Reviews for Broken Souls
ashleighrrusso chapter 21 . 3/6
"Mr. Bill. You smarts, but dumbs." BEST. LINE. EVER! I'm loving this!
Guest chapter 21 . 5/24/2017
Poor poor Bill! XD
AussieSweet chapter 26 . 2/2/2017
Very nice story with a few interesting twists!
AussieSweet chapter 1 . 2/1/2017
That's not really fair, he wasn't tortured! And Hermione is right, it's not something she can control.
AmethystRoseMalfoy chapter 26 . 12/19/2016
I love this! It was wonderful. I have enjoyed several of your stories, think I'll go see what other little gems you have for me. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.
Dulce Muerte chapter 26 . 12/1/2016
Such a great story, love all your works
Miss.inglenook chapter 26 . 10/6/2016
From the depths of the Welsh county side, all they way in the UK I just want to say Thank you x I loved your story. I loved your Ginny, she's fiery and exactly how I imagine her too. I adore Dramione and think you got both of them just right. I was a little confused by the way you write dialogue sometimes, so I just read it again :-) I have to tell you that you have ruined my day, for now I won't be doing anything else apart from reading your other stories (and possibly pick the daughter up from school ) thank you again you talented person you. Loves xx
RoyalBunny chapter 26 . 7/29/2016
Great job!

DarkDiamond77 chapter 26 . 7/15/2016
awwwwww, i wuv it! sooooooo cuuuuute! man, your endings always make me cry XD :D
kalikk chapter 26 . 5/23/2016
emocionante e bonito...amei
Zalia chapter 6 . 4/1/2016
I rather love Ginny. ;)
AlwaysAnAussie chapter 26 . 3/26/2016
fantastic story. is it bad of me that I was happy Hermione ruined Ron's wedding lol. thx for sharing.
momadrigal chapter 26 . 3/13/2016
This was definitly a very sweet story. Love it. I especially love the ending. So cool, couldn't have been better. Thank you.
momadrigal chapter 11 . 3/11/2016
I can't stop reading. Is so hot, exciting and romantic. Excellent job.
momadrigal chapter 4 . 3/2/2016
A very interest scene at the end. I like the way is coming across.
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