Reviews for The Valley of the End
Guest chapter 18 . 11/21
I keep coming back to see if you’ve released a new chapter! Looks like your busy ... I wish you prioritized this story, its sooo good!
Nico Deh chapter 17 . 10/25
I am incredibly happy you're back to writing this story! I've re-read from chapter 1 (because it's been a few years since the first time I read it) and I can not wait for more updates! I'm about to start the next chapter and I just wanted to say that this story is amazing!
Goldglow chapter 15 . 9/30
why did silver shine go awol?
Candlelightwave chapter 18 . 9/19
Wow wow wow! This AU is great and the characters, plot everything just grabbed my attention right away! I love how you captured Sakura and the duality of Sasuke’s situation. I hope you continue! I can’t wait till your next update
Udle chapter 18 . 9/8
AHHHHHH! This is my first introduction to Hyuuga stuff and I'm so here for it. I really like what you've done with Hana's character and am looking forward to what happens next.
I'd definitely read original content particularly if you don't need to see the original work. Sometimes AUs don't quite stand up on their own. But if you put in enough background then I'd love to read it!
Udle chapter 17 . 9/8
I'm an old school Sakura/Sasuke fan and am so happy to see fics that are still updating. I love they way you write their interactions. I also like how you don't keep characters like Minato and Jiraya as they are in the original story. In that they're idealized memories, but in this fic they're having to live out a really different world. I like the darkness you bring out in them.
Uchiha Misaki chapter 18 . 8/26
Thanks for the update. Love this are we going to have a baby momma drama coming up.
DeepPoeticGirl chapter 18 . 8/24
aaaaaaah! this whole chapter is just dsklhlkdhasklhg. sakura finding having her own relief thank goodness. sasuke not being able to stop himself from giving it to her :)))) wonderful. i really like sasuke's friendship with hana. he really does need a friend. all of his old ones are in the resistance or abandoned him. and ngl i really dont like masami now LMAO.
DeepPoeticGirl chapter 17 . 8/24
ahhhh! it's nice to see that an uchiha was uncomfortable when he suspected that sasuke might be raping her. like despite being the enemy, some are still not 10000% blindly loyal to the uchiha line. and how sakura thought she really could get the advantage making people think that he was but she couldn't do that to sasuke because she loves him. so good. and man i usually love minato but he's like too sharp for me in this lmao. im like omg arent u supposed to be a warmer father slkhalkhdsklhg (insert angry pepe emoji). but like they are war so... lmao
DeepPoeticGirl chapter 16 . 8/24
Omg that last line. My fave is still the one about Sasuke not being sure he's ever had a type but Sakura but I already told you that. Love ittttt. On to the next chapter!
invalidated chapter 18 . 8/23
Every chapter hurts! Oh my god. I love it. But I also hate it. But I love it more. Your writing is impeccable, wish you all the best to get published!
qvism chapter 1 . 8/18
I actually liked the Sasuke-Sakura food fight scene the most - it was extremely realistic and tangibly written! They had enough spunk!
I actually wished that you would've kept the hostility between Sasuke and Sakura which would've made the story even more dynamic and intense but you probably decided to go for tragic instead.

Maybe you can include more hostility between Sasuke and Sakura in the future chapters, yes maybe?
WingingItLass chapter 18 . 8/14
So, just spent most of my way reading through this entire fic and HOLY SHIT is it good!
I'll do a profile creep later to see what else you already have out and would for sure be into reading your original works as well!
lovessfandom chapter 18 . 8/13
Ah so good*crying* update please
SoSymmetrical chapter 18 . 8/11
I’m sorry you’re having bad episodes. If it makes you feel any better, reading your work helps me deal with my mental illness. I really love how you’ve connected the romantic storyline with the political!
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