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Ninjakirby7 chapter 11 . 11/12
I do hope you continue to write you seen very good at it, also enjoy battle for mewni and the rest of s3.
Ninjakirby7 chapter 10 . 11/12
I love the way you write them both
Guest chapter 10 . 11/8
Another great chapter as always, I think you are very good at showing how all the characters feel.
jazi england chapter 11 . 11/5
i love your writing you write the best starco stories on here all tho king of mewni and earth boy charms come in second and third its not just mindless smut and you get the characters so it makes total sense why youd want to wait to see what happens next on the show i mean i think your having marco be a lil to clueless towards the end there but other then that it was amazing cant wait for more XD ps i also really love your other story wings so cute X3
Jestam Erhar chapter 11 . 11/2
Thank you. Pacing was a little rough, but the end point was pulled together reasonably well, and you definitely can feel the pain floating around.
chipman27 chapter 11 . 11/1
What the fuck! I wanna cry, laugh, scream, and pout all at the same time. I was absolutely loving this. I swear if you don't continue this story, I will hunt you down and have a little chat involving a spork, an electric nose hair trimmer, and an empty pickle jar! I don't care how you do it... even if it's to start a whole new story all together, but I better see my favorite blondie and my favorite Safe Kid doing junk that no teenager is supposed to do!
TheReaperJ chapter 11 . 11/1
wait... no... just hell fucking no?! like wtf?! you can't do that?! the hell with the show?! this is your damn story?! this story is so much more then the show could ever wish to be?!
I will not let you get us all pumped up and to leave it on the lame ending.

who are your tying too fool right now?! I want more sexy time with princess pinky?! ok, ok, ok... i need to chill but you will not make me read about star blowing that douche bag and then give me that soft ass, them kissing behind the taco joint.

are you trying to piss me off? i know that's not you're game and more then sure you cracking up right now as you're reading this this but fuck me running. ohhhh fucking shit im so pissed right now, i didn't even see this update until i was done rereading my shitty story.

you've already got 2 years in this masterpiece and the updates started to come in at a better flow... just... ugh... im so drained right now. you have now clue how much i feed off your work to make my stories what they are today.

which is mostly misspell cluster fuck but i'm still fucking trying to do something... god damn i feel like you just kicked me in the dick with steel toe boots on, just... fuck...

this is why i hate jackie so dame much, its because of her everything goes to shit. have you even seen the new promo with star saying goodbye and then it ends with marco and jackie somewhere together.

get the fuck outta here and suck a big fat dick... i would rather tomco be a thing before those too any day. funny part is, i don't mind tomco but more for shits and giggles. hell in one of my story's, tom's a trap and is getting ready to shack up with marco.

yeah, some way out left field shit but it fun to kick around. what you have isn't some half ass bullshit, you got the real deal and i think the most fav's and followers. are you really going to make us suffer to to wait and see what happens in the show?

for fuck sakes, the creator of the show cosplayed with her husband as star and marco... tell me we don't know who's going to win. the show might not go on after those two get together but we know they got the green light for the 4th season already.

maybe the 5th will be the last one and at the end star and marco will be together, jackie is just there to piss off the fans and make us come back for more to finally see the day starco is real. ugh you know how i can get so yeah...

just... fuck you man... i really, really, really, mean that the best and nicest was possible...

i really do, i'm sure right about now youre in tears by laughing so much... again, fuck you
robertkellett chapter 11 . 10/31
This story was... quite the ride to be honest. If I'm being blunt, maybe ending it at Chapter 5 might have been a good call, as you was going off-canon and just having fun with doing things your own way. This was still the case in later chapters but Starco had a nice 'endpoint' from that point. And... It felt right. To me at least, Chapter 5 is my 'unofficial ending' to the story, as I loved it a lot to that point. Past Chapter 5, the story still showed off masterful writing, good pacing, strong character moments and complex drama elements. It was done really damn well. The problem, well, is that you tried to mirror the show's storyline and that is very fair.

It feels in character and I could view this story as an M-rated take on the canon show if I wanted to, if I'm being honest. But the canon show's romance elements are a bit of a sour spot for me, so seeing that ripple into the story was... Not bad per-say, but just, off-putting. I don't like being teased something and we never get it, and while Chapter 10 was a grand return to why I started reading this story (Starco), that being the ending is a bit sad.

I wanted the dorks to fall in love and stay in love. But, as a writer myself, I respect the creative choices you made with this project. While post Chapter 5 is when I honestly started losing interest, I still followed through and in the end, you wrote one of the better Star Vs. fanfictions on the market. Specifically, the M-rated 'suggestive' branch of Star Vs stories. It was very professional, amazing writing all around and it was quite the ride.

Just a shame that I fell out of reading it after the Jarco chapter (Chap. 8) and Chap. 9 just angering me at what Star put herself through. This is a powerful story and one I can see many returning to in the future. Just hope that when you write the sequel, you stick with a pairing the whole way through instead of diving into other ones. I'm already starting to fear when you write the sequel and we get chapters of Tomar personally...

But you are an amazing writer and I will continue reading your work. Keep it up and hope you enjoy s3 when it airs next week again. BFM is great...mostly, so you should really enjoy watching that :D!
Siren1000 chapter 11 . 10/31
Oh it really over? Ugh ending just like season 2 on utter heartbreak (at least for me). I will be soo happy when you get around to the continuation. I'm gonna go cry now. I loved this despite the utter pain of chapters 8 and 9.
XToffeeXFanX chapter 11 . 10/31
As darth vader would say. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Guest chapter 11 . 10/31
how come this review made me sad it’s over an era has ended y’all
Pat-975 chapter 11 . 10/31
Thank you very much for this story. I’ve been caught up on it since I read the first chapter. The story is very well merged into episodes which gives it this canon vibe that I personally absolutely LOVE in fics. That is some major talent you’ve got here. Thanks again and I would love that, when/if you continue the story under another name, you write a message as another chapter in Princess Charms. That way, most of us will get to the new story fasterThanks again for this lovely ride.
Ky0suke chapter 11 . 10/31
It's been a pleasure reading this story and eagerly awaiting the release of each new chapter. Whenever I encounter other fans who have inquired about additional media to quench their Star vs thirst in the long months between episode releases, this series has always been my number 1 goto as a recommendation for fan-fiction. I'm saddened by the fact of its current conclusion, but am hopeful that with the release of new episodes and story progression, you will consider revisiting this series once again. Best of luck in your other writing endeavors. You've definitely made a follower out of me.
SonicE1337 chapter 11 . 10/31
Hey, it's been a hell of a ride dude. I've stuck around since 2015 to see where this had been heading, and I'll be perfectly honest that while the dynamic you were pursuing isn't my cup of tea (after all, these are just kids we're talking about here), there was something entrancing about your work that kept me coming back. Character interactions were fun and well thought out, dialogue was a lot of fun to read, and over all, I'd say that you've outdone yourself in terms of pacing. Slow and steady is perfect for this kind of story, and I applause you for not giving in to demand to put out new chapters as fast as possible, instead taking your time and really perfecting them in terms of length and quality.
I hope to see more of your work in the future. Keep up the awesome stuff dude!
Arkraith chapter 11 . 10/31
So I guess I didn't know you posted ch.10 and the last chapter I read was 9. So imagine going from the end of nine to "that's all folks". Luckily I noticed my error and went back. You would have found a very angry message otherwise. Personally, i think you should have left on a high note. I feel way too starco deprived now :/
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