Reviews for The Prince's Concubine
Guest chapter 110 . 4h
Amazing chapter, giving me real Romeo and Juliet vibes with the one dies but is really alive (hopefully).

Can’t wait for the next one
Guest chapter 110 . 5h
I loved it even though I was sad Kyoko is gone as well as the Phoenix A few tears fall and Kuon/ren will die to more tears great job writing this has to be hard on you but I just wanted to say thnx n as for the job do what you need also happy hunting sure you’ll find a new job soon sending you a prayer be blessed n hope you guys are safe to
Sophie chapter 110 . 15h
Kyoko Noooooooooooooo. Is she really dead? Like dead dead 10ft under? Is this why Kuon is having a suicide mindset? Gosh Guys you better figure something out.

Thanks for the update Blush I've been following this fic fore more than three years and it's always a delight to see an update!

Good luck with the baby and work and everything in your personal life! Lot's of love ️️️
3terna1Y0ut4 chapter 110 . 17h
I was really excited when I saw the notification for the new chapter. Then when I read the first line I remembered that you just killed my two favorite characters. I was devastated all over again.
Thisgirlreadswords chapter 110 . 18h
Thank you so much for updating and your effort for this despite having a rough time. I really appreciate it. I still love this story and will continue reading it as always. Hope you are well as well.
Daikon chapter 110 . 20h
Thank you for this new chapter! I totally agree that grief is hard to write, especially during this very heavy time in the world. Take all the time you need and we are here waiting patiently whenever the next chapter comes!
H-Nala chapter 110 . 20h
Finally a way forward!
Cat chapter 110 . 22h
Work is hard. Life is hard right now. Don’t stress about this story and power through to make things better for you day to day. That isn’t to say I am THRILLED to see an update. While I’m buzzing with the need to see Kyoko rise from the dead, I love the details of grief, arguing and strategizing we’re seeing.
angelgoddess10 chapter 110 . 10/22
i honestly wish You can revive Kyoko. She deserved so much
Btothep2 chapter 110 . 10/22
ha so nice to see come shin and kanae action, how we get to view kanae through shin's eyes - looove :) I love to read your chapters. The pacing is great. Nothing is rushed, you take the time everything needs to develop, wonderful!
Guineapigs1 chapter 110 . 10/21
You write grief so well. It’s so bittersweet that Kuon is finally back to his true self but Kyoko is dead and he is going to die. I really missed Kuon, and I felt so sad this whole chapter except for the ending ray of hope. But I’m hopeful that there’ll be a happy ending one way or another. I’m looking forward to your next update!
Roquedanica chapter 109 . 10/14
I am so eager for next chapter. I am praying for it. Regards to your family Mrs. Blushweaver, hoping you and your family are doing fine and staying healthy. Godbless
midori144 chapter 97 . 10/9
Oh Kimiko, honey, you were never going to get a cure.
Guest chapter 109 . 9/30
I just spent the last couple of days rereading. Starting from ch 1 haha but I did skip the latest chapter. I just can't go through that again. Thank you for the lovely story. Can't wait to see what happens next.
Wildthinker chapter 109 . 9/25
Please please update soon, I'm literally on my toes, anxious of what is going to happen next.
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