Reviews for A First Time For Everything
Electre1964 chapter 250 . 9h
I've never written any review even if I'm reading this fic since its beginning. I'm french and my english isn't that good. But today I take my courage in both hands... Your fic is one of the most interesting I've read. Feelings are so perfectly described, if reminds me impressionist painting or a kind of delicate lace. And this chapter is a brilliant variation of what could have been if...
I'm always soooo impressed by your fic and I think it's very rare to find such a quality of writing. This fic is a pure delight!
SG1 SGMe chapter 250 . 13h
It's interesting to see what could have been. Frankly, I like the storyline you have going on.

Question: Will Mycroft ever think about marrying Alice? He loves her and Margot. If he did think about it I think Sherlock would see it pretty quickly.

250! Awesome! It seems just a little while ago that I was eager to read chapter 50, or something like that. This story really makes me smile at the end of the day. It's a good pick me up after a long day. Thanks for the journey!
Crouching SunRose chapter 250 . 13h
Very nice thought experiment. Quite appropriate for the milestone. Congrats on 250 chapters :-)
Guest chapter 14 . 14h
Re-read this. Fun Mykie and Alice
SherlockedForever0208 chapter 250 . 22h
I’ve been following AFTFE for a long time now. Without logging in. Without commenting/reviewing. But I had to finally do it. The 250th chapter was such a delight to read. I love how you imagine storylines, and absolutely love how you’ve kept them all in such wonderful character. It’s hard to not go wild when writing and add flavours of your own, but you’ve done that without touching the essence. I love that about this story. Every time I read a new chapter, I’m sad that the wait is going to be 5 days for the next one, but I look forward to it so much. I’m scared of the day it’ll come to an end because I won’t have anything to look forward to. It’s been a joy reading this and I really hope it continues for as long as is creatively possible. Thank you for making my day every now and then. I owe you some good times. :)
OlogyFF101 chapter 250 . 5/24
Tbh, I really enjoyed this chapter, it was a fascinating exploration of what if's.
KaterinaRedbird chapter 250 . 5/24
Not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed when I saw that it wasn‘t a normal chapter. You‘re stressing way too much over the importance of round chapters :D I love every chapter you do.
That being said, I shouldn‘t have doubted you! After I gave the chance and got past the initial disappoinment, I was hooked! I loved the alternative versions! It‘s so nice to think that even if Alice had stayed with Tim, she would have still pined for Mycroft. And If you ever want to write that AU where Alice has a baby with Mycroft before they are together, I am all for that!
I hope you feel better soon! Xx
best.fic.ever chapter 250 . 5/24
Okay mate, i literally juste read all 250 chapters in one go and I have to say: SWEET JESUS WHAT A STORY! Character development, drama, storyline, even the jokes ! You can be proud of your work, best fic I read in years! Continue like this! (Ps: I might be in love with James... Maybe... Maybe not... Damn...) xx
Analena chapter 250 . 5/24
Congratulations on chapter no 250! :) A herculean effort!
An intriguing look at how different choices lead to different paths in life, Jamie without James just doesn't feel right. :p
Observant Potato chapter 250 . 5/24
Wow... I honestly found this really... beautiful, in a way. It’s a real insight into other characters, things we don’t quite know, things we never thought of. A really fascinating display of human nature, and how incredible fate is. Honestly, this was brilliant. Look forward to reading more!
Guest chapter 250 . 5/24
Singing Ferret
The gamble is a win. Good job
judygrasham chapter 250 . 5/24
You did good! Actually, the ability to explore the potential of those other outcomes speaks well of your ability to plot and plan your story.

I usually feel as if I am peering through a one-way mirror into their lives. Fun!
Pumpkin-Scrubs chapter 1 . 5/24
Shit. This is so good. Like. So good.
abirdonalilactree13 chapter 250 . 5/24
I like, that you chose to try something different. Didn't expect that, but I was not disappointed!
It was interesting and it really made me think.

... I don't think it's always the choices we make, but also the choices others make for us... So much influence...

Anyway: congratulations!
250 is ... just wow.
Miss Corrine chapter 250 . 5/24
This was admittedly very strange and very weird. At the same time fascinating and interesting. I'm still not entirely sure of what to think of it. You definitely went out on a limb which I applaud you for doing. It is definitely something daring to do. I think I lean towards liking this chapter in a weird way. You did a good on this abliet in an unusual way.
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