Reviews for Harry Potter and the Magic of Life
Flyguy25 chapter 69 . 9/19
Outstanding story over all. Typos get a bit annoying. I think you should have made this into 2 diffent stories. And you kinda gotta pick a Harry and stick with it. Either he’s a basass or not. That part before the first task, “ I’m scared”, no way! But like I said, overall, loved it.
Xlxxledgendz chapter 51 . 9/18
Your little biology lesson there is technically correct, but slightly over complicated, even uni courses barely go into that much detail
Excellence impersonated chapter 26 . 9/16
I saw the Calvin and Hobbes reference and I'm calling you out on that
fireworks700 chapter 69 . 9/15
All in all, I liked the story, but you desperately need a beta, or hell even spell check. I can't even count the times I stumbled over a 'eht' or 'eth' instead of 'the'. There were a few other things, but those got me the most.

articuno13 chapter 39 . 8/8
"Daphne dragged him off for some real sight seeing"

how?! like seriously, how can DAPHNE drag him off for sight seeing in FRANCE if she's either still in Cambodja (or wherever that hospital was) or on her way to England?

-continues reading-

okay seriously again? Fleur wants to be an accountant not Daphne, I suggest a ctrl F search on Daphne and replace where necessary with Fleur ;)

(on a side note despite the fact that this may come off as mean I'm actually really enjoying this, to the point of "oh crap! 4 am! my alarm goes off at 7!" and then oversleeping a little (only 15 min) but still being over 3 hours behind schedule because this story was right there while I was pinning my hair up and again I couldn't put it away)
VoldiesBedroomSlippers chapter 69 . 8/7
Love your story. Thanks for taking the time to write it. Will be checking out the sequel.
Jim Red Hawk chapter 29 . 8/6
I recommend you get a Beta. You have a very good story going & a Beta would help you make it better.

Guest chapter 55 . 7/24
your story makes does not follow it's own, here you have an opportunity to forfeit and what does he do, he keeps going, well that is just plain idiotic
Guest chapter 35 . 7/24
this has to be dumbest Harry, you made him into a stupid wimp, you lost me in this chapter, really
wandamarie chapter 2 . 7/19
thanks for the chapter
wandamarie chapter 1 . 7/19
thanks for the chapter and story so far
D00rFr4m3 chapter 69 . 7/17
This was a pretty good read. Thanks!

I thought it started really strong, the events in Cambodia were excellent, and the parts immediately after that- Greengrass v Malfoy- were also good. I feel like the fic takes a dive after Hogwarts starts, though. Like you're just trying you incorporate too many characters and events, and you end up missing people. Daphne, for example. How many lines does she have in the last 15 chapters? She's mentioned a bit, but she's pretty minor at that point.

And speaking of Daphne, are they dating? I don't think they've ever defined it, but if they're having make-out sessions in the library...

I really like your OCs, though. Rashid is cool. Atticus is awesome. Elijah and Victor Greengrass are badasses.

Overall, not perfect, but a pretty damn good read. Thanks very much for writing it.
The Last Centurion 1 chapter 69 . 7/16
it was an amazing story...
D00rFr4m3 chapter 48 . 7/16
Ah, things are looking up. Excellent. I figure they'll take at least a slight downturn after the tournament starts, but still.

I'm glad Harry and Daphne have reconciled, I hope they start dating again soon, but being friends is perfectly fine too. That whole arc with Isaac was *fantastic*. And the way you tied it into the end of the last arcthe Cambodian adventurewas fantastic.

I hope Harry has at least some interaction with Luna, too. I absolutely love your Luna. She's the best.

Also excited for him to see Fleur again!

This is excellently written, and I'm really enjoying it.

Oooh, it's just occurred to me that we don't actually know what Harry is going to specialize in. Or if he will. I think warding would be cool.
D00rFr4m3 chapter 40 . 7/16
God, Harry is just.. being so stupid. I partially understand him, and I know he's hurting right now, but so is Daphne. She needs him, maybe not romantically, but at least as a friend. Harry feels betrayed, but she fully expects to be irrevocably tied to someone she loathes. Marrying, and having kids with someone she hates. I honestly think Harry is in a better position here. If nothing changes, and everything goes as bad as possible he's going to feel betrayed, and heartbroken. At most, that'll last a couple years. Meanwhile Daphne is 'til death do us part'. Which, honestly, I seriously consider suicide an issue in her situation.

I don't think they're in love. They might be, but they're a little young and this would likely be vastly more angsty if they were.

I just want him to tell Sirius. It's entirely possible Sirius could do something about this, being Head of House Black. He may not embrace that culture, but he was raised in it. Or not, but it's an idea.

God, marriage contracts are fuckin barbaric.
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