Reviews for Harry Potter and the Magic of Life
HJP55 chapter 2 . 11/16
erstmal, da du ja eine deutsche und meine Muttersprache auch Deutsch ist, lasse ich dir einen Kommentar auf Deutsch dar. Schon um zwei mögliche Quellen für ein Missverständnis auszuschließen.
Bisher finde ich die Geschichte sehr gut, und danke für dein Versprechen, auf 'bashing' zu verzichten. Zu viele gute Geschichten wurden ruiniert, weil der Verfasser es nicht lassen konnte uns über mehrere Seiten zu erklären, warum dieser oder jener Charakter eigentlich böse ist, oder warum diese oder jenes 'pairing' eigentlich das beste oder das schlechteste ist.
Der Anfang ist gut und die Protagonisten sind, dass ist das wichtigste, glaubhaft geschrieben.
Eine kleine Kritik. Soweit ich weiß waren 'Nerd-Brillen', also Brillen mit dickem Rahmen, seit den späten 80ern aus der Mode und kamen erst in den 2010ern wieder in Mode. Wenn Harry, der keine Ahnung hat, was grade 'in' ist, sich eine Brille kauft, würde er sich vermutlich auf den Rat des Verkäufers verlassen, und der würde ihn nach der Mode von 1994 beraten. Aber das ist nur eine absolut unwichtige Kleinigkeit, über die ich nachgedacht habe.
Der Rest ist Super!
Cloud Ex-SOLDIER chapter 63 . 21h
Good to see you update.

I was a little disappointed that the cube only has one time use but you did good on explaining why that is. A beam of fire at beck and call would be a bit OP. I'm sure you'll show Harry's usage in epic ways.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
stylo1 chapter 58 . 11/16
you gotta be kiddin me harry apologizing to ron, the same ron who only values chess and quitisch, no wonder he doesnt connect to his family everything that takes a bit brain power is boring and not worth talking about. and yea he is spoiled, he expects to be handed everything while doing nothing.
stylo1 chapter 55 . 11/16
your version of harry gets even more kicked around then in the books. i hate how you use things we know from the books in small hints like; he didnt know why but he just felt strange but shrugged it of. it makes everyone seem ignorant and stupid
percabeth4eva23 chapter 63 . 11/15
Great story and are you a secret Percy Jackson fan? I noticed a couple of references with the fatal flaw being loyalty but the delux I'll kill you later stare basically confirmed it
stylo1 chapter 33 . 11/15
can't see the trees trough the forrest? you have this obstacle course full with death ppl who came before, yet all the defences are still up mainly the wards. then come the DE but for them all is clear? never mind that half the traps where evaded not dismanteld. now they are being followed by ppl who think all is clear, there is only one pad. soo just set up a new trap they wont expect it. really hope things that matter to the story line are a bit better thought trough
stylo1 chapter 22 . 11/15
an ex convict is not automaticaly someome that is innocent, since sirius was never convicted he cant be an ex convict. the DE are trying to find harry while at the same time they're watching him. and wtf an crocodile squid? why not use something thats known like a hydra
friar14 chapter 59 . 11/15
Listen. I like the plot. The whole exploration of the curse breaker world: good if a little too convenient at times. Conversations between characters: good though could use a bit of polishing. Spelling: you make my eyes ready to bleed. Please please please for the love of this story and all that is good in this world, slow down your publishing if you have to and just set a chapter aside for a few days after finishing it and go through and check for any spelling or grammar errors. Better yet, find yourself a beta who has a really good grasp of the English language and have them look over your writing before you publish a chapter. Hell, if you can't find one I'll volunteer for the job just to make this experience more bearable. Otherwise I'm honestly not sure if I'll be able to keep going with this story. Sorry about all the complaining but it needs to be put out there. Good luck with the rest of the chapters.
stylo1 chapter 15 . 11/15
so far its quite a weird story but intresting. when talking about how rare basalisk skin is why not mention you've got acces to a 1000 year old one. during the talk about acient houses, house potter isnt mentioned once. a parselmouth in the jungle, how about you call the snakes for protection and recon? and when you are all alone on a tresure hunt and suddely see a camp fire you dont just ignore it. there is a horcrux in your head you are with the best curse breakers out there, maybe ask and see what they know?
these are the most obvious (beside your butchering of english)
akasanta chapter 63 . 11/14
Excellent story!

Hope for a new chapter soon. :D


Nerfhearder69 chapter 40 . 11/13
You couldn't find your way out of the plot hole you wrote, so you made him into insta-ass and gave him some vague gut feeling. Weak... A real disappointment.
Nerfhearder69 chapter 38 . 11/13
To bitch or not to bitch... Yes, I like the story. No, you can't write combat sequences to save your ass. No, you also seem to writing yourself into corners and using poor plot hooks to get you out and selectively stupefying the characters to allow them to make supernally bad choices. Harry was never particularly ept socially but you really make him out to be a moron with perfect knee-jerk reactions to certain hot buttons. You seemed to allow him to grow and then rip away that growth when it is inconvenient to the fumbling plot. Work more on the plot and leave him his slow growth. You are too cruel.
ObsessedWithHPFanFic chapter 63 . 11/13
It's great that Harry is realizing that his dreams are quite real life events. Thanks for sharing!
rednaxnala chapter 63 . 11/13
I realize I’m a little late reading this. But Man is this awesome.
Love the little twist. Can’t wait to see his attempts at bartering. I do wonder what other adults might be beneficial. If he can get Narcissa on board, she might be able to swing snape or even someone like diggory through her various strings.
ObsessedWithHPFanFic chapter 62 . 11/13
I liked the attitudes of the champions when confronted about what occurred in the lake. Good chapter and thanks for sharing!
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