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Guest chapter 22 . 6/2/2015
THIS IS SO GOOD IM GOING TO CRY gah I don't know what will happen :0 but like they need to end up together... but can they? AGHH great story omg
Fanguurl chapter 22 . 6/2/2015
nightshadowfairy chapter 22 . 6/1/2015
aww they're so sweet, I was close to tears at one point. I sooo want them to figure out some magic solution like Will having the ability to move through time and space as he wishes, so they don't have to be apart! I'd say Will should travel with the band on their tour, but I don't really want that for him. I want him to go to med school and become a doctor and help people and do what he wants to do with his life, and not give up his dreams for a guy, as amazing and wonderful and great as said guy is. Then I would say that Nico should stay in NY, but the exact same thing goes for him. I don't want him to give up on everything he achieved and everything he wants for someone else. But I don't want them to have to go through the hardship that is a long distance relationship, and I DEFINITELY don't want them to decide to not even try, so unless you've got something planed that would give them all a happy ending (including Jason and Percy, who I'm still hoping will get together), I suggest the time and space traveling thing, because I don't see any other solution that won't break my poor feels that are already so fragile and vulnerable. I'd love it if you wouldn't kill said feels, and, in the process, me, by giving this story a sad ending, and more than that - I'm hoping it won't come to an ending, happy or sad, any time soon.
Update really really fast please!
Moonsplash3201 chapter 22 . 5/31/2015
I love this story! You are a great writer and I am always excited when the next chapter is about to come out. I really hope to find out what was going on with Percy though. You are AMAZING.
Vampiresswolf chapter 22 . 5/31/2015
Awe. :) that gives me warm fuzzies. Great job as always. Await more anxiously
Guest chapter 22 . 5/31/2015
Thank you. I adore this. It seems so genuine, each emotion hitting me in the heart. The characters are multi-faceted and realistic, and everything is well-written. I could not stop the soft smile curling over my teeth after reading this latest chapter even if I wanted to. So thank you. :)
TheMuffyMonster chapter 22 . 5/31/2015
-whines and rolls around- I neeeedddd the next chapter oml
This story is amazing 3
PrincessEmiria chapter 22 . 5/31/2015
Yay! So many questions..can't wait for next update
bluelove22 chapter 22 . 5/31/2015
Cupcake Gal chapter 22 . 5/31/2015
Gaaaaahhhh! I want them to be together soooo bad! But it's soooo complicated! Why must you toy with my emotions?!
lotrharrypotter3 chapter 22 . 5/31/2015
Ohh, this chapter totally didn't go where I expected but it was even better the way it actually did! It was really cute thought now I'm wondering what is going to happen next and if there is a chance for those two to not get together.
PrincessEmiria chapter 1 . 5/30/2015
Omfg this story is amazballsss ! Can't for the next update!
Adventure Chicken chapter 21 . 5/30/2015
:) Thumbs up!
Watery Li chapter 21 . 5/26/2015
I loveeee this song x333 I have officially become addicted to it! :D thanks for that and for this awesome chapter!
Cupcake Gal chapter 21 . 5/25/2015
My thoughts reading this chapter: Ahhhhh OMG! Rjtwrtouhhfhuhfusehishrwfefh! *shrieks unintelligible-fangirl nonsense*
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