Reviews for And We Sure As Hell Have Nothing Now
Margret15 chapter 1 . 2/5/2015
I am in absolute agreement with Aphrodite-Venus-U.k: Youve gotten right into BasHs head. And also into his core and under his skin. Your perfect and empathic understanding of his character and personality is amazing and also very moving.
When Mary choose Francis over him (because she loved Francis more) Bashs heart and his entire world shattered into little painful cutting pieces. Being aware that deep down inside he has known all along, he was never meant to really marry Mary and become the King of France (and Scotland and maybe also England) makes all of this only more hurtful for him.
I agree, even if he has been presented as cheeky young man in the pilot, Bash has never been a gambler. To me he is a very considerate and sensitive young man, but he fell in love with the wrong girl (a girl he never could have, his mother told him so) and because of this love he could not withstand to take what was presented to him. Because when Bash loves, he loves truly and deeply. This love made him gamble with highest deposit, only to lose everything. Besides losing Mary, he also lost his brother and the privileges of being his fathers favorite.
I am impressed you made Bash realize in all his pain and sorrow, that with the hurtful and heartbreaking loss of Mary also a burden has taken away from him: The burden to become a king and a (scheming) ruler one day. I think I have mentioned this before, but even it would have been for Mary and at Marys side, in my head cannon he would never have become truly happy as a king. And deep down he has been very aware of this.
But right now we see Bash at his lowest point, desperate and devastated and your way of describing his state of mind and his pain takes me emotionally back to the stage of midseason 1, when all of this happened. As always your choice of words manages to describe everything very vividly and intense, therefore I can really feel Bashs hurt and pain myself. So it is a comfort to me, to know he will get his brother back and he will be able to move on at some point.

Thanks for sharing!
Aphrodite-Venus-u.k chapter 1 . 1/31/2015
Wonderful one shot! I think you got right into Bash's head!