awesome chapter, I enjoyed it!

~Kami :D
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