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Skullkingvon chapter 57 . 12/27/2021
man i want to read more of this story
wingwolffly chapter 57 . 12/16/2021
Wow, that was an amazing read! I’m upset that I caught up with the current cliffhanger. I started reading this because I really really love stories where the main character is or becomes an animal (albeit with human-ish intelligence). I can tell that you do too. I loved how Topa took a motherly role for Ruby, and how the latter slowly and slowly became more animal, even though she didn’t want to. The transition felt natural and I have been debating how to write that sort of thing if it ever came up in anything I wrote. This story really does that wonderfully! I’ll definitely think back to it for things that worked if I ever do have plot that requires it! (For example the scene with her stealing the broom from the maid was adorable and flawlessly showed just how much like a pokemon she was letting herself be). I hope you do not mind if I something I write in the future has touches of influence from your writing. If anything comes too close and bothers you just let me know an I would be happy to talk about it! I don’t want to overstep any lines. (granted the chances of me uploading after my current fic are low).
It was really neat to see all of the little plot elements come together I had a good guess at some of them, but others, like why they were taking fire type Pokemon I had no idea! Just for kicks, my guess for the future is that one of the mediums will be able to talk to Ruby since she is sort of dead and they’ll give away her secret. If things get too bad maybe Articuno and the others will intervene and possibly give her the choice to go home. That is just my guess, and vague at that, but what ever happens I’ll be looking forward to reading it!
I’ve also liked reading how Ruby is slowly making friends. I assume this is partially a self-insert fic, so I hope you have good friends at home as well, and I find it is helpful not to be ashamed of not having friends if you don’t. There are many lonely people around and I think not admitting that makes it harder for a person to know if someone is willing to hang out. Anyway, Ilam, Pico, Pride and Flick were all awesome to read. I love how supportive they were of her and how it was pushed that she just needed to do her best, not better than anyone else and that it was okay to fail. Ilam seemed overly concentrated on her at the beginning but knowing she was working for Articuno it all makes perfect sense and was really well done! I like the relationship they formed and how comfortable Ruby became around her.
This is very out of order but I enjoyed the abruptness of the fic’s beginning. I was thrown a little off guard at first because most stories start much slower. After getting used it it however, I think I liked this better. I usually skim over the first chapter if it gets too boring anyway, especially if the fic’s description gives away what happened. I was a little annoyed by Ruby wondering if the girl would adopt her so much. It makes sense that she would worry, but it was given away in the story’s description, and lost all tension because of that. I don’t know how much or if you want any critique on this so I’ll keep most to myself, but just know that despite anything I really enjoyed reading this. I could only do it for a few hours a day but when I wasn’t reading I was thinking about the characters and what was going on. It has made me so happy. :D
Topa was a wonderful character. I feel so bad for her. It was interesting how petty she was being with her son even though she still clearly loved him as shown by her reaction to his death and the revelation at the lab. Even though she had (in her mind) been rejected and then hurt by him she was eager to let Ruby fill that hole in her. That’s very brave, if not desperate of her to be willing to do. And then when Ruby went out to the woods and she had to say goodbye it was so sad! I’m glad Ruby was so concerned for her and wanted to get back as soon as possible. And then right after she gets back they hardly have any time to talk and the humans debate separating them forever. I was so worried that would happen and I am so so so glad it didn’t! The two pokemon clearly love each other so much and it’s so heart-warming to read! I liked Topa’s advice throughout, it was preachy, but nice to hear. Whether or not this was on purpose I liked that her presence was hidden until Ruby met her. Even in the fic’s description, just seeing vulpix and ninetails listed as main characters automatically made me think that Ruby would evolve into a ninetails and I was pleasantly surprised to see this new character! I love how friendly she is and I love how she still acts somewhat animal despite her intelligence. You clearly enjoy writing about animals and that makes this all the more fun to read.
Agnes was a fun character as well. Like Ruby, I was a little annoyed that she wasn’t spending time with the vulpix. Not from any moral standpoint as this is fiction, but she was really interesting in the beginning and then all but disappeared. But then it was finally addressed and it made me happy to know that she had wanted to spend time with the vulpix, just had not because of fear. The excuse that Ruby was helping Topa was a really good excuse. I’m glad that Agnes and Ruby are now spending more time together and cuddling and such! It is interesting how illogically protective Agnes is of Ruby! Wanting to go back into the forest after she was injured was really stupid, and I’m sure she knew that, but she didn’t want her pokemon to die. I’m sure she knew there was probably nothing she could do if Ruby was injured but I’m also thinking that there was a part of her that believed she could!
Overall, I really enjoyed it. I hope you find joy writing this and I am glad I found your work! Have a blessed day and I can’t wait for your next upload!
Dragonslayer-Kill20145 chapter 57 . 12/14/2021
Awesome story. It sounds like it’s about to wrap up but it’s been an awesome read so far and I hope you can complete it soon
Dragonslayer-Kill20145 chapter 48 . 12/13/2021
Good for her. I was waiting for this scene when Agnis would take control of her own life and beat the mental shit of her abusive parents
Dragonslayer-Kill20145 chapter 46 . 12/13/2021
Lol I’m just realizing that She’s survived an attack from that area twice, and beaten down most of her attackers. They must’ve been Pissed
Dragonslayer-Kill20145 chapter 23 . 12/13/2021
Major flag here. I hope that that strange door doesn’t have a play into these
Kreivan Reyhers chapter 57 . 12/10/2021
Damn… just damn… and in the end, as darkness takes me, I felt more at peace then I’ve ever felt
guest chapter 42 . 12/3/2021
i got so sad when i got to the end because now i have to wait
guest chapter 56 . 12/3/2021
love the story if it was a real book i would not be surprised if it became a best seller
lonelyboi69 chapter 57 . 12/3/2021
I... uhh... wow... ok I'll be honest I was not expecting a full reveal of the journal's contents and the backstory of project medium immediately after the journal, I was honestly expecting that to happen much later. A surprise to be sure but a welcome one, awesome.
Spidersauce chapter 18 . 12/2/2021
It's getting really hard to read this pov, more and more. I was hoping it was just an adaptation period that she'd get over . . . However it's increasingly clear Ruby just suffers from systemic cowardice . . . Which I just can't relate to in the slightest. While I wouldn't call myself excessively brave either, she's batshit terrified . . . . Of _stairs._ Strangers practically make her piss herself. She acts like someone who has gone through years of horrid abuse . . . Without having actually being abused, to my knowledge. I get that some people are just _that_ timid, and weak-willed in that way. And that's fine. Just aggravating to read, especially since it seems to be getting worse and worse as the chapters go on, instead of better. She didn't like the reporters but she wasn't scared of them at all. Then suddenly maids are terrifying. Where does this escalation come from?
Thank you for writing 3 Just not for me I'm afraid~
Spidersauce chapter 9 . 12/2/2021
At this point it seems the only problem is that Ruby thinks regular, non-pokémon animalspokémon with absolutely no difference or even the tiniest iota of variance. STOP comparing dogs from your human life, to pokémon. STOP thinking that normal, non-pokémon foxesvulpix . . . There is absolutely no basis for doing so. And stop thinking that human is the only possible source of sentience. Don't think human, think person. Recognize humans may be people, but people don't have to be humans. Pokémon are essentially an alien species that happens to look similar to pets/animals that humans have. BUT THEY AREN'T THE SAME.

Would be nice to see why exactly Ruby has that impression. Very few things in the games, and virtually nothing in the anime would give the impression pokémon are exact replicas of normal animals.
Is she human too? No, you idiot. She's a person. Just as aliens can be people even if they aren't human, so can Topa here. This mental disconnect Ruby has is truly perplexing.
Spidersauce chapter 6 . 12/2/2021
Didn't expect this level of insight from a fox? (Ignoring, of course the fact that Topa isn't a fox, and neither is Ruby, they are Pokémon . . . Fox-like Pokémon, maybe, but in no way foxes) When every interaction so far was that of a completely sentient being? With thoughts and opinions and perfect grammar? O,o This sounds like the mindset of a racist lol. Someone that would be absolutely floored to realize the black person they are talking to could be capable of deep insight.
Marvelous job at behaving like a vulpix would indeed. In fact it's almost like there isn't any trick to it, like everything is pretty damned straight-forward and logical . . . Lol. I'll try to just ignore these. There seems to be some massive disconnect between you as the author, and me as the reader. I'm still stuck not able to think of a single reason for any of this manufactured drama, and it's bugging me more than I should let it.
I'll try to just ignore those parts and enjoy the rest of the story that you were so kind to write and post here~
Spidersauce chapter 5 . 12/2/2021
Yeah . . . Not a single viable reason of any sort has ever been given in this story for her to tell Topa she used to be human. "Act like a fox/vulpix?" Again, not a single actual example of how she even thinks that could possibly be messed up. Does she expect that she might do that "Dogs playing poker" rendition? Not know how to use her powers? Just ask Topa for help training, as the experienced Ninetales to the inexperienced Vulpix . . . At worst admit to amnesia. Walking wrong? Can't think of how you could even mess that up, once you learn the instinctive walk that had happened in previous chapters.
And so on. Other than her mental incompetence and repeated panic attacks over LITERALLY nothing . . . This is just getting extraordinarily confusing.
I am enjoying the rest of the writing, and the characterizations. This whole internal crisis just feels like it's an effect without a cause.
Spidersauce chapter 4 . 12/1/2021
I'm truly confused by the MC's obsessive repetition of her worry about behaving like a fox. The hell does she think she'll do wrong? Try to walk on two legs and flip people off? How can you possibly do anything at all that would make people think you're not a normal Vulpix? The earlier worries about speaking were somewhat believable, given her panicking state. But at this point it seems more like a paranoid mental disorder . . . Worrying about something there's no conceivable reason to worry about.
I also can't think of why she'd want to admit being human. Doesn't even try to claim amnesiawouldn't even have to lie about not remembering, as she truly doesn't.
Also, the feeling like a prisoner because there's rooms she can't go inhow spoilt was she as a child? Because children are very commonly not allowed in certain rooms etc. by their parents, depending on the exact rules. So having to follow some basic, common sense rules means prisoner? O,o
Enjoying most of the writing, just certain things twigging me as unbelievable. Thanks for writing though, of course~
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