Reviews for Princess Charms
Guest chapter 11 . 7/9
Hey man idk if you’re still even checking these or even writing these but I just wanted to say that I loved this story this was by far one of the best pieces of literature based of characters that I’ve ever read. You honestly made the characters fit perfectly to their personality’s in the show nor did you really change any of their appearances and I appreciate that greatly now don’t get me wrong every element in your writing I believed to be superb but it’s that and the way you always kept the reader intrigued that kept me going ,you did a hell of a job with this series man. I would really like to see so more romance series about this show and definitely a full Starco series. I love it dude keep up the good work
Sugheman chapter 1 . 7/2
This is one of the best Fanfic(with sex scenes) that I have read. You carefully and thoughtful put so much emotion and feeling into your stories. Im glad you write these stories and no matter what some other goobers say this story is amazing, amazing F-ing job. Ps. I like the that appeal to other ships as well.
Guest chapter 9 . 6/30
I seriously loved this story from the start, and then Marco and Jackie- sigh. Kinda broken hearted though. Thanks. Now I don't know what to feel.
Nonyaarb chapter 1 . 5/23
Kinda ashamed to be reading this but... Pretty well written story. To good to not be commenting about it
Christy Price chapter 8 . 5/13
Hey, this chapter really kinda put me off. It’s rough to think a progressive show like star vs would judge a character’s gender by his genitals. I understand it’s point to put them in an awkward situation and avoid discussing how they know what Marco’s junk is, but it struck me as off. I don’t wanna call it transphobic, because you probably weren’t thinking about it. Just consider next time you write something.
Guest chapter 11 . 3/7
I liked the story but I have to agree with some of the comments about the Jackie part not being neccesary and/or feeling not natural, specially after the first chapters
bolightning chapter 11 . 2/27
bad story good in the start but terrible ending
bolightning chapter 1 . 2/20
I hated the ending good beginning but terrible ending
FunkyKingCold chapter 8 . 2/17
Honestly man, just go fuck yourself you piece of shit.
SixStringBass chapter 11 . 1/9
WHY WITH THE JACKIE? THE STORY WAS PERFECT AND MADE ME HAPPY AND THEN THE JACKIE SEQUENCE AND THE FEELS AND THE JUMPING OF THE GUN WITH CLICHES...T-T I loved your story for what it was (despite the underage thing...I looked past that because I can imagine them being eighteen cuz kid stuff is...weird to me). I loved the way you went off the arcs a few times to do your own little original thing. I respect and appreciated it very much. There could have been a better excuse to not date your best friend (because I've been through that bullshit and I came the fuck out on top) just because someone didn't want to "ruin the friendship" (again...been there and done that. Pisses me off honestly). And then having Star watch the whole thing between Marco and Jackie...I threw my phone and cracked the screen and had it replaced I was that upset. I did so again between Start and Oskar. *sighs* My point is your story moved me and hit close to home so many times you have no idea. But I wished that at certain parts things just worked out instead of being just another best friend tragedy. I also wished you could have gone on to the Princess Song Day and done your own variation because I BELIEVE you could do it and then to actually build up the relationship between Marco and Star and all of these things...but you didn't. And I'm really sad about that. It would have made up for all of the sadness in the storyline. I hope you continue writing and that you have a good life if I never hear from you.
In regards
Lance Merkel chapter 11 . 12/16/2017
...I loved this story from start to end. And I hope you continue it. The ending felt a little rushed but that might just be me. But I hope to see more from you.
Anonymous chapter 11 . 12/9/2017
I'm still not really sure why you felt that "Jackie had to come into play." It's kind of hard to believe that Marco's ultimately superficial crush on Jackie would've survived in a version of the show where he'd been sexually intimate (even if it stopped short of "going all the way") with Star for so long. It completely transformed this fic in a way that didn't seem to flow naturally, when you tried to shoehorn season 2's canon into it, when the events of the previous chapters would've resulted in a rather different version of season 2.
Guest chapter 11 . 12/5/2017
I can't believe this story is over, I read chapter 10 but I thought that it was going to continue, anyway I hope to see more of this in the future, maybe in the form of a sequel? But you can't leave us like this, with Marco going all the way with Jackie and Star with Oskar, (still can't believe you made me read that) but anyways, hope they make up for that, and thank you for everything
A very sad man chapter 11 . 11/26/2017
Wow, that was a great story. It took turns I never expected (maybe a little too much though at some points [chapter 8]) and it admittedly didn't end how I wanted or even expected it to. I've read a fair amount of fanfics on this website and this is one of the only ones to actually make me feel something strong other than solemn wishes (my second favorite fanfic of all time). I was a little late to the fair well party as I am reading this about a month after it ended but, it was a hell of ride all the while. I thought the character seemed reasonable based on how they act in the show, I liked how the story was progressing their relationship to the point of near heartbreak at the end, and many other things about is story. This was just an incredible experience I won't soon forget. You get a 9/10, I really liked this story. I hope to read your future works and find them to be as good as this one. Thank you for the experience, and goodbye Zehntacles.
Ninjakirby7 chapter 11 . 11/12/2017
I do hope you continue to write you seen very good at it, also enjoy battle for mewni and the rest of s3.
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