Reviews for Harry Potter and the Magic of Life
Marcus chapter 36 . 7/24/2022
Chapter 34-36 didn't make much sense, Harrys choices, the conversations and how everything worked out fine. Not really well written, but overall ist the story is okay.
Sayanka Betal chapter 59 . 7/18/2022
So he is going to stun his enemies? This is just sad.
Sayanka Betal chapter 53 . 7/18/2022
Never liked Hermione she was all bookish knowledge and lacked everywhere else. Also in book she is described as ugly to average at best. JK Rowling admitted that she didn't like her casting choice as she was too beautiful for the role but she later gave in as the script writer was feminist and wanted a strong beautiful female character. So as the movies progressed she got more importance than others. Many of Rons lines from books, even Neville's were given to her in movies.
Sayanka Betal chapter 38 . 7/18/2022
This whole thing was bullshit. If harry is the black heir he is much better prospect than malfoy. Also according to you Greengrass are neutral and they care for family you are contradicting yourself so sorry I grow rather tired of this third grade romance sub plot. As we all know what happens next.
gdecon chapter 38 . 5/27/2022
This is rediculous. Either Daphney is going to be the head of the family, i.e. she decides what is in the families interest or she is not. If the former , she can throw Thomas out of the family, but there is no way who she's marrying or what is good for the family can be dictated to herr by the likes of Thomas. His threats are rediculous.
her haing to Marry Malfoy being more prestigeous is even more so. They all hearrd who harry is a decendent of from the guardian.
gdecon chapter 35 . 5/27/2022
This fight is a bit rediculous. As written the "good guys" were in position to kill or completely disable 3 if not all fourr of the death eaters. Why didn't they. ? any time one of them had a wand in their hand a death eater should have been disabled or killed.
snow in the darkness chapter 42 . 4/29/2022
I don't know suddenly I just lose interest with the drama and everything. Everything just so forced and kind of annoying. He have to drug people that loves him, and can't say anything to him, what a drama queen. Maybe I'll read again once I had the interest to continue again
snow in the darkness chapter 40 . 4/29/2022
to be honest I agree with Harry, clean cut is always better for both parties, now he can move on while Daphne can do her duty to her family? What did she expect anyway? That she will shag Malfoy and have kid with him, while she friendzone harry and keep asking Harry to lick her wound every time she need him. What a joke
Ijustwanttobeme chapter 32 . 4/22/2022
how did harry and Atticus swap books when Harry took his backpack off in the water and is probably long gone. also if it is thats sad because his journal where he recorded all his new memories is there
Guest chapter 60 . 2/21/2022
Brillan chapter, ctang i a worthless little shit who would snap after a week in Rons shoes. But what is too be expected from some looser on the Internet?
Asterlace chapter 3 . 1/24/2022
Personally, I'm all for a healthy dose of realism when it comes to Dumbledore. The man has lived too long and has been in a leadership position longer than he should have been. I am a little miffed that every' Harry gets his own ideas' fic has grownups always being "disappointed" in him all the time. Even Remus couldn't write back a simple letter without shaming Harry for not reaching out to Siris. ROLLS EYES I was treated like a burden most of my life, so I'm able to relate HARD to Harry. I take things personally when it comes to him. Like really, Molly would be my WORST nightmare. The shaming, belittling, and contempt masked as "care" just makes me want to wring her neck. How authors think writing her like this makes us not want her to fkk the fkkk off..really. I have a few issues with the "perfect" Weasley family in general but I guess this is all sunshine and daisies here. Bill is a bit brash..hope Harry doesn't just get steamrolled by all these harsh characters that are surrounding him here.
avidlector chapter 35 . 1/6/2022
A little disappointing to have four OP Death Eaters stroll placidly through such gruelling conditions which have tried our heroes to their limits. I appreciate that your story required the bad guys to win for a while but a touch too easily convenient. Surely the leader is more powerful than DD to be blasted through two stone pillars only to miraculously immediately appear, apparently no worse for wear, and save the cause of the Dark. Nice take on the Philosopher's stone and some new ideas (at least new to me :) )
SarannWrapp chapter 21 . 12/27/2021
Thank you for sharing your hard work and creativity. This is an engaging storyline, but it needs some editing to be really enjoyable. Spelling errors make this really difficult to listen to, and even straight up read. If it were edited, it would be top shelf, for sure. Keep writing, keep improving, and keep sharing. Thanks, again.
owl3764 chapter 69 . 12/22/2021
I loved your story and looking forward to the sequel.
As I can't read the black on white or visa versa on this site, I download everything into Word and then am able to store it too, to read again, perhaps, some I've read multiple times.
I'm glad I've just read your profile, where you stated that you were German. (Your story was recommended by Stargon1 and loved his stories and some of his favourites) It explains all the strange spelling mistakes. After reading one of your author notes regarding University and the subject you were studying, I thought - no professor (English) would accept this, lol. You're all forgiven now. I have another German friend and she has similar problems and figured out how similar her English was to yours.
Kind regards and hope the sequel will one day be finished, but, I know that sometimes doesn't happen... all good.
kageknuser2710 chapter 35 . 12/19/2021
I officially hate Harry. You save a couple of your friends in order too Doom them to death. Fucking moron.
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