Reviews for Girl Astray
DaisyDuke01 chapter 12 . 8/29/2015
Wow, way to end it with angst. I hope Fod dies a terrible death in the next story and that LaSalle is really ok.
DaisyDuke01 chapter 11 . 8/29/2015
LOL, the kiss at the end was perfect. How on Earth will LaSalle ever be able to enjoy his dinner with Addie? Glad to know that Sophie is safe. Maybe Brody and LaSalle can put this all behind them.
DaisyDuke01 chapter 10 . 8/29/2015
Love the appearance by Gibbs, but I hope he doesn't take over the story. It's great just the way it is. Great job, with having LaSalle defend his position btw. Hope he can get Brody to see reason.
DaisyDuke01 chapter 9 . 8/29/2015
I'm glad Brody knows the truth about Sophie. But I wonder how long it will take her to forgive LaSalle?
DaisyDuke01 chapter 8 . 8/29/2015
Is it Brody's turn to save LaSalle? Then she needs to kick his a** LOL
DaisyDuke01 chapter 7 . 8/29/2015
Oh wow, this is an interesting turn. Wonder what LaSalle will say to Brody.
DaisyDuke01 chapter 6 . 8/29/2015
Love the accidental I love you! The puppy is a nice touch.
DaisyDuke01 chapter 5 . 8/29/2015
Whew, very sexy! Cade finding them was too funny. Can't wait for more LaBrody!
DaisyDuke01 chapter 4 . 8/29/2015
LaSalle is taking his knight in shining armor role seriously. Glad to see that he wasn't hurt too badly and that he was able to be there for Merri.
DaisyDuke01 chapter 3 . 8/29/2015
Totally love the idea of drunken Brody and LaSalle throwing her over his shoulder.
DaisyDuke01 chapter 2 . 8/29/2015
Awe, love that Cade has a therapy dog. It's very fitting.
DaisyDuke01 chapter 1 . 8/29/2015
I absolutely love this story already!
Guest chapter 12 . 7/29/2015
Well, wasn't that angsty? ;-) Nicely done. Looking forward to reading the next installment in the series.
Child of Loki chapter 11 . 7/22/2015
Yay! Happy Ending? Maybe...? Looking forward to reading the last part (which I sadly seem to have missed when downloading fanfiction to read.)
Child of Loki chapter 10 . 7/22/2015
Aw. Beautiful, self-sacrificing Chris LaSalle. He is so delicious.
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